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joy of life

Meditate, Exercise, listen to music, have good food, work that you love, visit the places you like, follow your hobbies, travel a new path, do new things. There are many ways to connect with the joy of life.

The thing is, are you choosing the path of joy, or you are allowing your life to slip into the sadness?

It again comes down to your choice. If you think there are things in life that makes you sad, then let me tell you, that there are an equal amount of things that can add joy to your life.

All you have to do is, connect with those things and make it a part of your life.

You have to consciously connect with the joy of life. You have to choose the people, the situations, the experiences and events that are going to be a part of your life.

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Yes, it’s true that life puts you into a situation which you may not like, but it also stands true that you have the power to consciously choose your life.

The life that works as a whole follows your desire. Whatever the desire you hold in your mind, your life tends to shift in that direction. No matter what the objection you face in the outside world, but if you really want something, life itself supports you to experience those dreams into a reality.

It’s the cosmic intelligence that runs the life. Whenever you want something, don’t blindly jump into things; rather try to understand the process of things.

The Wise Man Said

Life comes out of the process. Unless you understand the process of things and become one with it, it’s hard to experience those things into a reality. At the same time, when you connect with the process of things, you manifest them effortlessly in your life.

Every day you receive the fresh energy to experience life. You find new people, new opportunities, new ideas, thoughts and imagination and it all comes to you, what you do with it. You can grab those fresh ideas, act on it and make it a part of your life or you can simply follow your old way of life.

Remember the change with life comes when you follow the new path. When you try something new, you open yourself to the new experiences of life. New experiences attract new people, new situation, and new events to your life.

When you follow the road-routine, you tend to experience the same old things.

You can’t create something new while walking on the old path. You have to take a new road, and go through the process of trial and error, before you reach to your destination.

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You learn when you walk, take new decisions, and pick that unknown path. It’s only by walking on the unknown path, you become familiar with it. You have to leave your fear aside, and walk with courage, and life shows you the way to move forward.

Everyday life provides you an opportunity to connect with the joy of life. Some grab those opportunities while others remain stuck to the road routine.

When you climb higher, you have to make an extra effort, but those extra efforts, serve you to take your life to another level.

Life is a free flow. You have the strings attached to your body. Your spirit or soul is nothing but the strings in the body. When you hold yourself back, you make those strings tight, and when you let lose yourself, you allow the spirit to fly and take you to the higher world.

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The life is not limited to the mind; rather it’s the energy that runs life. Your energy has to have a free flow within the body. If you keep yourself stuck in the mind, your energy too gets stuck in the body, which turns into a stress, pain or suffering.

When you allow yourself to have a free flow, the energy too moves freely within the body, and you attract the similar energy to your life.

We have blocked our inner energy for several years, and thus it requires extra effort to unblock that energy. Once your inner energy flows freely within the body, you can experience the life from a heightened perspective.

A Fistful of Wisdom: A Monk’s Light Musings on Life’s Serious Stuff

The life actually is not a problem, but how you view life is an actual problem, and your perspective doesn’t come out of your mind, rather it’s the life energy that flows within the body, forms the perspective in your mind, of life.

You are caught up inside and not outside. It’s not the outside situation or people that hold you back in life; rather it’s your inner energy. All the work is needed inside and not outside.

There are petty situations of life that make us sad. Even we indulge in a fight that holds absolutely no relevance in our lives. We don’t live with the clarity. Whatever we experience in the moment, we simply react to those things and call for the trouble. We rarely act out of understanding, which makes the process of life difficult.

Our mind is engaged into the outside world. To experience the true joy of life, you have to pull your mind back to yourself and connect with the inner life.

Yes, the life that you are experiencing outside, the similar life exists in you. You have to connect with the inner life and see what you really want out of life. Not what exists in the outside world, but what you as a person, need from life.

When you figure out, what you really want in life, most of your problems get vanished.

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We run after the things that hold no significance in our lives and make ourselves sad or suffer for the same. Many times, what we want already exist around us, but we never find the time to look around, and keep chasing the things of the mind.

We all live with our beliefs. Many times we follow the path of illusion. The path of illusion that has no substance in the reality. We chase the imagination which is impossible to experience in real, and we spend time and energy after the desires, that again lead to more chaos and confusions to our lives.

You can create a heaven for yourself or you can create a hell out of the daily choices and decisions of your life.

When you live your life out of understanding and make conscious choice and decisions in your life, you built heaven on this very earth, and at the same time, if you unconsciously follow the desires of your mind and spend energy and time on it, you create your own hell.

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