You are the Sensation in the Body


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Who Am I?

This is the most pertinent query, that everyone goes through in his life, when he begins to asks himself, who am I? You go on asking, and you don’t receive anything from inside, and till the time you receive any answer from within, it remains far from the truth.

You are the sensation, in the body. The experiences of life, is possible through sensation. Without sensation, you cannot experience anything with life. Only with the sensation, you hold your own idea about yourself, and the sensation itself, connects you, with the mind, heart and body.

All your different pleasures, fear, anxiety, feelings, emotions, different thoughts, and imagination of mind, is experienced through sensation. Sensation is the bridge between the life that exists inside, and the life that is happening outside.

The only thing that give you an experience of yourself in the body is sensation. You relate with anything and everything in the moment through sensation. Sensation allows you to experience life, and only with the sensation you decide, either you like to have certain type of experiences with your life or not. Sensation is the bridge or doorway that can take you towards the understanding towards life. Your life stays limited to your sensation. Your existence is only possible because of sensation.

The experience of self-realization is complete detachment with all the sensation for a moment. Even the experience of a moment is enough, for you to realize the true authentic self, which is beyond the sensation. Your individual identity exists only because of sensation. The life can be understood, only by understanding the sensational part of the body.

If you are familiar with the word spirituality, and if you are reading this blog, than let me assume that you are familiar with the word, spirit, soul or astral body. Sensation is part of the spirit, and to understand the body, heart and mind from inside, you have to detach the spirit or sensational body from the physical body, so that the natural process of life gets clear to you.

Imagine we go on living our life, without realizing what we are made up of, or whats goes inside of us, or what actually life is all about. Life doesn’t get over with the realization, but you simply understands the rules of the game, so that you can play better. You don’t get caught up, in the nonsensical part of life, simply flow with the flow of life.

Life knows, what to pull out of you, rather you thinking with the mind, to pull something out of life itself. Mind is to shallow, if it uses you, because when mind makes use of you, its like car is moving on an automated mode. Its only when you take a control of your mind and life, you direct the mind in a direction, where you recognize and realize the truth of life, and become one with it.

The life on the existence takes place out of specific laws, and more and more you realize yourself, more you come closer to this natural process of life. The very nature of mind is that, more and more it develops understanding towards life, more it imbibes into its daily living, and no sooner it becomes a part of your life.

You resist something, only when you don’t understand or something bothers you, within. When you understand the natural laws of life, and realize the movement of everything under the sun, according to this law, than no point remains for the mind, to resist, but it make sure to put all the steps, closer to the natural principles of life.

“Whatever happens at the level of mind, is the projection of the future from the past in the present moment. The reality is neither in the past, nor in the future, but it’s happening here and now, within you.”

To have control over the mind, heart and body, its necessary to understand different sensations of the body, into different situations of life. The realization of spirit or soul in the body is possible only through sensation. The inner mechanism of mind, heart and body is also can be known by understanding the sensation. The mind and heart works through the body through sensation.

It’s not necessary that all thoughts, feelings, emotions, or desire’s are useful for life, but if you are not aware about your sensation, or you don’t have control over your sensation, it may be possible that you may act on certain thoughts, feelings or emotions, the consequence of which, you may not like in the future.

The process of self-realization begins by understanding one’s own sensation at different levels and in different experiences of life. All the focus, concentration or awareness leads to one’s own sensation. When you remain aware in the moment, you only stay aware about the sensation that goes inside of you.

“Awareness in the moment, is to stay control of your sensation, so that no situation, event or experience of life, in the moment can disturb you.”

Sensation is a second skin to the body. All the spiritual path or religion is a journey to help the person, to detach the sensational body from the physical body to experience the heightened consciousness. It’s good to take care of one’s physical life with the mind, heart and body, but it’s equally important to initiate the journey towards oneself, so that as the time moves forward, you come closer to the truth of life.

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