Your Attention decides the flow of Spiritual Energy


The spiritual energy is the source of life, in you. With the spiritual energy, you make your life possible. The spiritual energy is the abundant flow of energy, i.e. present in you. Your vessel never gets off, with the spiritual energy, unless you blocked with your own intelligence in several ways.

There are different ways to block the free flow of spiritual energy. Our personal interference, with life, stops the free flow of spiritual energy from inside.

As soon as you begin the day, the flow of spiritual energy begins simultaneously, but throughout the day, when you are more interested in the happening of things, your way and not trust the natural process of life, that is happening in your life, through different situation, events, and experiences of your daily life, then you create the blockage within, for the free flow of spiritual energy inside.

The natural habit of the mind is to run in the different direction. Wherever your attention moves, the spiritual energy begins to move in that direction.

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Each day, you receive a certain amount of life energy to proceed with your day. It’s all depends on you, how you make use of your energy, and what task you accomplish with the inner source of energy.

If you utilize your energy to do things, that doesn’t take your life forward, you certainly waste that part of the energy, to pull yourself backward.

You can have whatever you want out of life. All you need to do is put your attention on it, and stay with it, little longer. Out of the natural process, all your energy will be shifted to that particular desire, and in no time, you will accomplish that desire in your life.

“When your interest lies only at the level of body, heart and mind, life always remain limited. The process of life, is not limited to the body, heart and mind, rather you have to awaken the spiritual energy inside to experience all different colors of life.”

Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man

To put your mind, on the right aspects of life, needs practice. Not all the hearts desire the same thing, so it’s obvious that your heart’s desires, has to be unique, and special. If you truly desire something with your life, it’s easier to put the attention of mind, on it. Once you can convince your mind, what you want out of life then it becomes easier to carry out the further process of manifestation.

The spiritual energy lies in the dormant state in the body, and each day you receive some amount of energy. You can also directly connect with the spiritual energy inside, if you shift your attention inside, and look for the experience beyond mind.

When your attention is on the attainment of mind, your heart and body will follow the same, but if you drop all the desires of the mind, and ask the mind to take you beyond itself, slowly you are directed towards the source of mind.

Imagine the mind, as a center point, and whatever you imagine or think in the mind, it begins to expand in your life. Now, when your attention is to fulfill the needs, wants, and desires of life, the mind creates the thoughts around your needs, and further process of feelings, emotions, and actions takes place.

All your energy is utilized in fulfilling the desires of life, but you also have the power to drop all the desires and connect with the source of life.

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All the time, there is always one or the other desire goes through your mind, and you are always acting on one or the other thoughts of yours. When you simply remain present with yourself and resolve yourself, to not follow any of your desire, slowly your mind begins to expand, and move inward.

The mind is the center point of your journey that takes you outward, and when the same mind drops all the thoughts, images and desires of the mind, and becomes contented in itself, the attention shifts to itself. The thoughts and images are nothing but your longing for desire. If you have any desire for life, the process of mind, heart, and body gets activated and your actions come out of it.

It requires practice to drop all the desires from life, even for a while, to experience the source of life.

Once the desires of the mind get dropped, the attention of the mind shifts into an empty space, as you don’t have anything to experience in the mind, neither the thoughts, nor desires nor the images of the mind.

The Empty Boat: Encounters with Nothingness (OSHO)

If the attention of the mind, can stay into that empty space for long, it can experience the dormant spiritual energy, which is locked at the bottom of the spine. Once the spiritual energy gets unlocked, you experience altogether the different world, beyond the mind, heart, and body.

The functions of body, heart, and mind can be known, after the experience of spiritual energy inside. Only once you realize the spiritual energy, you can notice the flow of it, into the body. The spiritual energy is the one, that takes your life forward, but it all depends on your attention. It’s your attention that makes or breaks your life, and all the revelations of truth are possible by directing your mind in a right direction.

You have everything in you, that makes you self-sufficient when it comes to life. Your every thought can be manifested or accomplished on this earth if you really can hold onto your thoughts.

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Many times, you may feel that your life situation, events or experiences or impressions, with your daily life, is not in your control. It’s just because, your mind is not in your control, and it moves in a different direction while going through different experiences of life.

Whatever you want out of life, if you can direct the energy to see where your attention lies, you can very much gain control over your mind, and direct him in a right direction.

If you are not aware of the attention of your mind, then you can never be aware, about what is happening in your life, and your life can be directed into a different direction, by the happening of different events that take place outside.

You don’t have to be aware of the world, to bring the necessary change with your life, but you have to be aware of the attention of your mind.

If your awareness stays with your mind, you can direct him in the direction of your choice, when it moves out of the path, but when you are least aware, about what goes inside of your mind, all the time, then you will never know, how life takes place in the outside world, and how unconsciously your personal life, too gets driven by it.

The Law of Attention

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