Relation between Mind and Soul

Relation between Mind and Soul

Perception is the way you perceive life. Perception is of two types, internal and external perception. Both the perception forms within, but one perception you hold for the external reality and the other one, is of your internal reality.

When you perceive anything with the sensory organs, that’s your external perception, be it the situations, people, events or outside experiences of life. There are few, who are connected with their internal reality, and for them exists the internal perception. Internal perception is the thoughts, imagination, feelings and emotions of the subtle world, breathe and sensation.

Now, we all are familiar that, sometimes the thoughts in the mind are positive and sometimes it’s negative. Most of us, rely on our thoughts and images and consider it being the source of life.

When you look deep down inside, you realize that, all the thoughts and images of the mind, or all your internal and external perception of life, are just the waves on the subtle strings of the spirit and as the energy of the subtle strings of the spirit changes, your perception with the external and internal life changes too.

Here the point is, we give too much importance to our thoughts and images of the mind, while in reality, these thoughts and images of the mind, are simply passing waves, riding on the spiritual energy that passes through the brain, heart, and body, to carry out its functions.

Your life is very much based on, what kind of life’s energy flows through you in the moment, and you attract the similar situation, people, or event in your life, in those particular moments.

Why it’s important to know this truth, because when you try to understand life, and if you consider your external reality or the internal reality, as a benchmark for it then you only reach half of the truth, and the rest remains hidden from you.

First thing, that majority of people need to understand that, you don’t create your thoughts, images, dreams or desires of life, but out of natural flow of energy, it passes through your mind.

Then what’s your role with the thoughts and images of your mind?

You have a liberty to choose from the naturally flowing thoughts and images of the mind, and make it a part of your life and you also have a liberty to either associate with it, or you can detach yourself, with it.

Your thoughts and images of the mind get formed out of the impressions and experiences you accumulate, out of the external reality. Sometimes, even the impressions from the external world become the part of your thought process.

Remember, that your quality of perception of the external reality depends on the quality of the spiritual energy flows into your body. If the quality of your energy is low, your perception towards the present external reality might be negative, but if the inner flowing energy is high then your perception remains highly positive.

This means, you don’t have direct control over the way, you perceive life, but somehow, if you can connect with the inner flowing energy or realize the spirit, you can change the way, you perceive life.

Now, we all have a different understanding in regards to the mind, but what mind actually is?

Mind is not your brain, but mind is subtle clothing that is spread over your entire physical body and doesn’t limit itself only with the physical part of the brain.

You sense the sensation over your entire body. You can only sense the sensation in any part of the body, when the subtle clothing covers your entire physical body and the subtle strings of the spirit, enters into the physical brain, heart and body via. Subtle clothing.

Spirit doesn’t directly enter into the nervous system of the physical body, but when the subtle clothing covers the entire physical body, the subtle strings of the spirit works via the subtle clothing, to carry out its functions of life.

Your Personal identity created by the experiences of the past, simply floats on the awareness field of the mind, while all the important tasks of life, is performed by the subtle strings of the spirit.

The subtle clothing is pure awareness field, and the subtle strings of the spirit carry the positive and negative strings, that gives you the sense of sensation, all over the body.

The process of thoughts and images and the sense perception of both the external and internal reality take place on the subtle clothing or awareness field of the mind. Your personal identity too gets developed on the awareness field. The awareness field is the source of all the wisdom of life.

The awareness field is the live field and is connected with the entire universe. Anything you wish to know about life, you put your attention on the awareness field, along with the subject or object, and the exact truth, in relation to the subject or object will be revealed by the awareness field. All the art, science, creation, innovation, scientific discovery, a religious or spiritual path has been discovered out of the awareness field. The path of God too can be realized out of the awareness field, if you really create an intent for him, and hold onto your intent.

Awareness field is also known as pure potentiality. All the external perception and internal perception takes place on the same subtle clothing or awareness field.

It’s our own attachment with our thoughts and imagination, that makes our life miserable and the source of life, is not the thoughts and imagination of the mind, but the life’s energy, that works for the sustenance of life, within the body. We all have the power to disassociate our-self, with the thoughts and images of the mind, and can consciously make use of it, as and when required.

The nature of thoughts and images of the mind is to flow, but it’s our attention and it’s our attachment that adds power to our thoughts and images of the mind. In its original form, they are no more than passing waves, but when we give our attention to it, we begin to add power to those thoughts and then soon those thoughts are followed by our action and later manifest into our life.

It doesn’t matter what kind of external reality you are in, or what kind of internal reality, you carry with your life, the time you consciously separate yourself, from both of your external and internal perception, you begin to experience an absolutely different reality for yourself, which will have no relevance to your past or to the present reality but it will be more closer to the truth.

You always have a choice to either associate or disassociate yourself with anything that goes either in your internal or external life.

Deep down inside, you are neither your thoughts nor images of the mind, neither you are the external or internal perception of life, but you are the source of everything, who choose to enter into the game of life, and when its part gets over, it simply flies off, to its original home, which is far away from, all this mind-boggling reality of life.


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