Your Inner Flowing Energy is the Source of Creation

Your Inner Flowing Energy is the Source of Creation

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You have a source of life within you. The inner flowing energy is part of that source. You have the brain, heart, and body to create anything, you desire out of life, with your inner flowing energy.

Now it’s up to you, what you do with your inner flowing energy?

Any activity, at the level of the brain, heart, and body is possible, because of the inner flowing energy. Inner flowing energy is also called the spiritual energy, or the source of life.Spiritual energy is not the energy that you pick from food, but the energy that creates, operates and rejuvenates your brain, heart, and body.

Each day, it’s important for you, to connect with the source. The source lies in you. If you cannot figure out, at this moment, but spend some time each day with yourself, to connect with the inner self, slowly you come closer to the source.

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To create something new, something fresh, you have to connect with the source. You don’t create something fresh with your mind, heart, and body, but with the inner flowing energy.

All the creativity and innovation is possible, due to the great pull of energy flowing inside. You cannot create something unless you feel deeply charged and rejuvenated.

It’s not only important to connect with the source, but it’s equally important to save your energy and direct it, in a right direction. People are habituated to spoil their energy by different means.

Each day, you receive spiritual energy, to carry on with your life. At the same time, you also have your past, into your mind, heart, and body, which is very much ready to take up, your fresh energy and manipulate it, throughout the day.

Here, you get the fresh energy, early in the morning, and here your mind, heart, and body, utilize that energy, in thinking, feeling and acting in the past.

You spoil the fresh spiritual energy, not only with indulging into different actions but also with your thinking and feeling.

If you are not conscious enough with the situations, people, and event of your life, then it’s possible that a large amount of your energy, will be spent on the things that don’t serve you at all in your life.

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On the contrary, these situations or people may bring you downward, if you don’t remain conscious, in making the right choices and decisions with your life.

You don’t just have to be aware of the physical presence into different situations, but you should also be aware of, what kind of thoughts, feelings, and impressions you allow yourself to get into, within your subtle world.

Even the subtle world of thoughts, feelings, and impressions drains you out if you don’t stay aware of it.

You might have experienced with your life or with the life of your loved ones, that sometimes, just by thinking too much, people feel exhausted. Forget about saving the energy, rather they get into the condition, where it gets difficult to stay awake, in the moment. They need a nap, to get back to life.

Your inner flowing energy is the source of creation and remembers life is a continuous process. You carry forward your today’s energy into tomorrow.

If you are really looking to create something with your life, but somehow, you think that you cannot manage to do so, in that case, the only place, you have to look to work upon, is within. Remember, if you have the pure spiritual energy flowing inside, creation happens on its own.

You will be directed to right things, and right people, and right situation, provided you hold the right state of mind inside.

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You can create a mess, out of your spiritual energy, either with the imbalance of your food habits, or imbalance with the working hours, or trying to indulge into all the different situations of life, or by interfering with the life of others, or by thinking and feeling too much.

Before you begin your day, you need to know, where you will spend your energy, throughout the day. When you figure out, in advance, where and how you will spend your day, you cannot pick the thing, that doesn’t serve you, with your life.

Each individual is smart enough to pick the best for himself. Once you decide what you want to do, throughout the day, try to stick to the schedule, and allot your energy to the same schedule, as much as possible.

Now, remind you, this doesn’t mean, that you don’t entertain anything else, which comes your way. We all are into life, and we all are connected to each other.

We all have a circle, which hold some expectations from us and our creation and our life, also is a means, to serve them. So, while we create a perfect path, for us, we also make sure, that we serve everything that comes along the way, according to our capacity at the moment.

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When you have a path, and for some reason, you have to move out of your path, you can always get on the path. Life works as a whole, and we have to accept everything on the path, serve life on the path, and move forward with life.

When you have a schedule, you can always move back to the schedule. You don’t allow your mind to deviate from the schedule, and this serves you to save your inner energy and direct it, in a right direction.

Remember, to save the energy is a process. You have to work day in, day out to de-clutter yourself both from inside as well as outside. Over the time, when we are into life, life take-over on us, in different ways.

We get indulge in so many things, that it seems difficult for us, to move out. We cannot drop life from outside, but when we begin to drop unnecessary things from inside, life begins to fall in place, both inside as well as outside.

Life is a process, and as you connect with the inner flowing energy, you begin to connect with the natural process of life.

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All your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not the fact of life, but your inner energy is. Inner energy connects you, with the truth of life. Then you don’t get caught up in words, feelings or actions, but you see life, from much deeper part of your being.

When you have more energy inside, you pick the best of life, from outside. Your inner energy resonates with the outside energy. You just cannot get into the things, which flow at a lower energy level.

With life, you grow and evolve with the quality and not quantity. It’s not the quantity that matters, but what matters with life, is the quality. The quality of thoughts, quality of feelings, and quality of actions. It all depends on upon the quality of your inner flowing energy.

If your life doesn’t resonate with the life, which you hold inside, then it’s the time, for you to clean your inner flow of energy, and once the quality of your inner energy grows, your outside life has to respond to it.

The process of life is, inside out, and that too, not at the level of brain, heart, and body, but much deeper, at the level of energy. Your inner flow of energy reflects, in all your different aspects of life.

When you take care of your spiritual energy, it has to come out, in one or the other form. It can only serve the outside life, and whatever you give it in the outside world, you attract the same, back into your life.

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Life transcends not out of one situation, but as a whole. All the aspects of your life transcend very much together. You always remain in the center, when it comes to life. Whatever comes out of you, in any form, you receive it back, to yourself.

You are a magnet, and you attract everything to you. You have to see, what are the things you need to drop both from outside as well as inside so that you create a circle of positive energy around you.

Then the creation will happen out of a natural process. When you don’t have anything to drain you out, both from inside as well as outside life, you only create positive stuff, out of your inner flowing energy.

You cannot run away from life, but you can only transcend your life, with your understanding.

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Life is all about you, and it reflects both the inner as well as outside world that you carry within, in the form of experiences and impression. These experiences and impressions too don’t come from somewhere else, but out of your choice’s and decisions, according to the quality of energy that you hold inside.

Now, when you pledge to transcend your inner energy, by dropping everything with your life, that doesn’t serve you both, from inside as well as outside, and connect only with the thing that serves you, you take the quality of your inner energy higher.

Once you learn to transcend and save the flow of inner energy, you transcend everything within your circle.

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