You, Breath and Life



You are the pure consciousness, beyond mind, heart, and body. You are the presence, at the moment. Everything in life comes out of pure consciousness. Pure consciousness, is simply the realization of vibrations, at the deeper core. There is no way to move beyond the vibrations.

With the mind, you identify yourself with the body, breath, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, images or the energy within, but with pure consciousness, the only thing you experience is vibrations. Bliss too is a form of vibrations, that gives you, the most soothing experience from within.

The wisdom of life is not the bulk of knowledge, but the realization of the internal process of oneself. To realize the micro, to understand the macro, as the process of formation of everything is the same.

The air between you and life is the breath, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, images, and energy in different forms. Your physical body comes out of the different permutation and combination of the air. The air is scattered within you, in different forms.

Life outside is the experience, impressions, situations, and events, that you go through in day-to-day life. The perception of life comes from the air, that you hold inside.

The life that you experience in the moment, comes out of the different air of different people and has its roots in the past. It’s not possible to understand outside life directly unless you are clear with what’s going on inside.

The air which is scattered inside makes its difficult to experience the life and pure consciousness in its natural form. The air acts as a curtain between the pure consciousness and outside life.

You go through life with the perception, that you carry in the moment, created by the air. Till the time, your identification remains, with any part of the inner world, it’s not possible for you to experience, the pure state of consciousness.

Pure consciousness is simply the presence in the moment, without any air. When all the scattered air is gathered at one point of the mind and directed higher to the state of pure consciousness, you experience your inner state and outside life in its natural form.

The life that you go through outside, is simply the air present itself in different forms, of different people. With the state of pure consciousness, you can read the outside experience, and give the best response to life.

Outside experience of life, is the perception you create, inside of you. The time you work to improve your inner world better, you get closer to the state of pure consciousness, and your perception to view and understand outside life too gets better with it.

The air is the bridge between pure consciousness and life, that you experience outside. The sense of “I” that allows you to identify with the air, is the transcendent personality of the mind, and when your inner air purifies, your “I” too transcends it on a higher level.

“The “I” is a personal identity that you hold the time you are born, and it grows and evolves with the different experiences of inside and outside life.”

To understand air in simple terms, you can consider it, in an energy form. When you pollute the inner energy through different types of images, thoughts, feelings, and emotions, your perception towards life get dim, and everything with life seems confusing.

The inner energy, i.e. air, can be changed by working on your body, heart, and mind so that you clear the impure air and further move towards in developing the better perception towards life.

“Well, its the fact that your perception forms your life then isn’t it wise to work on yourself each day, so that with the better perception, you grow and evolve with life.”

When you observe your body, heart, and mind, you come across three kinds of waste. Solid, liquid and gaseous. Solid waste is a part of your physical system, that should be cleared, before you move further, to the cleansing process of liquid waste.

To have a clear view and better perception towards life, your physical system should be absolutely clear from the solid waste.

Any form of physical exercise, Running, Yoga, Gymnastics, aerobics, can help you to clear the inner physical system, and you develop better perception towards life.

Once you are regular with the process of cleansing your physical body, you take the next step, to clean the liquid waste, i.e. the emotional debris, which is accumulated through different feelings and emotions.

Unless you empty yourself completely from inside, you cannot experience the outside life or pure consciousness, in its natural form.

The mechanism of the subtle world is such that, as soon as the mind creates the image, the natural process of thoughts starts to take place. With the thoughts, the feelings and emotions start to develop in the heart region.

If your thoughts are positive, you create positive emotions and if the thoughts are negative, you create negative emotions, but to experience the pure consciousness, you not only have to leave the negative emotions behind, but you leave positive emotions too.

Any part of feelings and emotions creates liquid waste inside your body, that turns into an attachment and restricts your clear perception towards life.

You cannot experience life in its purest form unless you realize the state of pure consciousness from within. You have to drop all the positive as well as negative air, to experience the pure consciousness.

It’s not possible to have a clear perspective outside and then to realize pure consciousness from within, but as the things get clear from inside, your view gets better for the outside life.

Your perception towards life makes the world beautiful or ugly and the time you start to clear the dirt from inside, your perception starts to reflect the beauty in everything, you perceive outside.

Physical exercise too serves you to remove the emotional debris, but before you completely empty yourself from the liquid waste, you have to turn the negative emotions into the positive ones. Even the positive emotions is a hindrance, in the experience of pure consciousness. Once you start feeling good, you get attached to the good feeling and stop your internal progress to rise higher.

All the things that come from the mind are in the gaseous state, be it the thoughts or the images. When you hold onto the images or the thoughts of the mind, you get into the process of life, whereby the gaseous state turns into the liquid state and liquid state into the solid or physical state.

The natural process of the mind is to capture the impressions and experiences from outside and create the images or thoughts out of it when your attention is outside.

If in the same moment, if you are lost inside, the mind moves into the past or the future to bring the past impressions and experiences alive, and further continues the natural process of thinking and imagination inside.

When you consciously work with the mind, you observe and understand the different patterns of mind.

Meditation and breathing technique are the two beautiful ways, to understand different experiences and impressions of the mind, as when you sit in meditation or practice breathing technique, you disconnect yourself from the outside impressions and experiences of life, and all remains for you to observe is your inner experience and impressions of life.

“When you observe the internal process of mind, slowly the speed of the process of mind gets reduce, along with the effect of the sensation on the physical body.”

In the moment, you always have very little time, to react in between the situation. When the process of mind is out of control, the sensation too remains out of control, and then rather than to respond, while understanding the situation, you simply react to life.

With meditation or practicing the breathing technique, when the process of mind slows down, you slowly move towards in dropping the thoughts and images of the mind. As you practice the process, long enough, slowly you reach to the no-mind state.

With the no-mind state, nothing remains of the solid, liquid or gaseous state in the body, but still, to experience the pure consciousness, you have to unlock the spiritual energy, that resides at the bottom of the spine. This energy is the base of the breath and the bridge that connects you with both the outside and higher life.

When the spiritual energy gets unlock, the subtle body along with the spiritual energy, moves out of the body, from the top of the head, to give you an out-of-body experience.

When the subtle body again settles in, and slowly with the inner awareness, when you understand the internal process, you realize the pure consciousness.

Unless you complete the internal process, you cannot experience life in its natural form.

“The journey of life is to cover the distance, from the awareness of mind to the pure consciousness of the soul.”

The more aware you are, with your inner as well as outside world, the better journey you can have along the path, and closer you reach the state of pure consciousness, in a lesser time.

The bliss and wisdom of life flow naturally, without any effort, in the state of pure consciousness.


  1. Slowness is mostly considered as the inefficiency for the world. No business cares that works are done with awareness or not. However, if one would like to work with both speed and awareness, it is possible. Slow yourself down as you suggested, when you can retain awareness, increase speed is possible too.

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