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Neither earth has its color nor does sky have a color. Even the source of life in you is colorless. Then where do all the colors of life come from?

Each individual holds his or her own perception towards life. As your perception change, your view of the external reality change, and all your choices and decisions of life comes out of this perception.

Is there any way to improve your perception of life?

All the growth, success, and development of life take place, at the level of perception. Either you consciously adjust your perception, by understanding yourself or life force you to adjust your perception either positively or negatively with the changing situation, events, and experiences of life.

Conscious living is not only the way of life, but it’s the nature’s way of life. With the conscious living, you connect with the natural flow of life. You understand the process of push and pull of life.

The biggest problem with life is one’s attachment with its own perception. All the other problems of life simply shed away, if you simply know how to drop yourself. The natural reality is colorless and the source in you too is colorless. The only thing that seems colorful in the external reality is the thing that is created by the mind. The color exists only in your perception.

All the positive and negative aspects of life only exists in your perception. All the impressions of life are part of the perception.

Your mind adds its own colors to different subjective and objective reality, otherwise, the life appears colorless to the mind. The only reason mind likes to exaggerate everything with life because it doesn’t know the source of itself. The source of mind lies in it if it simply directs its attention inward. The source of the mind is colorless but authentic and real in nature.

Mind lives in exaggeration both in the subjective as well as objective reality. It’s the problem of all the minds. Unless it realizes its source within itself and knows how to be with it, the process of exaggeration always goes on into the mind. The person constantly talks about himself. If he doesn’t talk, he can go mad because the mind doesn’t know life, beyond itself.

There is life exists beyond mind and beyond all its perception, where the source of life lies. Mind only becomes active in the need of the moment, while the rest of the time, it simply travels either into its past or the future.

Life can only change and transcend with the perception of the mind. As the understanding of your own perception of the mind grows, it expands. The mind can be expanded at the level where it remains undivided and become pure awareness field. Awareness field is the space of the mind, where it’s not divided and become one with the whole. All your awareness and consciousness is part of the mind.

The mind is not two, but the mind is one. The mind is one whole awareness field that covers the whole body. The sensation of the body is experienced and understood separately but in reality its part of the mind. It’s only in the mind, that you experience sensation. The mind is not limited to the brain, but it covers the whole physical body. Wherever you experience the sensation, that part is covered by the mind. You only experience the sensation, because of the covering of the mind, over the whole body. The mind is subtle clothing that covers the whole body.

The mind doesn’t function alone, but there is a subtle string that works through the mind, so that life can be experienced, through the physical body. The subtle string is a current or energy that allows the life to be possible on the physical body.

The truth of life exists beyond ordinary perception of the mind. The perception of mind too changes without your effort, but if you cannot observe the changing perception of your mind, it’s not possible for you to adjust yourself with it.

You are part of the mind that is created only in the moment. You don’t have a permanent existence in your mind, but you only appear in your mind, if the need arises in the moment. When you are alone, with the silent mind, you cannot find yourself.

Even in deep meditation, when you move deeper you never realize your individual identity that you hold in the present moment in your mind.

Perception is the way you perceive different aspects of life in different moments. Remember you cannot see the same situation, event or person with the same perception in different time and space. It simply changes with space and time.

The source of the perception of mind is energy or a subtle string that works through the mind. The quality of your perception with the unconscious mind in the present moment depends on the quality of the energy that flows within your body.

There is a difference between perspective and perception. Perspective is a personal idea about certain events, based on the impressions, experiences or information available to the mind, while the perception is a momentary thought about the situation, event or people, purely based on the past experience or impressions.

Fresh life always happens in the moment. You understand and realize it later. You never do something fresh, because you always live at the level of mind. The mind can only repeat, or may extend its past or present into the future. Even if there is something that appears to be new or fresh, it only remains the extended version of the past.

The important thing with life is, to understand your own understanding towards life. Once you know, how you understand life, you can figure out the way, to improve your understanding towards life. Understanding is endless because life is endless. You expand your mind into an awareness field, where you become one with the present moment.

The life as a whole gets access to you. All the individual identity gets a drop when you have an access to the awareness field.

Everything is happening inside your mind, and whatever you add or subtract to your life take place inside. If you don’t understand how the things are taking place inside, or you don’t even bother to initiate an effort to understand yourself then you can never have an access to the truth of life, and you will simply move into the circle of the subjective reality and objective reality of life.

Subjective reality and objective reality simply forms a circle. Subjective reality comes out of the objective reality and as it expands inside, with the actions and efforts in the external reality it gets expanded outside. The more it expands outside, the bigger circle it forms in the subjective reality for its expansion and this way the circle continues forever.

The natural life is colourless. Subjective and objective reality holds the color of life. The color to the Objective reality is added by your subjective reality. Subjective reality can add color to its own. But the source works through both the subjective and objective reality, that too is colourless.

All the situations, events, and experiences of life are only available to your subjective reality, and thus to understand any aspect of your life, the only way to look for is inside.

Objective reality can mesmerize you for some time but you cannot hold yourself to the objective reality for long and you have to move on, towards your subjective reality, to either add something new to your objective reality or create something absolutely fresh out of your subjective reality.

Life begins with your needs, but your mind is such that, as your needs get satisfied, it has the capacity to create higher and better needs and to move forward in fulfilling them.

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