Evolving happens, When you learn from the Mistakes of your Past


Evolving happens when you learn from the mistakes of the past. When you resolve to never repeat the same mistake again, you get on the path of becoming better in your life. You start understanding life.

Evolution is to grow with an understanding of the natural process of life. Learning with life is possible, only from the past. When you learn from the past and resolve yourself to never repeat the same mistake again, you definitely allow the better future to show up.

It may appear like, you don’t repeat the same mistakes again in your life, but when you observe your life closely, you will notice that you repeat the same mistakes, not once or twice, but for many times and for many years, that becomes the cause of your pain and suffering.

Each one simply repeats the life-cycle inside of him. It may seem like, you move forward, but when you take time out for yourself, and really look into your life, you will notice that you simply move in the same circle, without proceeding forward even an inch, rather many slips backward with life.

When you grow and evolve with the understanding towards life, you are the first person to notice that. Each person has different time duration to notice their process of evolution. Some evolve every week, some evolve every month, some evolves every year, while some may take ten years, or more, depending on an individual.

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Each one can choose his or her own growth for life. If you wish, you can accelerate your process of understanding, and if you choose, you can go with the slow pace, it all depends on you.

Mistakes are not really something, which you do it consciously, but it happens out of ignorance. Now, ignorance is not a bad word, but ignorance is equivalent to innocence. When you do something, with which you are not familiar with, it takes some time for the mind to get clear with it.

Some minds are sharp enough to pick the things quickly, while others take time. We all are ignorant about one or the other thing, and it’s normal. Unless you have an experience for something, and your mind is clear with the concept, you fell ignorant about that particular subject or object.

The problem is not the ignorance; the problem is not taking the right understanding, from the situations.

You can go on repeat the same process and nobody is going to stop you, as nobody can ever figure out, what’s going on within you, not even God. It all depends on upon you, either you make the right correction with your life, wherever it’s required, or you simply move on, repeating the same process, and go on blaming life, for your fate.

Nobody is born perfect, and each individual has to go through the trial and error method before he reaches to a proper understanding towards life. But the understanding only comes, when you are open to learning the lessons and ready to drop your past errors, from the present life.

True success with life happens when you grow and evolve from within. When you begin to understand life and grow with the right perspective towards life.

The true meaning of life lies in learning. When you learn, you understand the things better, when you understand, it reflects in your actions, and when your actions are right, you are bound to receive the desired result.

The Reflection of Ultimate Truth

The whole process of life is to evolve with the body, heart, and mind, and experience life, beyond it. Each one holds his own path, for life, and has a liberty to make his or her own choice and decisions with life.

If the outside success becomes the benchmark for your life, then sooner or later, you will fall short with the understanding towards life. Outward success is important but it should only come, with the inner understanding.

The outside life doesn’t follow any order and works out of chaos theory, but in an organized way. Sometimes you move forward with the outside life, and sometimes you slip backward.

But when you begin to grow from within, you create your outside world, from the inner order, and then it doesn’t matter, either thing happen in your favour or not, or either outside world, works according to your way or not, but you show up with life, giving your best, and accept whatever comes as a result.

When your focus remains only on the outward success, in such scenario, you miss to learn the entire process of life, and your understanding remains, limited to your subject or object of attention.

Rather focusing on success, if you remain open to life, and learn the right lessons, from your different situations, and go on dropping all the things, that no longer serve you with life, by default, you will create a life, for yourself, that can attract nothing lesser than success.

Success or failure is not a one day event, but continuous life process. Each day you succeed and each day you fail with life, and most of the time, success follows the failure.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

If you make the success, as a ladder to look into the future and failure as a life’s lesson, each day you will grow and evolve with the process of life, and then you don’t have to worry about outside life, as with your inner growth, you will always be capable enough, to handle any of your life’s situation or events.

Past, present, and future, everything exists at the moment. Your present is the result of your past, and your future will be the result of your present. There is no future, already exists in advance for you, but the way you shape your life, in the present moment, it will become your future.

You have to see, what you have to make out, of your present condition, and how to tackle your past and learn the necessary lessons out of it so that you don’t have to repeat the same error again.

Anything that you experience outside holds a blueprint of it, within you. In your free time, you can see the blueprint of your past, and drop the things that don’t serve you or add things, that can create better experiences for the future.

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The future of each individual is towards that ultimate experience of life, where life no longer remains a mystery to him, and all the life’s puzzle gets solved within.

But, no ready-made future, available to anyone, and each individual has to work upon himself, to reach to that heights. It may sound strange, but the entire life that you experience outside, or may seem like happening outside, only rolls within you.

All your life’s situation, events, and experiences of life take a circle in you, and you experience the same in the outside world.

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You can only create something new, or bring change in life if you understand how life impacts you both inside as well as outside.

Without understanding, if you go on living life, you reach nowhere, but you simply repeat the same impressions and experiences that you have stored inside, in one or the other form.

The repetitive patterns of life can be broken from inside, but before you think to bring the necessary changes with it, you need to understand, how the patterns get formed, and how it simply repeat itself, if you don’t break it, by living consciously.

By going on living life, you don’t serve the purpose of life, or showing up for life each day, is not everything unless you carry your understanding with it.

It’s like, you go on creating buildings around the city, without understanding the real need of it. In the same way, you can run after the creation, but to create is not only the single purpose of life, and more lies to life.

You create so that you can understand, what’s going on inside of you. Your daily outside life is a reflection of your inner world. Out of your outside creation, you can understand your inner world, and more you work on your inner world, better you show up, outside.

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But, if your interest lies, only in creation, without understanding, then the time, will come when you will be lost in your own creation, and your creation itself will become the cause of your stress, pain, and suffering.

Life is only worth living, that comes out of your understanding. If you don’t understand something, it’s not necessary to plunge into it. At the end of your life, God doesn’t judge you, how much you have created, in your lifespan, but what’s important is, were the creation, came out of your understanding, or simply for the sake to create, you have filled the world with creation.

The things only remain in your control, if it comes out of your understanding, and to understand, it’s very important to have a self-reflection on life.

It’s not that, God is sitting at the top, and making the necessary changes in your life, but God has placed the part of him, in each individual, and each individual has been given the liberty to design his or her life.

It all depends on us, how we grow and evolve with life, and come closer to the realization of our true self. It’s been called true self because the identity of the true self is eternal and constant and never changes with the changing patterns of life.

When we realize our true self, by going through the process of life, we come to the ultimate truth of life. With the ultimate truth, life doesn’t end, but after the realization, certainly, you begin to match every step of your life, that keeps you either one with the self or at least closer to the identity of your true self.

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