Your Perception depends on the Inner Life Energy


Life begins with impressions. Impressions that you form, through your senses, about different experiences of life. All the life’s experiences and impressions, you create on earth.

You don’t carry the life’s experiences and impressions from heaven, but everything that you hold inside, in the form of thoughts and images, feelings and emotions; you accumulate, over the period of time, on earth.

All the impressions and experiences of your day to day life, you accumulate inside. Each day you experience life, either from the past, or you experience life, fresh, both get accumulated inside. By going through the experiences and impressions outside, you create the subtle world, inside.

When you are born, you didn’t have all the imaginations, and thoughts, and feelings and emotions, but everything you have acquired over the time, by going through different experiences of life.

The mind forms impressions, out of the outside experiences of life. Sometimes you can choose your experience, and sometimes life puts you, into different experiences of life. Both types of experience get settled inside.

Now all the accumulated experiences and impressions inside, form a circle and continuously rotate in the circle.

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In the outside world, if you come across the similar experience or impressions, which you have experienced in the past, all the related experiences or impressions, comes to the surface. This is how, you recall things, and identify different situations, events and people into your life.

Your perception of the situation, people and events of your daily life depend on the quality of life energy that flows inside.

Remember when you experience life outside, all your accumulated experiences and impressions, still moves in a circle within you, according to the quality of your energy. If the experience or impressions are fresh or new, it gets settled in you, and if it’s from the past, you simply repeat the response to the situation, from the past.

The spiritual energy is the source behind the circle of accumulated experiences and impressions, which you carry inside. Your outside perception towards life too comes out of the energy that you hold at the moment.

If you have a clean flow of energy in the moment, your perception remains positive towards life. To transcend your perception in the moment, one thing, that is most important, is to clean your inner flow of energy. The quality of your inner energy decides your state of mind.

You cannot perceive life in a better way and with clarity, without realizing the spiritual energy in the body.

Kundalini — An Untold Story

When you perceive life with the mind, it seems like thoughts and imagination are everything, but when you move deeper, beyond your mind, you realize that the thoughts and images of the mind, is just a passing waves, and it’s the inner energy, that allows the process of mind, to take place.

Remember the spiritual energy that flows continuously within the body, even during your sleep, is not something that you gain from outside, but it exists in you and continues its work all the time.

If you want, you can spoil the energy, and your perception towards life gets negative, and you pick the things, out of life, that takes you more towards downfall.

Spiritual energy that flows within you is already pure and clean, but with different ways, you restrict the free flow of it. When you simply go on, living life, accumulating different experiences and impressions with life, all such experiences, gets settled, inside of you, in the subtle form.

The experiences and impressions of life don’t make you stronger, but rather it spoils, the free flow of spiritual energy. More and more experiences and impressions, you accumulate with your life, more you fill yourself up and spend your energy on thinking and over-imagining things.

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You have to be very careful, with the situations, events, and people, you choose with your life. Don’t carry an idea, to fill yourself up with life, rather figure out the ways, to empty yourself from inside, so that you can experience life, with the fresh energy, that flows inside.

You don’t perceive life with the brain and the sensory organs, but with the present energy, that runs behind it. Brain and sensory organs are just an instrument, but the source is the spiritual energy, that allows the functions of the brain, to create a perception.

The experiences and impressions from the past act like a shadow on your awareness. When your energy is clean inside, you view life, out of your awareness, and everything of the outside world seems clear to you.

To understand, how the perception, forms inside, imagine yourself, coming to life for the first time. You don’t have any idea about life, or you don’t carry any impressions or experiences with life.

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Your inner flow of energy is absolutely clean, and it runs the function of your body, heart, and mind. Now, without experience, your life is still possible, as the source of life is inner energy and not an experience of life.

If you hold the experiences and impressions of life, as the truth, either of the outside or of the inner world, you separate yourself from the ultimate truth of life.

Now, when you perceive life for the first time, through your sensory organs, you get the impressions out of it. This impression gets stored in you. On the first day of your life, you accumulate several experiences and impressions. All these experiences and impressions, get stored in you and begin to rotate in a circle, along with the inner flow of energy.

Now, if you start another day, you can either clean the inner flow of energy, in meditation or through physical exercise or you can go on living your life, and accumulate more experiences and impressions from the day, and restrict the free flow of spiritual energy inside.

Usually, we go on living life and accumulate more and more experiences and impressions with life. More you experience, more you restrict the free flow of energy. Even if you meditate or exercise, you don’t do it, to understand the inner movements, but your attention still remains, with the outside achievements.

If you meditate or exercise, with the inward attention, the subtle world of thoughts, imagination, breathe, sensation and spiritual energy will get clear to you.

Moving Inward

Life is not limited to the brain, heart, and body, but they are an instrument, for the higher self. Life is all about experience, so experiences and impressions are an integral part of life, but with it, it’s also necessary to understand the formation of it.

If you hold the idea, that your life is limited to the body, heart, and mind, then your understanding towards life, remains limited and you cannot explore the true reality of life.

Meditation is one of the ways, which can serve you, to purify your free flow of energy. In meditation, you don’t do anything, but you disconnect yourself, from outside world through senses, and direct your attention inward.

When your attention shifts inward, the energy that was flowing outside, through sensory organs, begins to rotate within. When your attention is inward, you encounter all the different experiences and impressions, which you have accumulated over the time, from the outside world.

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See, you cannot drop the experiences and impressions that you hold inside, but you can always transcend them, by cleaning the energy inside. Simply observing inner life, in meditation, can help you to understand the inner functions of life.

The subtle thread moves out of the source and passes through the brain, heart, and body to experience life. Brain and sensory organs cannot perceive and create impressions from the outside life, unless the subtle thread passes through the brain, heart, and body, and allow the process to do so.

Other than meditation, any form of physical exercise too serves you to clean the inner flow of energy.

Remember, your perception of the mind, or the thoughts and images of the mind, is only the life, you have experienced in the past, and to experience the reality of life, beyond the perception, you don’t have to accumulate more, but you have to make the ways, where you can remain empty yourself from inside.

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