Why is dedication and commitment important in life?

Why is dedication and commitment important in life?

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Many have these complaints from life, that they have given everything, but still, they missed the success. They did all the hard work, but they haven’t received their dues from life.

When I see life, somehow I feel that it’s we who take our lives forward. You receive an equal proportion that you have given to life. Your dedication and commitment pay off all the time.

Life moves forward when you actively take things forward. If you just sit and wait for the miracle to happen, you will never experience miracles in life. But at the same time, if you consciously work in the direction of your dreams, you will experience the beauty and magic on the path.

Life serves you when you serve life. You have to actively participate in life. Only then you can expect life to take your things forward.

Happiness is the reason for our striving. But at the same time for many happiness is a gift. They expect happiness to be a gift from life.

They want it without doing anything for it, but that’s, not the case. You have to earn your happiness. Happiness is earned after the whole day’s work. When you know you have given everything to life, happiness is bound to come.

The effort is required, but before you make an effort, make sure you understand the whole process and direct your energy in the right direction.

Life moves with an intention. When you hold an intention to move forward in life, you just cannot fail in life. The steps that move forward cannot follow a backward process.

The Power of Intention

When you go about to do any task, are you thinking to move forward or falling backward?

You always know where you are heading in life. People who experience success and the people who experience failure, know in advance where they are heading with their lives.

You don’t have to sort out everything in your life. All you have to make sure is play your part well and everything else will be taken care of.

We lose our energy while thinking of others. When our attention remains on the self, we focus more on playing our role well and get better with time with our role.

The hurdles are part of life. You cannot avoid the hurdles, but you can certainly look for the solution in advance. Many times the problems appear well in advance, but we neglect to take necessary action towards it. We allow the problem to grow bigger and later we reach a stage where it gets hard to handle the situation.

Whenever you site a problem, actively work to figure out the solution and you will have peace of mind.

Whenever you perceive the situation, try to see the situation from beginning to end. If at the moment, you cannot see things as a whole, give yourself some time and come back to the same situation with a better perspective.

Whenever you try to bring some change in your life, the risk is always involved. Without risk, you just cannot bring a shift in your life.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

What is the risk?

Risk is nothing but replacement. To replace the old with a new. It’s hard for people to take a risk because of the middle period. Whenever you choose to replace the old with the new, there is a period of transition.

The period of transition where the old things have been left off, but new things have yet to arrive. This phase becomes hard to handle. This phase is the phase of risk. People are afraid of this period. All the risks involved in this period.

Risk and fear go hand in hand. Due to risk, you feel fear. Fear of losing something, although it may be old. Sometimes fear is also caused by losing something new, but fear and risk go hand in hand.

The one who can face his fear in life can also take calculated risks in his life. Risk is involved and you have sorted everything in your mind, but still, deep down in your heart, you know that things can go either way.

When you prepare yourself to take the risk, you also prepare yourself to face the fear. Most of our fears exist inside. Fears don’t’ stop us from outside, but it stops us from inside. The time we conquer our inner fear, we can conquer anything in our life.

Many times the distance between the success and failure is the thin line of fear. The one who crosses that thin line creates his way for success.

The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level

It’s not something that comes from outside, but it comes from within. You can only dedicate yourself to something if you have definite control over your mind and body. Commitment is to stick to one thing for a longer period of time. It’s easier to give up at the moment. But when you have a stronger body and willful mind, you can hold yourself in an adverse situation for the longest period of time.

The physical body can be taken care of, with the proper exercise and healthy food habits. While the mind can be made stronger, by practicing meditation and developing a reading habit.

We all want to experience the joy of life, but there are very few, who are ready to go through the path of hardships. The path of light can only be seen by walking the path of darkness. To experience the light, you have to go through the path of darkness.

Pain, stress, suffering, anxiety is not the only reality of life, but you also have fun, joy, love, happiness, beauty, wisdom, bliss as part of life. It’s true that life has different shades, but all shades are important so that we can understand the true meaning of life.

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