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Everyone carries an image of himself into his own mind. This image creates the similar thoughts, emotions which further forms an energy. This energy is also called an aura of a person.

You too have an aura or energy field around your body, made up of your continuous thoughts and emotions. Buddha too had an energy field, that vibrates and covers the circle of 5 km from the distance of his place.

This energy field is beyond your usual thoughts and emotions, but the purest form of energy. When you rise above your personal identification of the body, heart, and mind, you enter into the field of energy and vibrations. You experience yourself as the purest form of energy, who is walking, sitting, lying and doing all sorts of work.

It may take some time for you to create your own energy field, but it’s always good to initiate the process. In the process, you clean up your body, heart, and mind and what remains within you is the purest form of energy that forms a circle, around the body to protect you from all the negative vibes.

This circle of pure energy expands, even if you just stay with it. When your self-identity allows you to perceive yourself as a physical body, you create the similar energy and vibration. Anything you attract in your life, in the form of situation, people or experiences, is on your inner energy field.

When your whole attention is on the physical reality, you miss understanding the subtle part of life, that gives form and shape to the manifestation of the physical world.

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When you move deeper from physical identity and connect yourself with the inner world, you relate yourself more with the thoughts and emotions, which is the subtle part of your body. Thoughts and emotions too create energy and attract the similar life, from the environment, but the purest energy that radiates from the higher state creates the powerful circle, that can serve the lower form of energy to transcends into the higher one.

When you rise higher above the mind and heart, you experience the no-mind state, where no-thing exist, or you experience nothingness. You don’t experience any thoughts, images of the mind or feelings or emotions of the heart, at no-mind state. All you experience is a pure blissful energy flowing through your system. Transcend your No-Mind State, into Bliss and Wisdom

When your inner system is completely purified, you start creating a circle of pure energy around your body. This circle expands with your attention and awareness to it. You experience pure blissful energy around your body.

This circle expands from smaller circle to a larger circle. Anyone who comes across this circle, experience the bliss from the pure energy field. You might have experienced this several times in your life, that when you come across the person or get into the situation, you just know what’s going on inside the person’s mind or where the situation will lead.

This happens because each one is affected by other’s energy field, positively or negatively. the positive thoughts and feelings radiate positive energy, while the negative thoughts and feelings radiate negative. But When it comes to the pure energy field, no thoughts or emotions remains of the mind and heart, and all that you experience is the pure energy field.

Everything includes energy. There are only two types of energy, positive energy, and negative energy. Positive energy nourishes your heart, mind, and body and serves you to rise higher with life, while the negative energy comes when your life is full of ignorance. With understanding, you remain ease with life, and rather forcing situations, people or events to happen, according to your way, you allow the life to takes its own course.

The circle of pure energy is formed when you have excess energy flowing through your system, and you utilize it to create the pure energy field around your body. The circle of pure energy is formed with awareness.

As more and more energy gets accumulated, this circle expands and allows everyone who comes into this circle to experience pure energy and vibrations.

You too can create your own energy field by initiating a simple purifying process, starting with your physical body. Follow a proper diet plan, that keeps you light, throughout the day. When your physical body is light, you feel more energetic, as you create the space within your body, to allow the energy to flow.

Physical exercise also serves you to remove the solid waste and toxins from your body. Once you experience the lightness of your body, further process takes you to the heart region, where you experience different feelings and emotions. Through different experiences of life, heart is filled with different emotional debris, that doesn’t allow the free-flow of energy, through the heart region.

The heart should be completely free from all the feelings and emotions of the past, present, and future so that the emotional debris can be removed and the pure energy gets the space to rise higher. Momentary Emotions block the Mind, so plan your Day in Advance

The spiritual energy within you likes to move freely within your body. Whenever you try to get hold onto something, the energy gets locked into that space. With the mind, people hold onto different experiences and impressions of life and doesn’t let them loose, so that the life energy can flow through them.

People are rigid when it comes to their past, and unless & until you are not ready to leave something that you carry in your hand, you cannot get hold on something fresh. When you get into the deeper experiences of life, you realize that you are just an instrument, through which the life passes by. With your resistance, you stop the natural process of life.

The humans cannot change the natural process of life, but all they can do is understand the process and match their life step with it. Once you know the natural process of life, you don’t have to move out to search for the happiness, you feel blissful all the time with the natural process of life.

“When you transcend from mind to no-mind state, you lift yourself from all the activities of this world, and come closer to the experience of spiritual energy and vibrations.”

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The effort is needed only till you reach to the no-mind state. It requires a dedicated practice. But once you unlock the spiritual energy from within, then all you have to do is to remain with the energy and the spiritual energy does all the process to clear all the subtle waste from the body, to give you an experience of the higher world.

Your part is to understand the process of life and align your step with it. Rest of the things have to be left upon life, and life that flows like a river, make you flow with it.

The bliss is the energy of the higher vibrations. The experience of the soul and the supreme soul is also possible once you drop your mind, and rise higher to experience the bliss and wisdom of life.

The life comes into a reality from purest form of energy and vibrations to the subtlest form of thoughts and emotions, and from the subtlest form of thoughts and emotions into a physical reality that is visible in the outside world.

To know and understand life, you have to move inward into your subtle world of thoughts and emotions and rise higher to the world of energy and vibrations.

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The life starts with the energy and vibrations and expands into the existence, and completes half of the circle. The rest of the circle is completed, when the reverse circle of life starts, and you tend to move back to the source.

Only the human’s hold a consciousness. They have the willpower and conscious choice, to move back to its source. Moving back to the source is to experience oneself, in the purest form of energy and vibrations. What is Awareness Field and How to Become Aware of it?

With the pure consciousness, you develop the understanding of soul, spirit, mind, heart, and body, and with the understanding, you don’t relate yourself with the body, heart or the things of the mind, as it all floats at a lower level of energy, but you be one with the pure consciousness, that vibrates at a higher frequency.

After experiencing the higher consciousness, within oneself, you realize that in the purest form, all the human beings hold the divine attributes and pure consciousness. Humans are not the body with the soul, but the soul who acquires the body, to create, emote, manifest and complete the circle of life.

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