Be an Observer of your Mind


You perceive life, through your senses, and whatever you see, you already have an impression or experience of it, in your mind. If you don’t have an experience or if the mind is not familiar with the object or the outside life, it simply fails to recognize it.

You can either experience your daily life, with the accumulated data of the past or simply become the observer of your mind. When you observe your mind, you direct the senses and energy inside and become more responsive in the moment.

You are not a mind, body or emotions, or the image that you carry into your mind, but you are a transcendental personality “I” that keeps on changing with different experiences and impressions of life.

Your own idea about your personal identity “I” along with the different experiences and impressions of life, decides your life, although you have the power to change, any aspect of life if you use the power of your choices with life.

You don’t grow or evolve, out of your material accumulations, but when you consciously make an effort towards developing your understanding, and constantly evaluate your different experiences of life, and learn the lessons out of it.

When you observe your mind, your awareness develops in the moment. You become more aware of different situation or experiences of life.

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The awareness makes you familiar with the stress of the mind, or pain and sufferings of the heart, into different situations and experiences of life. If you go on repeating the same experiences of life, you go through the same painful experience, without learning any real lessons out of it.

The outside situation change, but unless you change your perspective towards life, you go on repeating the same mistakes with life, without growing and moving forward with it.

When you know what gives you stress with the mind, or emotionally drains you down, slowly you try to detach yourself, from those situations and experiences of life.

Life is a pure joy if you show courage to drop all the sorrows from life. The stress of pain or suffering doesn’t come to you, but you move towards them. When you observe your mind, you realize this truth, and you stop doing things or move into the situation, that doesn’t add joy to your life.

Self-induced suffering is good for understanding different aspects of life or for the personal growth, but if you get tortured because of life situation’s or people in your life, it’s only because of your ignorance.

Self-induced suffering is good for understanding different aspects of life or for the personal growth, but if you simply suffer because of life situation’s or people in your life, it’s only because of your own ignorance.

Suffering from life or stress with the mind is good to get an experience, but once you learned the lesson out of it, you don’t have to repeat the process, but you simply rise above it.

“Life is all about understanding, and unless you consciously work to understand life, you will never rise above your pain, suffering or stress of your mind.”

The Book of Wisdom

Nothing comes from outside, but you choose everything for yourself. If you make an unconscious choice, without any awareness in the moment, or without knowing the consequences of the action, you pay the price for it, and if the lesson is not learned, you simply repeat the process.

“You go to the grocery store, but do you really buy everything or you only pick what you want. The same applies to life. Pick that you want. You don’t need everything, in this moment.”

The mind is not an instrument, that accumulates only the negative impressions, but you also have the good things stored in your data. When your inner energy is high, the perception towards life is positive, as mind creates positive thoughts and heart produce positive emotions, depending upon the level of energy.

When you simply observe yourself throughout the day, you restrict the inner flow of energy on the things that don’t serve you and focus on the things that serve you to grow with your life.

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You have a reservoir of energy, fit into your system. The location of the reservoir of energy is at the bottom of the spine. Each day you receive the energy for the day, to make the most out of life. It depends on upon you, where do you use the energy. You can either construct your life or use the same energy for the self-destruction.

The energy is always flowing through your system. Whether you create the things with the energy and if you are not creating something, you will certainly use it for some destructive purpose. So, its better you consciously direct your energy in a positive direction.

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The action is simply not the matter of body, but your mind and heart too create an action in the subtle world. Your thoughts and emotions, too are the subtle actions, and decides, almost a major portion of your life.

When you observe your mind, your personal identity “I” grows rapidly with the process of life. Rather getting caught up in the chaos of the outside life, work to simplify your life, at the level of mind. The more you understand your life inside, the more you untie the knot of life outside.

Our personal identity holds different ideas about different aspects of life, to which the person himself, is not aware of. When you observe your mind, you connect with the unconscious mind, and both the conscious and unconscious mind comes to the surface.

The reality is your experience in the moment, and what you think or feel in this moment, and not what happened in the past, or what you are looking out of the situation, in the future. When you simply bring your awareness in the moment, you create life, out of understanding and always carry the best response for the situation.

The mind cannot live in the present moment, but when you simply observe the activities of your mind, you can slowly bring it to the present moment.

71 Habits for Living in the Present Moment

Breathe, sensation, feelings & emotions, thought process are all inter-connected. To observe your breath is the best way to experience the present moment. When you simply observe the process of breath, you put the activities of mind aside.

The time you can carry along the process of observing the breath, throughout the day, you experience the changes, the life brings to you, into the inner world. With breath, you connect yourself from inside, and at the same time, when you experience the outside world, you notice the changes that happen inside, because of the experiences of the outside world.

With the closed eyes, it may seem easier to observe ones breathe, but the real task is to observe the breathing when you are dealing with different situation and experience of life.

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At any moment of life, you at least can have minimum two perspectives with life. One perspective of your own, and the other one is the reality of life, that stands out of the natural process. Your perspective remains limited to your experience, while life follows the natural process, and thus your perspective remains different from the reality of life.

The failure with life or expecting something and receiving something else happens, when you live life, out of your own perspective.

You simply imagine the things to happen in a certain way but never bothered to learn and understand the natural process of life. You only succeed when you are one with life. That means you have to drop your own perspective and get one with the reality of life. The success or fulfillment with life can only happen if you connect with the natural process of life.

When you know everything, that means you hold your own perspective so tight, that you are not open to the perspective of life, and unless you become one with the perspective of life, you can never come close to the understanding or real joy of life, or rise to the level of wisdom and bliss with your life.

To observe one’s own mind, helps you to shed the illusions from your personal identity “I” and brings you closer, to the natural process of life.

The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master 

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