Your State of Mind is Everything


When you want to achieve something in life, the most important thing to achieve anything or everything in your life is your state of mind. Unless you act with the right state of mind, it’s hard to achieve the desired result. The right state of mind open the ways for you, that you couldn’t even imagine for yourself.

Life is spontaneous and moves like a pendulum. It can shift in any direction depending on your state of mind. Your response in the moment decides the direction of your life, and more importantly, you can change this direction anytime.

If you carry the right state of your mind, with everything you do, you just cannot fail in your life. Rather struggling with the outside problems of life, I will suggest you work in creating the right state of mind and then you enter into the situation and you will have the desired success of your choice.

Life is absolutely flexible and holds no boundaries. The boundaries only exist in the minds. If you drop the boundaries of your mind, you can observe the unlimited boundaries of life. You can also notice how the minds of different people, keep them limited to their own ideas of life and doesn’t allow them to come out of the pigeonhole of their minds.

Life holds tremendous possibilities in the moment. All it requires is the mind that is ready to take the challenges and explore the possibilities of life.

Unreasonable Possibilities

Life gives you what you give to life. If you are ready to stretch with your possibilities, there is no part of life that exists to hold you back. You can take your life forward if you can hold onto your idea in the moment.

Whenever we desire something, we miss walking with the desire till the end. Its easier to form the desire, but when the problem comes in, the first thing the mind suggest is to run away because of the problems. The people who are ready to stay into the problems, and not afraid to fight out the problems, are the ones who find the way for themselves. Patience is a key to all the problems of Life.

Life never gives up on your dreams, rather it’s always you who give up on your dreams. Whatever you can imagine into your mind, you can bring it into reality. That is the magic of the mind.

At the same time, you also have to have the courage to walk till the end with your desire.

The right state of mind is required to take your life forward. To take your life to the next level requires conscious effort. You have to consciously plan and execute your life in the direction of your choice.

These doesn’t mean you don’t fail. It may happen that you fail at every step, but still, you should have the courage to pull yourself up and keep walking towards your dreams.

Life is a long journey and bigger your dreams, better your mindset should be, to fulfill your dreams. You just cannot give up in life. When this thing becomes clear to you, no matter what the present situation suggests, you can hold yourself in the moment.

People have a habit to give up too early. Nobody likes to stretch till the end. If you are ready to hold yourself at the moment, soon you will find the way for yourself.

People are lost in their own ideas about life. Each one wants the life to happen his way, but that’s not possible with life.

When you really want to make something out of life, you have to drop all your ideas about life and simply do all possible things required at the moment to take your life forward. How to Move Forward in Life?

It’s not the ideas but its always the execution of the ideas that take your life forward. So unless you act, all your thinking makes no changes to your life.

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Life follows a process. Unless you understand the process of life, life always remains the struggle. When you understand the process of life, you simply participate in the process and manifest the life of your dreams.

Life comes with all its colors. You cannot hold the same state of mind all the time. Thus it’s important to know, how the thinking of your mind shifts.

When your mind is flowing in a positive direction that means, if your mind is thinking positive thoughts, its the best time to take actions, and at the same time, when your mind is filled with self-doubt or think negative thoughts, then its the time to hold yourself back and allow the life energy to flow in a positive direction.

The life energy plays an important role in designing your life. When you connect with your different state of mind, slowly you create space in you, to connect with the movement of life energy that is constantly moving inside.

It’s the realization of life energy that makes you one with the natural process of life that governs the universe.

Your thoughts and feelings describe your state of mind. If negative thoughts and feelings run through your mind, that means your mind is going in the negative direction and if positive thoughts and feelings run through your mind, that means your mind is driven into a positive direction.

The only way you can shift from negative state of mind to the positive one is by being an observer of your mind. You just cannot force your mind to think positive or negative thoughts. How to become an Observer of Life?

Rather when you surrender yourself to the moment and simply become an observer of your mind you will notice the sudden shift in your mind.

The act of simply observing your mind holds the power to bring the positive shift to your mind. You cannot hold direct control over your mind, but you can only control your mind by knowing your mind and by becoming an observer of your mind.

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