You are the Spectator of your Life

You are the spectator of your life

This is the hardest truth of life, which is impossible for any mind to digest. You can never consider yourself, mere the spectator of your life. Let me tell you, you are nothing more than that, and this I confirm you, out of an experience and not merely out of ego.

This is something, each individual can experience for himself. We all are the spectators of life, and we all have very little control over the things, that truly matters, to sustain life.

You, as a spectator simply goes through different experiences of life, with your body, brain, and heart. You don’t do things, but life happens to you, in different ways, and you get an impression about yourself, that you are the doer. This is the magic of life.

When you look inside, you find a soul with subtle strings, the awareness field that too is part of the subtle strings, and the physical body. The physical body is the external cover, but there is much more that goes into the body, without you being aware of it.

The soul works with the subtle strings through your physical body. Subtle strings pass through your nervous system, in a way, where you can never get a sense of it, unless you direct your attention inward, and begin to understand your inner world.

When you feel sensation, that sensation is part of the subtle strings and not the physical body, which is the outer covering.

Now, when you feel the sensation, do you feel the subtle strings of the soul?

No, before subtle strings pass through the nervous system, the awareness field, i.e. the subtle clothing covers the entire physical body from within. Later the subtle string not directly enters into the physical body, but passes through the subtle clothing of the awareness field, to work through the physical body.

When you feel the sensation, in any part of the body, it is because of the subtle clothing and the subtle strings. Without subtle strings, you cannot feel the sensation in the body. Subtle clothing or the awareness field doesn’t really carry the sensation, but when the subtle strings pass through the subtle clothing and enters into the physical body, you feel the sensation, over your entire body.

The process of inflow and outflow of breath too is possible because of the subtle strings of the soul. At the time of physical death, the body remains, as it is, and the subtle clothing along with the subtle strings, leaves the body and the process of rebirth takes place.

Awareness field is not limited to the mind, but wherever you can sense the sensation, that part of the body carries the awareness field, and that means your entire body, carries the awareness field.

What is subtle clothing or awareness field?

Awareness field is the space where all the experiences and impressions of life get registered, and out of which your personal identity too gets developed and nourished simultaneously. Every impressions and experience of life rub your personality.

Awareness field is not an empty space, but space which is full of energy and attracts everything that’s put into it. Whatever you perceive in the external reality, gets registered in the awareness field, and similar impressions get attracted to the awareness field.

Awareness field remains absolutely pure, but you have the liberty to put any impression or experience in the awareness field, and the awareness field, is capable of pulling out similar experience and impressions into your life.

The reason focus and concentration plays an important role in life, because when you put all your attention in one direction, either on the subject or object, you break the patterns of experiences and impressions of the mind and directly connects with the awareness field and in this moment, the awareness field, reveals all the information about the subject or object, where you put your attention upon.

The awareness field or subtle clothing is part of the universe, and thus when you put your attention on anything; it begins to reveal its information to you. Rather interesting thing is that the information is revealed from within.

In scientific discovery, it’s not the subject or object reveals the information to the scientist, but the awareness field of his own mind, reveals the details, at the time of deep focus on the subject or object.

The identity that you carry into your mind is developed out of the layers, of the experiences and impressions of your life. When you shift your attention inside and take your attention deeper, slowly you begin to drop all the accumulated layers over the period of time.

Physical body is just an instrument, through which you experience life. You have the awareness field, along with the physical body to experience life, while the entire major functions of the physical body, is performed by the subtle strings of the soul.

With the realization of the soul, you still experience life, but with the understanding. You make use of your body to experience life and the awareness field to explore different experiences of life.

It’s only when you live in absolute ignorance about the inner world, life seems like an illusion to you, but when you realize the internal truth about yourself, the whole existence becomes clear to you.


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