You Evolve by Being Aware of your Repetitive process of Life



Life repeats itself every day. Everyday sunrises and sunset. The process of life repeat itself and you too repeat your daily habits of life. Awareness towards the repetitive process of life, allows you to grow and evolve with life.

In a day, many unusual things happen to you on the path, to which you may consider good or bad. If you feel good inside, the things are good and if you have the bad feelings than the things are bad.

If the life goes your way, the life is good and if life brings challenges, then life is bad. When you bring your awareness to the repetitive process of life, you begin to get detached from the repetitive process of life. You participate in it but as a detached observer.

Who likes to live the same days over and over again , and call it life, if there is no fulfillment in it?

The fulfillment of life is in growth, development, improvement, learning, evolving and having a sense of getting better with life, both in the inner as well as outside world.

Only then, you are really satisfied with your life. In the outside world, you cannot get caught hold of anything. Even if you try to catch something outside, the things that hold the outside object resides within you, and when your inner thing try to slip away, the outside object is obviously left out.

The best way to get caught hold of life is to connect yourself from within. When you connect from within, then you understand the patterns of life. When the things within you is transitory and not permanent, you never indulge yourself with the illusions of life, that is transitory.

When your understanding grows with life, you look for the things that is permanent, either outside or inside of you. The eternal life is searched by those, who figured out the irrelevance of the things, which are transient in nature.

When you connect with the inner world, you are more real and authentic with your life, as you associate yourself only with the things that matter to you. You don’t allow the unnecessary things to be a part of your life.

Sometimes the things that don’t seem any relevant to the adults, the child shows more interest in them. The child has a lesser understanding about life, so his interest lies in the toys, and games and the things that the adult seems not so important for themselves.

Their understanding doesn’t allow them to hold on the toys with their life. Even when the child turns into an adult, he sees the absurdity of his own toys. The things that mattered to the child, while he was young, doesn’t hold any importance in his life, at his youth.

Now he looks for something else to hold upon. The life is all about understanding. As your understanding grows and evolves with life, you start to drop the things, that no longer serve you and look for the bigger and better things in life.

There is no point of holding onto the things, that doesn’t lead you forward, on the contrary, pull you down. This statement is only in the context of things and not people.

Remember the relationships and the objects are two different things, and this concept has to be clear in one’s mind. The relationships are like an old wine, whereby the older the relationships, the more it taste’s sweet.

To evolve with life means to have the better understanding towards one’s own life. You cannot understand any other person on this earth, and if your any effort is in that direction than you simply waste your time.

Any understanding you can have about others is by understanding oneself.

Everyone follows the life’s path, which starts with the morning and ends up at night. The life happens in a day. It completes its circle in twenty-four hours. There is no other life exists than a day.

Everyone follows its own life’s path, that is the schedule of twenty-four hours of the day. The life’s path has to be the one, that fulfills all the purpose of your life, including the realization of the self.

In the past, the sages used to run away from the household life, in search of the truth, but the modern man is capable enough to attain the enlightenment at its workplace, and fulfill all the obligations towards his life.

You don’t have to leave this world in search of the truth, but you have to connect more within so that every day  you come closer to the truth of life. All the mysteries of life can be solved by following your daily path of life. All you have to do is bring your awareness to it.

It doesn’t matter, what you do with your life, just be aware of it every day, and try to expand your awareness towards your daily activities of life.

You don’t have to bring any change, but all you have to do is to be aware of what you do whole day. The awareness towards life takes care of all the aspects of life.

Awareness is to know, what you do the whole day and be present with your actions mentally all the time. Awareness is present moment consciousness. You need something to be aware of. If you don’t have anything to do, you can be aware of your environment, but till the time you have work in hand, the work becomes your priority.

The process of evolution allows the mind to expand. When the mind expands, the quality of thoughts and imagination flows through you, into this life. When you are aware in the moment, with any sort of work, you serve the process of evolution.

When your mind is present in the moment, it expands. The nature of the mind is to think thoughts, and the mind is highly volatile. When you work towards the development of awareness with your work, the thoughts of the mind slows down.

The maximum energy is wasted by the mind through thoughts. It’s not necessary to have an N number of thoughts. When you prepare yourself to have your attention only for the day, you ask your mind to be present more in the moment, rather jump into the past or the future.

Slowly you train your mind to be more present in a day, and not run in the past or future. When the mind is present in the moment, it’s more focused and you direct all your energy with the work in hand rather be wasting through your thoughts.

The day repeats itself. You follow the same routine every day. With the awareness of your life’s path you dive more into the moment and add more quality to your efforts.

Slowly this awareness expands on an entire day. When you become one with the awareness, you flow with the natural flow of life. The pure awareness in the moment takes care of all the aspects of life.

The self-realization happens from within, and the best way to connect within is to connect with the daily process of life. When you bring your awareness to your daily life, you break the mundane process of life and look at the same life with fresh perspective.

You pick the natural signs from life, that serves you to accelerate the process of your life. With the awareness, you take advantage out of all the situations of your life. The awareness in the moment, allows you to see the things that with the distracted mind, you are bound to miss.

“The path of life is like a zigzag mountain, where you rise every morning to climb the mountain of the night, and then come down another day, to again repeat the process of life.”

The awareness gives you the understanding of life. The understanding of life happens when you make an effort and experience for yourself. Awareness in the moment makes you courageous to face life.

The awareness leads to understanding and the understanding leads to freedom. With the awareness and understanding of life, you follow the same life and fulfill the obligations towards life, but you rise above the mundane life and stay with the consciousness within, that is above all the awareness of the mind.

The things take place within your body, mind, and heart but with the thorough understanding of the process of life, you rise above it and allow the things to happen on its own.

Everyone holds its path for life. But the important thing is to be aware of it. With the awareness, you know what you attract in your life. You attract what you think, emote and turn into an energy to bring it into your life.

When you know, you are responsible for your thoughts, emotions and actions and also for the quality of situations and the nature of people you attract in your life, you become more aware of yourself.

Only with the awareness of your daily life, you can figure out what works and what doesn’t work in your life. Than it becomes easier to drop the things that no longer serve you in your life.


  1. “The awareness leads to understanding and the understanding leads to freedom. With the awareness and understanding of life, you follow the same life and fulfill the obligations towards life, but you rise above the mundane life and stay with the consciousness within, that is above all the awareness of the mind.”

    I do so love this!

    Let me add one thing
    the more you understand, the more rules you can drop down. They are unnecessary if you understand.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. 😉

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