Your Truth is the Events of your Life, that you can’t Avoid



The life is a series of events. One event happens after another.

What is the truth of life?

The truth of life is a series of events that you cannot avoid. There are some events of life, that you choose to miss but you just cannot miss everything with life. You have to live certain events before you rise above it. These events are the truths of life.

Each day you come across the events in your life, that cannot be avoided. It comes from within, and it happens to everyone. At times you are compelled to do things, you don’t have any idea about.You can never find the legitimate reason of it.

With life, understanding comes only by experiencing life and not otherwise. You have to go through the experience before you receive an understanding of it.

” Living comes first, understanding towards life comes later.”

With life, there is no way to return back. Either you know or not, you are growing and evolving with life. Some people follow the rapid process, while few moves slow, but each person who walks down this earth, grows and evolve with life out of the natural process of evolution.

People tend to judge their worth out of material possession, but the life evaluates the person’s worth, out of his experience. The life is more interested in the quality of your experience and your growth with it, rather how much you accumulate in the form of wealth. At the end, all remains with you, is your experiences of life.

Look at your life, and see what you can carry along with your life, once you are long gone out of this world. You cannot carry what you have in the form of material possession, including your physical body.

The only thing that you carry with you, is your experience of life. Now if your experiences of life are not more than the repetitive process of life, than you live on the mercy of the existence, for your growth.

Live your truth of life. Be more aware of your daily schedule of life, and notice the events of life that come to you. You receive the things that belong to you. From within, you radiate a certain amount of energy, i.e. made up of your thoughts and emotions. Your outside events appear into your life, according to your inner state of mind.

If you get too much indulge with the events, you miss picking the essence of it. Try to observe your life’s events, as a detached observer, and live as an instrument, to allow the events to pass through you.

Participate in the events, but don’t get carried away by the events. When you can see the events of life, as an observer you come across the truth of life, where the things just come to you and you carry those things to hand over to others.

When you indulge yourself into the events, you get mentally stressful or emotional hitch-ups, but when you see your life as a series of events and observe the life as a passing of an event after event then you can give the best to life and play your role with the best of your ability.

When you are too much indulge with the things, with your mind and heart, there are fair chances of you to get carried away with the events. But when you participate in the events, just as an instrument and carried the task, as it came to you in the form of thoughts, emotions or the situation, then you rise above the events, by taking an understanding of it.

The mind always remains in doubt, when you follow the heart, but when you know that you cannot avoid the event, by following your heart then you are prepared to pay the consequences for your actions.

All the pain and suffering are nothing but your resistance towards life. With the acceptance, all the pain and suffering becomes boon and happiness for life.

The way you look at life determines the destiny of your life, and this attitude is not something that you carry, once in a while, but all the time when you are aware and alert with your life and consciously look at the events of life from a broader perspective.

The events of life are the life in a miniature. All the life’s events together sum up your life. To figure out the truth with life, look at your schedule and see what are the events that you cannot avoid, and what are the things that are necessary for you to act?

This will give you the clear understanding about life.

In a day, there are very few events that serve the purpose in your life, rest of the time you just pass through life. These few events are there to change the course of your life, but for that, you have to stay prepared all the time.

Your alertness and awareness in the moment serve you to pick the signs from the situations, people or the experience that can help you to move forward in life. Figure out what you really want out of your life, and remove all the traces other than your wish list.

Direct all your attention on the things that matter the most, and slowly walk with it, learn about it, improve upon and grow with it. This is the formula for complete fulfillment in the outside as well as inside life.

The more and more you come closer to your accomplishments, the more you connect with yourself. The accomplishments are not of the outside world, but the things that matter to your heart.

Remember the heart never craves for everything in life. The people who live with this misconception to have it all in this life for satisfaction, after accumulating all the things of this world, always fall short with their life.

“Your life is complete in this moment, and every step you take, takes you towards further perfection.”

The true understanding is to develop the path out of walking into the unknown, and once you develop the path, keep walking upon it with the sense of gratitude and embrace it and accept all the experiences on the path, to have the beautiful lessons out of it.

The life’s lesson is available from the events, that stands close to your heart. When you follow your heart, you realize that there are certain things of the heart, that cannot be known by others and  cannot be avoided in life.

You are bound to take certain actions, that comes from your heart. These actions are the stepping stone for your future. These are the actions that connect you from within, and you move into the deeper layer of life.

All the life’s achievement is experienced from within. When you follow your heart or embrace the life, there is something within you that expands. The outside situations sooner or later resemble your inner world, if you follow your heart.

When your inner truth expands on the events of life, you create your whole life out of truth, and then every step of your life takes you to the another level.

The process of life is to pick the right series of events, that can pick you up and take you to the another level, and once you reach the stage, where every event of your life, comes out of conscious choice, than any changes that you observe on the path, happens to take you to another level.

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