You create your Mind, Heart, and Body

You create your Mind

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You create your Mind (Thoughts), Heart (Emotions) & Body (Energy). An average mind holds an understanding that the mind, heart, and body is god’s creation, and whatever he thinks, feel or create an energy into the body, is a natural process of life, and he doesn’t have any power over it.

The self-realized person, who has experienced life beyond his personal identity “I” holds a different reality for the inner system. You have the power to control, direct and create mind, heart, and body.

You have both the direct as well as the indirect power to influence the life, that’s taking place within you. Either you act after understanding, or you simply act and then understand and repeat the process. Do what works for you, but simply don’t get stuck with life.

You as a personal identity “I”, is part of the mind, and can control your thoughts, emotions, and reaction to different situations and people, and if you choose, with the inner energy, you can also change the environment or surroundings of your life. All the change with life begins from within.

In the normal course of life, people tend to react to different life’s situation. Reaction not only happens verbally into the situation but when you don’t have control over your life, you tend to react to the thoughts, emotions, and actions.

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Different desire’s of mind, without your recognition, is the reaction of the mind. To react, simply out of your feelings and emotions, without being aware of it, is again the reaction from the heart.

When you see people engage in sports, and sometimes they are so emotional at the moment, for the team or the game, that they completely forget, their reaction in the moment, and they do things, which is not possible, in their normal state of awareness.

This is just a glimpse of an emotional reaction, but sometimes, people go extreme, with their emotional state, and obviously, they are simply not aware, of it.

Life is not mechanical, and you have to go by your heart and follows your dreams and desires of life. But to follow your dreams, you at least need to have control over yourself.

You create your mind, heart, and body. All the thoughts and images of your mind are part of your experiences and impressions of life. The time you initiate the change with yourself, life begins to change.

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You cannot blame life’s situation or people, in this moment of your life, as in this moment, you have complete control over your life. It might be possible, that your mind says that, the world is responsible for your present life, but this doesn’t bring any change with the present condition, and it will carry on, into your future.

When you realize that you have the power to change your entire system, you will rather change yourself for the better, or still, hold your past, that will further spoil your future. The personal identity “I” is more powerful and bigger than your mind, heart, and body.

Your Attachment with the mind, heart, and body confines you with a limited possibility, but when you begin to use your thoughts and emotions and energy, you develop the power, to create an amazing reality for yourself.

“An average mind takes pleasure, in simply repeating the same process of life, while the explorer, try to look for something new every day.”

Warrior of the Light: A Manual

The feelings and emotions depend upon the experiences and impressions, that you accumulate each day. Once you take control of your life, you don’t allow the process of life to repeat itself, but you tend to bring new experiences into life.

Each day you create energy with the thoughts and emotions, and the body simply follows your mind and heart. When you make a choice with your daily experience, you tend to influence your mind, heart, and body, in the direction of your dreams, otherwise, the thoughts and emotions are equally capable of creating anything out of you, picking the things from the past.

“The mind is both an automated and manual instrument, with the conscious as well as the unconscious mind. Either, you make a conscious choice, out of your unconscious mind and pick the right things or out of an automated process, the mind may pick anything, out of the recent flow of energy and you have to accept it, as a part of your Life.”

No matter what you have experienced till now, with your life, you have the power to change all the past impressions and experiences of life, with the fresh process. The change begins, when you take fresh steps to life. Don’t try to change the old habits, try to bring the newness to life, and old will wear out.

With the power of choice, decision and will-power, you draw an absolutely fresh path for yourself. You may not be able to remove the past from your life, but can certainly replace it, with the better experiences.

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The scientists don’t leave the old formula or theory, but simply use them to innovate or discover the new one. This method simply replaced the old one and the new theory becomes the benchmark for the future.

The past can become the stepping stone for the future if you simply correct your perspective towards life.

Everyone holds their own perspective with life, and when you interfere with other’s perspective, you simply lose energy to create something new for yourself. The wisdom asks you to respect others perspective and keep moving forward, towards your own path of life.

When you simply respect others perspective, your perspective towards life too is respected by others, and you receive more space, to present your ideas with life, in your environment and surroundings. Too much indulgence in anyone’s life, even the loved one’s, sometimes becomes the reason of downfall.

“The true inspiration to others, never come with words but it comes with your action. People are less likely to do, what you say and more likely to follow what you do.”

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You

When you try something new, you remain fresh with life. You allow the natural process of life, to take place through you. In trying something new, you fail. You may have opted for any field when you do anything for the first time, it takes time for the mind, to adapt to the natural process of the things.

The time it takes for the mind to adjust to the things until that time it goes through the process of trial and error. The failure with life or falling down is a natural process with life.

Life is all about internal growth and evolution. It’s like climbing a staircase at night. The only way to grow and evolve is to step the foot forward, in the unknown territory, where you never know, what lies ahead.

If you show courage, your foot always falls on the right territory. Remember, with life neither your success nor your failure counts, what counts is your courage with life, at the moment.

If you have taken the step forward, you are successful and if you failed to march ahead, you will always have another chance to go, at life. But someday, you have to show courage, then why not now?

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When you rise to the unknown, it’s natural for you to fall. But the growth is possible on the path of unknown. Failure is a stepping stone to success. Forget about the failure, and focus on the steps.

The more you think about the thing, the more you give power to it. Better to think of the success, and figure out the way for it, rather sit and cry for the downfall or failure with life.

You have the power to create your life, and more you try new thing, more creativity you bring down to your life. Life is not a game of an individual and thus its always good to savor everyone’s perspective of life. Take what you like and leave that doesn’t match your energy level.

When we take control of our life and move in the direction of manifesting and realizing our dreams, we certainly go through as many paths as possible and cherish the downfall or failure on the way, so that we can come stronger every time.

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