You don’t Acquire Wisdom, Rather you drop the Ignorance


Wisdom is inbuilt, the ignorance you acquire. Your thoughts, feelings, imagination are nothing but your ignorance. Ignorance in a way where it becomes a hindrance to directly look into life.

When you can think, you see life out of your thinking. When you imagine, you see the world out of your imagination. When you already have feelings and emotions for something, you cannot experience it in its natural form, rather you see the situations, people, or events of your life, out of your personal feelings and emotions.

Ignorance is your perception towards life, while the wisdom is to directly look into life. Wisdom serves the moment. The ignorant mind wants to serve the past and the future.

With the wisdom, life happens. With the ignorance, you simply drag with life. It may seem you are quite intelligent but when you look deep inside, you realize the truth behind it. No individual mind can ever be wise on earth. The wisest of us all is the life itself.

Unless you know how to drop your mind and connect directly with life, you remain ignorant towards life. You seem you know everything, but you cannot see life beyond the limitations of your mind. Wisdom just cannot come to the mind. The mind needs to be dropped.

The knowledge or idea or intelligence of your mind can be claimed as yours, but when it comes to wisdom, it happens. You cannot claim wisdom as yours. Yes, ignorance can be yours, but not the wisdom.

The wisdom of life has nothing to do with your thinking or imagination. The wisdom is spontaneous at the moment. It reflects. Your ignorance is always old, while the wisdom is fresh. The ignorant mind looks into the past, for the solution, while the wisdom simply flows in the moment, allowing the life to unfold on its own. Life becomes the direct experience with the wisdom.

Wisdom already exists in you. You don’t have to acquire the wisdom. All you need to do is drop all that you know. You think you are intelligent, but deep down inside, you know that you don’t know.

Take a paper and write down what you know about yourself or life and you will have an answer for yourself. You just don’t know life and this is the hard truth that needs to digest.

Just accepting this truth, that you don’t know life, you create a space in you to know life. If you already know something, you don’t even make any effort to know it, however, if you know that you don’t know, at least you begin to make little effort in that direction. With the wisdom flowing from inside, you know.

That knowing doesn’t come with the mind, but it comes from deep within. Ignorance exists till you exist. Till the time, you experience yourself in the mind, the ignorance will always remain part of your life. The wisdom only comes in, when you leave your mind. Your very presence in the mind that leads to ignorance.

When you exists as an individual identity, you don’t see life as a whole, but you only see what you want to see with life. When you see the universe, you can realize that the life that is happening outside is much bigger than you.

No matter what you do, it’s impossible for you to understand life with your mind. Then the only option remains for you is to drop your mind and directly experience life.

The life is simple. Even you can experience life in this moment, and act every moment of life with the highest wisdom. But the actual problem is, you don’t trust the moment. No identity of the mind trusts anyone other than itself. The ego always considers itself the highest authority.

It’s only when the ego doesn’t find any solution within the mind, it seeks for help or looks for god for the solution. The wisdom lies just beneath the ego of the mind.

Dropping the ignorance simply means dropping yourself. It doesn’t require much effort. You can practice it on a daily basis, with your day-to-day living. When you can bring your attention to yourself, you can realize when you act out of ego, and when you allow the life to happen on its own.

The wisdom is the highest intelligence. When the wisdom falls upon you, you recognize. You simply know. But to attain the wisdom, you have to drop your ignorance. The ignorance is always available on the surface.

The ignorant mind is impulsive in the moment. The wisdom is all about eternity. The wisdom connects you with the eternal life. All your fear, insecurity, stress and tension are part of your ignorant mind.

With the wisdom comes the security. It’s not that you know everything, but it’s just that whenever you wish to know, the truth is available to you. To come out of wisdom is to come out of truth.

The wisdom is the true authentic self in you. The wisdom is your purest state of mind. With the external life, you are habituated to fill yourself from outside, but to allow the wisdom to grow, you have to learn to empty yourself from inside.

You only fill yourself with unnecessary information or knowledge, because you don’t know the importance of emptiness. It’s the emptiness of the mind that connects you with wisdom, but you run away from emptiness.

To experience the wisdom, you don’t have to fill yourself with the information or knowledge of the world, but all you need to do is, empty yourself from inside. More and more you empty yourself from within, more and more you connect with the truth.


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