Awaken the Light Within, to Shine the World



 “A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he’ll never crow. I have seen the light and I’m crowing. – Muhammad Ali”

The light I am talking about is not the light that you see in the form of brightness, but in the deepest core of your being, when you connect with the source, you realize the cosmic intelligence, that serves you as a light, to show you the way in the world.

Muhammad Ali has seen the light and has shine the world. When you connect with the light, you don’t expect anything from life, but you live to give, you live to share, you live to grow, and you do everything that is possible from your end, to share your light with others.

The god doesn’t appear on this earth, in the human form, but it comes in the form of light. You have to have the courage to discover that light in you.

If your god has not made you just like him, then that should not be your god. You have to be just like your god, no lesser than that. It may take a process to bring the god’s light in you, but if you simply deny your possibilities with life, you will never see his light in you.

If god is the father, then child always shows the father. A child carries all the power of his father. It may take time for a child to reach the adolescent age, and go through the process before he becomes and acts like his father.

You have all the power that your father carries in himself. All you need to do is to search in you. As it takes the process, for the child to reach to the adolescent age, in a similar way to reveal the light of god in you also needs a process. The spiritual process is all about rising above the physical, emotional and mental realm so that the spiritual light of god bestowed upon you.

Do you make any efforts, so that god’s light bestowed upon you?

With light there is no way to move backward, you only move forward. No obstacles of this earth are bigger than light, as everything that appears to you, through your senses comes out of light.

Your mind cannot create images and form thoughts without light. It needs light to complete its process. Nothing exists in the universe without light.

Your path of life has to get you closer to the light. Every action of your life, should bring you closer to the self.

To understand life, or the purpose of life, you need to connect with your inner world. Everyone is placed at a right spot, according to one’s process of evolution, and as you connect with your inner self, you move to the higher spot.

Life doesn’t bother what happens in the outside world, as outside world is merely the happening of inside world. Anything that happens inside, reveal itself outside. Your actions show what you carry inside of you.

What is the Experience of the Light?

Light is not your breath, neither your thoughts and emotions nor the images of your mind. When you connect with your inner self, and negate everything of the mind you experience the nothingness of the mind.

The greatest obstruction between you and the light is the outside world. The outside world is merely a projection in your subtle world that keeps you engage with life. When you take your attention from the outside world and direct it inside, you connect with the subtle world of thoughts and emotions.

The subtle world too is an obstruction for you to realize the light as the subtle world again is formed from the impressions and experiences of the outside world.

With the light, you live in the present moment, and you are self-sufficient. You become one with life.

The experience of the source is the same for everyone. Each mind goes through his own path, to experience the light within.

Always remember god never appeared on this earth ever, in any form. You are only responsible for bringing his light on earth, and if you deny the process in you, that means you deny his presence on earth. If you wait for someone else to becomes the instrument for life, then the light of god too falls on him and not onto you.

Physical exercise, Breathing technique ( pranayama ), Knowledge from the Experienced master, Meditation, love are few ways that can serve you to get closer to the light. You can choose any one tool, but that one tool has to become your life. The tool is secondary, your intention and dedication are primary. If you are willing to strive for the truth, any tool can serve you to realize the truth in you.

The time you decide to connect with the light, your struggle with life starts. People are looking for comfort and pleasure in this world, but the one who has seen the light only knows the real journey of life.

The journey of life doesn’t allow you to get at ease at any point. You have to go on pushing the envelope unless you see the light.

You might have noticed that few souls always rise high with life, while others always struggle with life till the end. The root cause of all the struggle and pain and suffering is your ignorance towards life. The more you slip away from your true authentic self, the more you call for the suffering with life.

When you live with the illusions, you believe in everything that stops you from moving forward with life. But at the same time, when you follow your intuition, all your acquired beliefs and useless information drop from your mind, and you rise quickly, to your way to success.

When you grow from within, your perception to look at the world gets change. You view the same people, situations and experiences of life with more clarity. You become more energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about life.

Everything on this earth is interconnected in one or the other way, and one-act of goodness does well to everything on earth.

The god can only shine on the earth if each one of us follows our inner light. This is the future of human and this is how we can bring the heaven on earth.

The light of god through us creates the heaven on earth. It takes time because we retaliate through our own mediocre thoughts, emotions, and energy and doesn’t allow the light to flow through us. Accept life wherever you are, and do the things possible to improve your world.

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