Create Income out of both Action and In-Action


Action & In-Action.

In-Action is Meditation, Physical exercise, your regular day to day activities of the day. An action is our professional life, that gives us a name, fame and material success. But the person who sees Action in In-Action, and In-Action in Action, can take a higher leap in life, in no time, to attain a greater satisfaction.

Most of the time, we give importance to the actions, that gives material success, but never bothered to look into the things, that lead us, to the action. When we learn about our Action and In-Action in life, we give equal importance to both and create income at every step of life.

When we see Action in In-Action and In-Action in Action, we create income, while we meditate, and we create income when we exercise, we create income while, we eat, and we create income while we rest. We create income not only from the active action but also from the passive action. The active actions come out of passive actions.

Action produces itself from In-Action. So, when we prepare our self, for action, at the time of in-action, the action becomes in-action and in-action become action. This is the rule of life, that serves us well at every stage.

We understand the rule of day and night, whereby, the day stands for work while night we tend to sleep, rest, relax and rejuvenate. The same rule applies to action and in-action. The action comes out of in-action while in-action comes out of action.

The balance of both Action & In-Action.

When we focus too much on the action, our whole attention diverts to the result, and we try to hurry up through life, both with the action and in-action. The action allows us to settle into our in-action and in-action prepares for the action. If we give too much importance to any one part of life, we lose the right balance of it.

What we really need in our life can never be decided from outside, and thus, we really have to analyze and evaluate our life thoroughly.

We live the whole truth, when we live both the action and In-Action. Real growth happens in In-Action. Life happens in In-Action, and just focusing only on the action, we don’t see much fruit from our actions. The action is an expression out of In-Action, but if we don’t plan our Action in In-Action, Action happens to be powerless. Our efforts increase with the action plan,and the quality decreases if we ignore the In-Action.

The action is an expression out of In-Action, but if our action doesn’t come out of our in-action, then our action happens to be powerless. Our efforts increase only with the action,and the quality decreases if we ignore the In-Action. Real understanding of life happens in In-Action.

Meditation is In-Action, and the action I take in my professional life is an Action. When in meditation, I clear my action plan, my action becomes non-action, and I smoothly flow through life.

Get your priorities straight, in Life.

“If you get your priorities straight it is really simple; either your family is first or your job is first. Decide ahead of time.

So if you decide your family is first, and then you are sitting at the Oscars, and your daughter has a fever and it’s 90 seconds before your award, you don’t have to make a decision about what you are going to do – you’ve already made the decision ahead of time.”

“Passion and emotion in the moment are always going to give you the wrong answer. So if you do the math ahead of time it’s not an issue in the moment.” – Will Smith.

Life happens ahead of time. But when we don’t prepare our self and develop understanding towards life, we create a mess out of every moment. Stress and anxiety don’t happen in a moment. We lose our self every moment when we don’t know, what’s happening in our life.

When we see the life of successful people, it doesn’t happen with a blink of an eye. It depends on a right decision at every moment. This is how we grow and evolve with life. Life happens each day. Nothing comes out of the blue. Even understanding develops day by day, and then the day comes, where all your In-action becomes action, and action becomes in-action, and every part of life bears a fruit for us to cherish.

When I am aware of all my action plans, I am well prepared ahead of time, before life happens to me.

Life is a continuous happening of Events.

As we grow and evolve with life, the purpose of life, slowly reveals to us. We are only given, what the mind,body and emotions can handle, and if we try to have, more than we deserve, the time comes, when the life comes to take it back from us. That’s why people falters, in the middle phase of their life.

If you work out of fear, you may lose, whatever you have achieved at any day, because some day, out of fear, you will make a wrong decision in your life, and that will be your downfall. Life is a continuous process, and nothing can be taken for granted. The only thing, we can learn from life is to walk till the end, and all the joy and pleasures of life should be enjoyed on the path, and not at the end of life.

An open mind can look at the bigger picture in life, and can figure out for himself, how one thing leads to another.

We all know, that on Sunday, evening if I have a dinner, that can spoil my day tomorrow, and still I go for it, can I blame someone else for me getting sick? On the contrary, on Monday, when I know the negative energy in the outside world is high, as the world is not interested in going to work.

On the contrary, on Monday, when I know the negative energy in the outside world is high, as the world is not interested in going to work. So if I plan my day in advance, and physically strive harder in Gym or on the ground or meditate deeper to see the clear picture of the coming week, nothing can make me fall, when the time comes for action tomorrow. This is how we can understand life, at every step, and analyze and evaluate all the time, till we create a path for our self, that doesn’t falter at any situations of life.

If we go on living without understanding, we do the same thing all the time, with no real progress, and then even a small problems look like a milestone and everything seems to bother us, or seems like, it’s placed in our life to pull us down. With understanding, we prepare our mind, emotions and body to face life, and once the mind,body and emotions are prepared to face the world, nothing can pull us down.

You Get, What you Are.

The World has no power on us. It is our own weaknesses that pull us down, but once we are clear in our head about the coming situation, we can overcome any challenges of life. Life has its own way to test us, but if we are well prepared with whatever we know, about life, we can always learn from the different experiences of life, and be ready for the next challenge to come.

We attract the thoughts, emotions and energy we carry around our self. Life only gives, what we are, and not what we want out of life.

Everybody wants to be the president of his country, and think he knows how to run his country, but when it comes to his own life, he has no clue, how to go about it.

We can understand the deeper truth of life, if we focus less on the outside world and outside people, and more on our action plans.

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