Your ideas create abundance of Resources, & not Otherwise



Your ideas create the abundance into your life and not the outside resources. If you carry an idea or hold a dream, and you think that the outside influence, stops you from reaching to your destination, then you simply carry an illusion into your mind.

You have the power to create every single reality of your life and if you don’t understand this truth, you will always stay a victim of your life.

You don’t have to express yourself what you feel, but your life outside already reflect, each and every expression, you carry into your heart. The problem is everyone is so busy, into their own world, that they don’t have the time to look for others expression unless your expression is larger than life.

But the existence knows what you hold inside, and brings exactly the similar situation, people and experience are into your life, that is necessary for your inner growth and development.

The life happens through the mind. The mind creates the abundance, and riches, and creates and explore the resources from the outside world, to fulfill the dreams or desires of life.

The existence serves your every thought if you are determined to make it a reality of your life. If you lose a grip, with what you really want out of life, the existence may stop to any point of time, from manifesting your desired life.

The idea of your mind is a plain thought or a seed without feelings and emotions and enough energy, i.e. required for its manifestation. But unless you nourish the idea or a seed and allow it to grow as a full-fledged tree inside, you don’t receive its fruits outside. The idea or thought or a seed becomes the plant or a tree inside and later manifest in the outside world.

“The time you take initiative towards your idea, the mind creates further thought process around your idea, and necessary feelings and emotions and energy follow to manifest it, into the world.”

Any idea or dream need necessary learning and understanding, to make it a reality of your life. Unless you learn the specific process to manifest life, life seems like a struggle, to make a dream, a reality of your life.

Unless you have a clear understanding of your idea into your mind, you cannot move forward towards its manifestation. All the confidence and courage to a manifest life of one’s dream comes from inside.

Unless your idea’s or thoughts remain a loose ball, you can never manifest them into your life, and even a small problem or query that you face outside, seem like a big obstacle on the path. You are the one, who fails and you are the one responsible, not to make your ideas or dreams or desire’s your reality.

The action towards your ideas, dreams or desire’s is possible if your mind and heart are clear with it. The thought or the idea of the mind is not enough to make it a reality of your life, but you have to stick with your idea and let it grow and expand within yourself to become the reality.

When your idea’s of life is in the initial stage, and you experience anything different from what you carry into your mind, you develop resentment and anger towards everything in those moments, be it the situation, people or different experiences of life. But with resentment you simply distract yourself, from the path, and simply fall back with life.

When it seems like the outside things are not going your way, then the problem is not in the outside situation, but with your perception towards life. When you have a clear image, with what you want out of life, and you make everyday progress with it, you overcome all the different obstacles with life.

When you carry love towards your idea, or with what you want out of life, you bring all the necessary energy and enthusiasm towards the action. This energy and enthusiasm encourage and inspires you to move forward with life.

“Action with love takes you forward with life, while the action out of fear and resentment, pulls you backward.”

Whenever you choose to do anything new and fresh with your life, in that moment, the new thought or an idea, is only a seed in the mind. While in the same moment, the mind already carries different experiences and impressions of life. To allow the seed of thought to grow, you have to drop all the other thoughts and put all your energy and attention on the idea, that you wish to manifest into your life.

If your attention shifts from the idea or thought, that you wish to manifest, it will automatically shift to other experiences and impressions of the mind. No matter what the situation you are in now, but your life only manifest with the seeds of idea or dreams or desire’s that you carry inside of yourself.

Your life cannot be different than what you carry inside, and sooner or later it becomes the reality of your life if you resolve yourself to stick to your idea or dreams of life.

Any problem or obstacle you face on your path, its only because of your attention shifting to your past experiences, and you cannot place your mind enough, on what you really desire out of life.

Learning and understanding are the tools to get closer to the natural process of manifestation with life. Only with the idea, the path of manifestation is not possible, but you have to learn the art and skill to present yourself or express your inner desire to the world.

Unless your experience becomes the proper expression in the outside world, you cannot attract the abundance with life. You may know the highest truth of life, but if you don’t know the art of expression, you will not able to express your highest truth.

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