Your Idea about Yourself, Designs Your Life.



From the time you are born, you develop a self-image of yourself. This image helps you to develop and create your life. All the image of an individual strive, thrive, develop and flourish within himself. The kind of image you carry for yourself, you design your life accordingly.

When you grow and develop your life out of conscious choice, you grow from within. You have an impression or image of everything that happened to you in this life.

The image is always there, either with the fresh experience or the old one’s. The response to life is ready all the time. It’s not that not giving up is the response to life, but giving up in life, too is the response to life. You can change your response, by making fresh choices with life, in this very moment.

The image you carry in your mind designs your life, and the time you think that your life is not that you like, than you have to look inside yourself, to change the image, to bring the effect of it, to the outside situations and scenario of your life.

There are actors, politicians, spiritual leaders, religious leaders, doctors, engineers, tech savvy’s, mentor, coach, teacher, sportsman, athletes and many more. In each of the field, you find millions of people.

In each of the profession, you find people, who shines like a star in their profession, be it the spiritual leader, an actor, politician, doctors, lawyers, or a scientist.

What makes them stand apart, from their contemporaries, and make them shine, unlike others?

Its their own idea about life. They know in their mind, how to carry themselves with life, and rather keeping what already exists, as a benchmark, they keep on exploring life to their highest limit.

When you have your own idea about life, there is very little left for you, in the outside world to follow, as you live with your own idea of life to design your life, and this idea itself, creates tremendous love and joy in you.

“You never give up with life outside, it’s a half truth. When your own image gives up inside, you feel like a failure outside. You yourself build and destroy your inner image.”

The time you start to bring the change inside, of your own image, you start to see the changes outside, and remember you cannot work on your image, if your complete devotion is not towards the self-transformation.

The world looks exactly the way you perceive yourself. That means if you are more than happy inside, and you come across the situation or people, less happier, the situation or people don’t pull you down, but your own image of happiness, holds enough power to change the situation and people around you.

“The life runs on this  earth comes out of the images of the mind. The better your image inside, the far better life you have outside.”

The life outside flows in abundance, and similarly the mind too flows with the abundance of good images. It’s not necessary that, you carry all the good things all the time, but it’s always in your hand, for how much time, you wish to stick with the bad situation of your life. Its always your choice, to bring the bad images of mind outside or drop it inside.

Always carry the good images into your mind for your life, and you can walk over the most difficult situation or phase of life.

With life, you face difficult situations or dilemma to make the right choices in the moment. With life everything is right, if you can put your heart and soul to the choices you have made with life.

Every situation and event of life can become the opportunity for you to rise to another level. Yes fear creeps in for the unknown, but it happens to everyone and no one is exception. What spoils the game is too much thinking about an event.

No matter what you want or you desire with life, think for the best and move forward with life. Thinking right thoughts about life, at-least makes you comfortable with the initial movement of life. After thinking right thoughts, if the situation still don’t go your way, you develop enough power to make the necessary changes in the moment.

Its easier to make the changes, while you are in the process of life, rather to make a completely fresh initiative with life. People who begins the path, sooner or later reach to the other end, the only people who stuck with life are the one’s, who never initiated on the journey.

“Life gets difficult at times with every-one, but if you train yourself to pick one good thing out of any situation and dive deep into it completely, than that one thing is good enough, to change the complete scenario of life.”

It takes time and lots of practice to put the mind with the right kind of thinking process. With life the only miracle you experience, is when you begin to make conscious changes with your internal life.

With the outside world, no matter how so hard you try, to bring the change with life, unless it brings the internal change, it doesn’t fulfill the purpose of personal growth and development with life.

Each individual is developing his or her own personality within himself, and as his personality grow’s and develops, he present himself outside, with the best of his ability.

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  1. Exactly. I love when you told me the more you imagine, the more you become outside. It is time to go journey inside yourself. The path is mysterious but it is worthwhile to go.

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