Your Inner State, Creates your Life

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Whatever you create, comes out of what you carry inside of you. Your inner state creates your life. Life flows from within. No matter which direction you follow, you create your life, out of what you hold inside of you. Hold onto your inner state, to transcend the outside situation, people, events and experiences of life.

Each one carries its own purpose of life. The more you remember your purpose and stay with it inside, the more you can see the manifestation of it, in the outside world. The life on the existence has been made up in a way, where whatever you ask from life, life brings to you.

This doesn’t mean, you have thought something and the things manifest. Than you can imagine the chaos that world has to face out of it. Anything you wish to have takes time for its manifestation.

You get what you want out of life, if you manage to put your mind, heart and body to it. You align your mind to your life’s purpose, allow the feelings and emotions to flow in a specific direction and the efforts with the body just follows.

Hold to your intention, and allow the life to happen. You do what you are accountable for, to achieve your desires, but don’t expect the outside situation, people or event to happen exactly the way you have imagined into your mind.

When its impossible for you to hold onto, what you really want out of life all the time, than imagine how much efforts, the life itself has to go through, to bring you what you wish to have in your life.

“The seed grows into your mind of the desire. Slowly the seed turns into a flow of thoughts. This thoughts creates the feelings and emotions, which runs through your body in the form of energy through sensation, and you act.”

Now, the life brings you the similar people of your interest, and push you further towards your desire.But all this things doesn’t happen in a day.It takes time for your mind to turn the seed of a desire, into a full-fledged thought process, which creates further emotions into your body. When you take actions towards your desire, you come across the people, situations and experiences with your life, that serves you to grow and improve upon your path of desire.

In the process, if you are rigid on the path, and doesn’t accept what life brings to you, than yourself becomes the obstacle. The life has to go through many things to bring something that you really want out of life.

The life goes through the mind of different people, and direct them in one direction, where they all can meet and fulfill their own desire’s.

“The life of the actors, politicians, scientists, authors, readers, and people from different field carry the same desires, and thus they receive one platform to fulfill their desire’s.”

As long as you are true to your part, and hold onto what you really want out of life, and ready to give everything that life asks you to give, than life is always at your service, and life will never take it steps backward. It’s only you, who may choose to give up on the dreams, but life can never give up, on what you wish to have with your life.

This is the beauty of life, that not many understands. Life asks for strong determination and patience from your side. Keep pushing yourself into the direction of your dreams and on the path, you will encounter many situations, events and people, who will serve you to get closer to your life.

On the path of your dreams or desire’s, you come across different situations or problems.To chase life of a dream is to create life that exists only in your imagination. To hold onto the same image, for all the moment of life is not possible. If you can hold onto the same image, until its manifestation, you never see a problem as problem. The distraction from your dreams in the moment, allow you to perceive the person or situation as a problem.

You are connected with other human-beings on earth, and they too hold their own perspective towards life, and they do have their own ambitions and desires to fulfill. Everyone is chasing their own tail, so when you come across the problem or situation, that doesn’t seem like going into your favor, than in those moment, you have to have a little awareness towards life.

You have to see the things that, as you are chasing your dreams, the others are doing the same for themselves. The problems or situations that are hard to face are really nothing more than your own resistance towards life.

“When you really want the things to move the way you have imagined in your mind, and if the outside situation differs, than only the outside situation, person or event appears, as a problem.”

Any situation includes human, and if the situation is not in your favor, than it has to be on someone else’s favor. At this time, you have to accept the situation, as this helps you to serve others to get closer to his desire’s. Fighting with the situation, person or events of your life takes you away from your personal legend.

“Only dealing with the life’s event with understanding and intelligence, allows you to rise above it.”

When you move out to create something, remember you will never have all the ingredients in your hands in the moment, but you have to collect them on the path, otherwise if you have everything you want in this moment, than the magic of the life gets lost.

When you realize this fact, you don’t expect your world to form in the moment, but you keep on moving on the path, and keep on picking the things, that you think will serve you on the path.This way, you will see that when you have started, you had nothing, but just by walking on the path, you have accumulated most of the things, that was needed to realize your dream.

You have to be clear inside of yourself, with what you want out of life. The clarity doesn’t comes in a day. Even if you keep on moving with the vague idea, slowly with the time, the vague idea becomes clear and slowly you start to see in reality, what you have imagined for yourself. But before you jump onto your vague idea, one thing has to be clear to you, that the idea should come from your heart. If it’s from the heart, than even if it’s not clear in this moment, it will take you to your destination over the time, but if the idea is borrowed from somewhere outside, than you may dig your own pitfall.

“The flow of life comes from feelings & emotions. Follow your heart, more than your mind, to reach to your dreams.”

You have to remember all the time, what you wish to have out of life. Only than you can put your mind on the right perspective and focus upon the things, which is important and drop the things that doesn’t serve the purpose of life.

The mind needs something to hold onto. Either you give something to the mind, by making a choice with your life, or he will choose by himself. When the mind makes a choice, the choice only comes from the past, and then your life is driven in the direction, on which you have no control.

Most of the people, on this earth have no control over their live’s, or they have no idea in which direction their life is heading towards, or what they really want out of their life. Everyone is simply dragging with their life, giving useless justification to themselves, to which even they are not convinced.

“Life is less about creating something outside and more about discovering oneself. Even the outside life is for one’s self-discovery.”

If you are too much engaged in the outside life, you forget the source of it, that lies within you. If you are not connected to the source, you tend to lose the direction with life. You are the source of life, from which life originates. If you are lost in your own manifestation, you may go on manifesting one thing after the other, from the similar manifestation, but this way you will be absolutely disconnected with the source.

When you realize that the life is created inside first, and outside situations, people and events of life serves you, than you don’t get caught up in the outside situation, but very much float with life, by holding onto your dreams and desire’s.

” You can very much clear all the obstacles of life, if you can hold onto your dreams, all the time.”

Holding onto your desires, and allowing and accepting the life that happens outside, and simultaneously also making an effort with the mind, heart and body in the directions of your desires, allows you to fulfill your dreams, in a much lesser time.

You always choose to lengthen or shorten the process of your desire. If you follow the right process, you can achieve what you want in a lesser time.

When you are sincerely dedicated to life, and determined to design your life your way and hold some patience with life, you can surely create the life of your dreams. No person who follows or achieve his own dream, can ever think to not support or encourage others to fulfill their dreams.

“The person who follows the light and attain light, share his light with others, so that others too can connect with the light of their own, and remove the darkness from their life.”

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