Darkness takes over, when you move away from Light



You have a light within, that holds the divine qualities along with the attributes like wisdom, bliss, peace, love, silence & purity. When you come closer to yourself, you come closer to light, and when you move far away from yourself, you move away from the light.

When your mind think thoughts about yourself, you are closer to light and when you think about others, you move away from light.

The mind can be switched on both the sides, inside as well as outside. When the mind is directed outside, you move away from the light, and when the same mind is directed inward, you come closer to light.

The Gods light exists above the mind, but the way to the light is from inside. You cannot find the god’s light outside. The gods light exists inside. You can find the extension of the light in the outside world, but the light is available inside of you.

You are an ego or an individual identity “I” part of the mind that can make a choice with his life takes a decision and can use his willpower to create his own life. When the “I” takes control of his life, and utilize all the energy to move towards the light, he comes closer to the light.

The more the individual identity “I” moves far away from the light, the more darkness enters into his life.

The light inside is like a torch, that reflects its light on the mind. There is a gap or transcendent space between the mind and the light that one has to cover.

When you reach into the silent space of the mind, the mind starts to enter into the transcendent space to come closer to the light.

When you are into your mind, the past experiences and impressions of the mind create the constant flow of thoughts, that doesn’t allow you to see the world beyond the perception created by the mind through senses.

The perception is the way you perceive the world, with your stored data through senses. When you live with the perception, the light within you guides you through the heart in the form of intuition. If you listen to the voice, you can take a leap and move forward, and if you ignore the voice of your heart, you repeat the same cyclic process of mind.

You always have a choice and will-power to connect with the light within. You have to figure out the ways to connect yourself from within. In the initial stage, the process may seem slow, but you gradually move into the gap, & slowly you receive the assistance from the light.

The life begins with the light and ends when you be one with the light. With the light, you understand the process of both your inside as well as outside life.The purpose of life is to be one with the light, and live your life with the light so that others too can get benefit out of your experience and the presence of your light.

It requires lots of dedicated effort.The mind and senses are so powerful that as soon as your attention slips back from the light, you again get caught up in the mind game.

The awareness or attention is all about the “I” and the light. The ego has to be aware or attentive about the light all the time. If you get separated from the light, the confusion and chaos of the mind start.

When the mind is attentive on the light, no thoughts exists in the mind. It requires a focused mind. Usually, the mind has a tendency to dwell in the outside world and out of its nature constant thought flows through the mind, but when the mind is directed to the light, you have to be attentive all the time, to be with the light.

The moment the mind slips away, you fall back into the mind and its perceptions.You can carry on your usual life, by being one with the light. There is no greater security and fulfillment than to be one with the light all the time. All the obligations towards life get fulfilled by itself, with the light.

The mind is the toughest thing to control by, and to fix it at one place is merely a next to impossible task. People run away from meditation, as its hard for them to put the mind in one place.

The senses connected with the mind doesn’t allow you to settle down.The time you rise above the mind, you rise above the senses, but then the work starts of remembrance. You can hold your attention on something for one or two-hour, but the mind is such that as your attention slips away from the light, the mind gets back to its old habits.

It takes everything out of you, to be with the light, but once you get tune with the light, there is no way for you to look back in life. You just move forward with life.You are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

If you are away from the light, you call for the problems, as your capacity decreases to handle the situations of your life. When the mind is with the light, its attention is on only one thing and that thing serves you to accelerate the process of understanding for the mind, as the wisdom of the mind comes from the light.

With the mind, you cannot accomplish much with your life. The true essence of life is only known with the light. It’s like, with the mind you can never be satisfied with your desire, while with the light you never feel, to lack anything.

Darkness is a part of a human’s life, and this darkness exists inside and not outside. The darkness can only be removed with the inner light. If you cannot see the path in the outside world, it doesn’t indicate the darkness of the outside world, but the real darkness exists inside.

As you grow and evolve with life from within, slowly this darkness sheds away, as light enters. The dark cave can be the symbol for your inner stage, through which you go through, to reach to the light.

Breath can be the subtle thread, on which you can put your attention to reach to the light. Attention with the inner activities is the key, to experience the inner light.

You observe all the activities that happen inside in the form of senses, thoughts, emotions, impressions and experiences at the level of mind. As your attention increases, slowly you rise higher from within.The inner energy is such that it rise high in the morning and comes back to its origin, i.e. at the bottom of the spine by the evening.

This energy acts like a shadow on the mind, that doesn’t allow the mind to experience the light. The level of energy and the movement of energy entirely depends on your attention and intention with your life.

With the awareness in the moment or attention with your inner world, this inner energy rises higher, and the thought process of the mind stops for the individual identity “I” to experience the light.

To be with the light all the time of the day is a gradual process and comes with the practice. Even after the realization of the light, it requires practice for the mind to be one with the light.

Imagine you have seen the seven wonders of the world, and you have been asked to remember the images of it, throughout the day, and to remember it all the time, for the rest of your life.

You tend to forget when your attention slips back onto the other things. You have to, again and again, practice to keep your mind with the images.The same thing happens with the experience of the light.

Even after the experience, you have to bring your mind back to the light again and again, unless you have practiced with your mind to remain effortlessly with the light.

Remember to remember is the beautiful way, to sum up the experience of the light. It’s not one time experience. Once you have experienced the light for yourself, then you have to hold onto it for the lifetime.

You cannot slip away from the experience. If you come back to the mind, the same process of life starts and again and again you develop new problems with your life. Only the focused and attentive mind can rise above itself.

Before you focus your mind, you have to train your mind to be more attentive and aware in the moment. The mind cannot jump directly in the present moment or become aware of life, but it has to go through the process.

The way you need practice, in mastering the different crafts, in a similar way it requires a practice for the mind, to be with the light all the time.The mind knows the language of practice.

You put your attention at one place and you turn around and look back, the mind slips away from your hand. This is the nature of the mind. To rise above the mind, you have to transcend the mind whole 360 degrees.

The mind should complete the circle within itself. Only by completing the inner circle, you rise above the mind to experience the higher self.

This is the highest experience, for which every human strive for and the experience is not something that you have to experience it once, but after the realization, you have to establish yourself in the experience forever to allow the bliss and wisdom to flow.

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