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Life happens moment by moment. The situation and experiences happen in a moment. You have to have control over yourself, to give your best response to the moment. The mind develops, out of the natural process of evolution.You also have the choice to work on your mind, body, and heart, so that with the conscious choice, you grow and evolve with life.

When the mind expands, it understands the situation and experiences of life, from the root level and responds accordingly.When the mind is developed at a point, where no thought remains in the mind, the energy of the body rises higher above the mind, to experience the present moment consciousness.

The present moment consciousness is the state of mind, from where you can experience the life of the moment without the obstruction of the mind.

The present moment consciousness is not to be aware of the outside environment or the things going on in your subtle world, but the present moment consciousness is to establish oneself in pure consciousness.

The outside world takes place in a similar way, and the pure consciousness passes through it, with its bliss and wisdom. Pure consciousness adds its wisdom and bliss to every event that comes to you.

When you are present in the moment with the pure consciousness, you see the things, with its past, present, and future and respond to it accordingly. Nothing can come to you in the present moment unless it’s attached to you from the past.

“In the present moment you can make the choice with your life, of what kind of  people, situation, and experiences you wish to have for the future.”

Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work

When you give your best response to the past, you either transcend your past for the better or if you think it’s the time for you to leave the past behind, you close the chapter in the present moment, with your best response in the moment.

You always have a choice. The more you execute the power of choice and decisions, the more you grow with it.

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When you are aware of your life, the awareness can be of the outside situation or environment or what’s happening in your subtle world of thoughts and emotions in regards to the outside life.

When the mind expands and rises higher, you reach above both the outside as well as inside world, to experience the bliss and wisdom of the higher world.

With the pure consciousness, the part of the mind, that can be transcended, rise higher into the pure consciousness and establish itself into it, to experience the bliss and wisdom.

When the part of the mind rise above itself into pure consciousness, the process continuous of moving up and down, till the “I” establish itself in the pure consciousness.

The subtlest part of the mind is individual identity or “I” or “Ego”, that likes to attach itself to the body, mind and heart and everything that happens to it. The “I” can be transcended into pure consciousness, with either meditation, or breathing technique or physical exercise, or with the understanding of the internal and external process of life.

You lose the sense of self and become one with the pure consciousness. All the thoughts, imaginations, ideas, feelings, and emotions, remains to the subtle world. When you rise above the subtle world, you leave all the things of the subtle world behind and remain in the bliss and wisdom of the pure consciousness.

The life’s situation and people in your life bother you only when you have a little understanding of life.

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When you develop an understanding of your inner world, the outside situation and people remain less and less as a problem, and you see them more as an opportunity for your inner growth and development.

The problem in life is never a problem, the problem is your constant negative thinking about it. The nature of the mind is such that, if one thought comes to your mind constant flow of thoughts runs into that direction.

If you don’t have control over your thoughts, the mind runs by itself in its desired direction.

If you develop a daily habit of constantly checking and evaluating your previous day and keep on moving by dropping the unnecessary things from your life and giving more time to the things, that serves useful than you can easily overcome your chattering mind.

Pure consciousness is an experience beyond mind, and the experience happens when nothing remains in your mind of this world. This doesn’t mean your family, friends, your work drops out of your life.

It just means that all the illusory impressions and experiences that you have accumulated over the time is removed, and you experience your true self. The mind creates an illusion out of its nature.

Many times it may happen to you, that you have spent a long time thinking about the person, situation, experience or event and the situation turn out absolutely opposed to it. Now imagine what your mind did in those moments when you were already in the process of thinking thoughts.This is the nature of the mind.

“Planning for the future, or thinking of the past to learn the necessary lesson, is a different thing, but thinking without any purpose out of fear or insecurity is the trap set by your own mind.”

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao

This is the illusion, in which most of the people are trapped in and spoil their life. You consider illusion of your mind real and express it verbally, emotionally, through physical gestures or by taking actions out of it.

Verbal actions are the actions, that you take when your mind think illusory thoughts about the person, and you confront the person verbally, with what’s going on into your mind, without getting into the facts of it.

This spoils the relationship. Never react to the person or into the situation without knowing the fact of it, and the best way to do it is to have patience. When you hold patience in the moment and give the time to the situation, people or event to reveal itself, the things unfold, out of its natural order.

Not all the things that pass through your mind is real and authentic.Your mind knows how to create an illusion in the form of thoughts and images and that is the part of his nature.

Sometimes emotionally too, you express yourself with the people, but when you come across the other person involved in the situation or recognize the truth, the situation or people seems absolutely different, from your thought process. The physical gestures is another way, you express your inner state to the other person.

Your mind forms an illusory idea about the person or situation, by over-thinking, and when you come across the reality, you show what’s going on into your mind with the physical gestures, to which the situation becomes more complicated and you create stress into your life, out of the illusion of your mind.

On the contrary, if the situation is not appropriate outside, but with the pure intention inside, you can make a positive move outside, so that you can have the positive impact on the outside situation, with your pure intention.

Some people only live in illusions and their actions and efforts in their life are also out of the illusions of their mind. If you don’t try to understand things and act haphazardly, you create a mess out of your life. Your mind is a big trap if you don’t understand it properly.

It can show you the things that don’t exist, and if you move on towards the manifestation of those things, you may create a mess out of your life, if you don’t look for the cause and effect of your action.

You cannot directly control the mind, as the process of the mind is so quick and the sensation’s and the feelings & emotions support the thoughts of the mind. You have to figure out an alternate way to understand your mind and have a control over it. The mind can be controlled and directed in the desired way.

The process can be started from the outside world. When you are living in this moment, it’s hard to evaluate what’s going at the moment or in a day, but you can have a separate time every morning for yourself so that you can see, check and evaluate your life. This way you add awareness to your life.

The more you follow this routine, the more you become aware of the happening of the events in your life. Slowly you connect with the inner energy, feelings, and thoughts into the different situations and events of your life.

Once you are aware of the outside world, the process of awareness itself lifts you from the outside world to the inner world, and your role remains to follow the process.

You can always create your own path and follow your own journey of life. Once you discover the path that can lead to the truth, even after all the fear and insecurities of life, you climb the ladder of life to realize your higher self.

From Science to God: A Physicist’s Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness


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