Giving is Receiving


Giving is your input while receiving is your output. The laws of life, asks you to think, in terms of giving, before you expect some receiving out of life.

Receiving has to be the consequence of your giving. You don’t think, feel or act in terms of receiving, but you move to give, and then whatever you receive, out of your giving, is the real result, of your action.

You only lose with life, that you haven’t earned, be it the wealth in your professional life or love in your relationship. If you intend to give, in the first place, you are bound to receive something out of it, as per the natural process of life. That receiving will not only stay with you, but you will also grow with that part of receiving with your life.

The real growth with life is possible, when you grow, out of giving. Receiving is a natural consequence of your giving. Life cannot remain without giving, what you have offered to life.

When you create your life, out of giving, you don’t have to think to settle your past. The past only becomes the present, if you take more from life than you give. If you serve life enough, and you create life, out of service, then you don’t have to look back into your past, rather you simply move forward with life by giving, and receiving, follows you, on your path.

Life happens in the present moment, and each moment carries its own desire. Desire with life is not at all a bad thing. Life on earth does happen out of desire. Everything that you experience at the level of mind is one or other kind of desire.

The point is, how you approach your desire. If your idea, is to fill yourself up, without giving, then you only choose a path, where you create the downfall for yourself into the future.

If you think, you are missing something in your personal or professional life that means you haven’t given enough to life. It’s time for you, to get back on the path of giving.

If you don’t expect anything with life, then you can go on living, and forget about the principles of giving and receiving, but if you have the desire, for yourself or for your loved ones then the right way to approach the desire, is to fulfill the desire, out of giving.

Life works with balance. If you give and receive out of giving, you create a balance with life. You serve life, before you expect life to serve you.

Many people fail with their dreams and desires. It’s only because they don’t know the principle of giving and receiving. They want their dreams and desire’s to be fulfilled, but they don’t want to pay the right price for it. With life, there is a right price for everything, and bigger is your dream and desire, bigger the price you have to pay, to fulfill your dreams.

With life, nothing comes for free. If you think, you have attained something for free, then wait for a little, life knows, how to pull the things back.

Remember the way you think, even life knows how to think for itself. When you form a desire, you have to prepare yourself, to put in, the right efforts, to fulfill your desire. This way, you don’t have to worry about its fulfillment, and the time, you play your part well, and life is always and will be more than kind enough, to bring you, what you have desired with life.

When you look outside, it seems like; all the chaos is going on, across the world. The truth is, you cannot see beyond your own reality with life. Everything that happens outside, is in perfect accordance with the natural process of life.

For many, material success, seems like a hollow victory. It doesn’t satisfy them to their core. Sometimes they have enough, but they don’t find any meaning into it. The problem is simple. If you have acquired anything with life, without paying the right price for it, it cannot give you the due satisfaction, which you desire out of it.

Wealth or relationships don’t bring true happiness, but how you acquired them.

All the wealth and relationships will create a big hole within you, if you have acquired them, with the intention of receiving without giving.

With life, your receiving has to be, out of giving. If you have put in, the right amount of work, and you have earned the wealth, that served not only you but everyone in your circle, along with the people, who assisted you, to acquire that wealth, then only it can bring you, the true joy and happiness with life. Otherwise, the same wealth can become the cause of your misery.

The same about relationships. You cannot expect any relationship to work, without your offerings into it. You have to give first in the relationships before you expect anything. If your idea is, only to receive, then you will not receive anything out of the relationships, rather you will spoil the relationships forever.

People have a tendency to take the relationships with their loved ones for granted. It’s hard for them to imagine, that we all are individuals, and each one expects from you, the way you expect from them.

Each individual is the process of life, and every individual goes through the life’s stress, pain, and suffering in his own ways. Each individual is looking for love, care, and support and if you only think for yourself into the relationships, then you only add more pain and suffering to others life.

When your idea remains to give, into every relationship, you come in contact with; you receive the much-needed love, from different modes, which is arranged by life. Life has a strange way to function, and rather to understand the functions of life, it’s better to focus, on our role and our responsibilities with life.

When you start anything with life, before receiving, prepare your mind to give. See, how you can contribute. What you can offer to life. Think about the receiving, but out of giving. It’s good to think about the action and its consequence, in advance, but your focus has to be, on giving.

You have to receive, but your focus on receiving has to be, out of giving. You earn wealth, and you desire love, but you should have a clear idea, about the efforts you have to put in, for the wealth, you intend to acquire. You desire for love, but to receive the love, how much love, care, and support, are you ready to give in advance.

Remember, your giving has to come first, and your giving should not be, in return of the receiving. You will not give, in return of the receiving, but you will give first, and then receive, whatever comes back with gratitude.

If you need more, give more. This way, you will serve all the different aspects of life, and with this, not only the receiving but even giving will be, the fulfillment, in your life. You will not only enjoy the receiving, but you will also enjoy the process of giving.

Life is a beautiful journey, where giving and receiving is part of life. There is life, in you, which is beyond all the giving and receiving, and where only becoming is the goal.

When you strive towards your higher self, out of the natural process, you serve all the different principles of life.

The ultimate experience of life is neither in giving nor in receiving, but simply being established in your higher self. The self beyond the mind is the space within you, where the entire process of giving and receiving becomes one.

With the outside life and the life of the mind, the process of life works with giving and receiving. On top of that, you also have something within you, that is, beyond all the process of outside life and the life, at the level of mind. When you realize this space, you simply rise above all the principles of life.

The law of cause and effect gets clear to you, when you realize the eternal truth within you. The failure or success with life is only because of, getting away and coming closer to the natural process of life.

If you are closer to the natural process of life, it may take time, to manifest your desire, but success with life is certain. On the other hand, if your intent, only remains to fulfil your desire, by any means, you may even succeed, but if you are out of the law, than life has to bring the things, according to the law, and you have to be prepared, to face the consequences for your action.

It is not the success or result, that gives you more confidence with life, but how you approach life. If your approach is right, success or result with life may delay, but you cannot be left empty handed, if your approach is in accordance, with the natural process of life.

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