All the Life’s Query and its Solutions exists in the Mind


This post was most recently updated on February 24th, 2018

All your queries related to life, be it your personal life, professional life or spiritual life, are part of your mind. All the solutions you will ever found, either from outside, or from within, too is part of your mind.

The queries and its solutions emerge from the mind. The mind can raise any query, the solution of which is available in the mind. Apart from queries and solutions of the mind, the existential reality of life is different from the queries and solutions of the mind.

The existential reality is all about experience. You experience life. The query and its solution is the game of the mind. The life that you experience has nothing to do with the queries of the mind.

When you connect with life at the point of experience, all your queries and its solutions dissolve from the mind. The state of enlightenment is an experience. All the queries of the mind is solved out of experience. The experience is the only solution for all the queries of life.

Remember the part of the mind that raise the query, is always the surface reality of the mind, while the solution or experience takes place, from much deeper part of your mind.

The mind is like an ocean. On top of it, you might experience the waves, and these waves sometimes turns into a different forms of queries, but at the base of it, there is always a silence.

The solution emerge from the deeper part of the mind.

Now the question arise, how do I connect with the deeper part of the mind. Just be silent in the moment. The mind doesn’t like to raise the query, but also wants to figure out the solution on its own.

It’s just like waves trying to catch the running waves. You can never reach to the solution of your query with the engaged mind. If the mind is engaged with something else, than its fine, but if the mind is engaged with the same query, you simply move away from the solution, or you make the solution to sink deeper.

The mind has been designed in such a way, that as soon as you raise the query, and allow the query to sink deep in you, sooner the solution will arise from within.

The purest state of mind is nothing but pure intelligence. More you keep your mind engaged with different experiences and impressions of life, more you keep yourself away from the higher intelligence.

The higher intelligence in you, is not limited to satisfy your quest for life, but it also reveals the existential truth of life.

The life in the universe is well designed out of process. Everything that forms in the universe, comes out of a well designed process. All your queries and solutions too are part of the process of life.

If you allow yourself to sink deep beyond the experiences and impressions of the mind, you can directly connect with the pure intelligence of the mind.

The average mind likes to wonder in the past and future, because it doesn’t trust its own intelligence. When you don’t trust yourself enough, you stay cautious with life. Too much caution with life leads to fear, while if you develop awareness in the moment, it becomes easier for you to let lose yourself with the past and the future.

Once you realize you have all the intelligence available in the moment, naturally trust develops towards life. When you recognize that everything that happens in life comes out of the process, you can be more sure of life, that everything you experience in the present moment is the result of your past process, and the way you live your present moment, will result into your future.

Once you connect with your own understanding of the mind, it becomes easier to sail with the flow of life.

The life is not limited to the mind, but you have more to experience beyond mind. The mind at its purest state, reflects the true nature of life both inside and outside.

The real experiences of life starts beyond the queries of the mind. The queries of the mind keeps you limited. Its only when you learn to drop the queries of the mind, and begin to experience life, you experience the true nature of life.

The solutions of life remains petty things, when you realize the pure intelligence inside. Even the pure intelligence of the mind holds the source of it inside.

Life is not limited to the knowledge, but life is all about an experience. Knowledge always comes later with an experience. You derive knowledge from an experience.

It’s not the knowledge that leads to an experience, but its the experience that leads to knowledge.

All the confusion remains when you try to understand life first, before you experience it. With life look for the experience. Rather raising the queries on life, slip beneath the queries, and you will understand the part of the mind that raises the queries and adds confusion to life.

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