You are separate from the Mind



The house is the best metaphor for the mind, and you are living in that house. You can anytime choose to move out of your house, see your house, observe and make changes with it.

You can prepare the house, the way you wish to. Your house doesn’t hold any control over you, but you own your house. The house is empty but you fill your house, with your needs and desires.

When you own something, you can anytime release yourself from it, but the time you think something to be a part of yourself, it’s hard to get rid away from it, even if you really want to.

You are separate from your mind. The mind can be utilized when you are conscious, but with the unconscious state, you only get used by your mind.

You hold the power over your mind. You hold the power to change the quality of thoughts. The nature of the mind is to think, but you are the one who fills your mind with the thoughts. All the experiences and impressions you choose with your life turns into your thought patterns. Your thoughts and dreams are nothing but your deep rooted desires.

Life happens in the present moment, but with the mind and all that goes into the mind, it’s impossible to jump into the present moment. It’s necessary to drop the garbage of the mind, to experience pure awareness field of the mind. The mind at its base is pure awareness field. It’s only the surface reality, that adds chaos to life.

The real identity of the self can only be realized with the pure awareness field of the mind. No matter how useful experience of the past and future of the mind seems like, but when it comes to the present moment, it’s no more than a waste. In the moment, you can have a direct experience of life. You don’t have to look into the past or future for the solution, but everything lies in the moment.

Life is all about experience, but to savor the new experience, it’s necessary to drop all the past experiences behind. In the moment, you experience life as fresh. If you live with the surface reality of the mind, you miss the reality of the moment.

The present moment is all you have, but it’s not possible to jump straight into the moment, and thus you go through all the different experiences of life, to touch this beautiful spot of the moment.

Know the Thought process of Your Mind.

As the function of the Aeroplane is to fly, but each pilot has its own unique way to fly an airplane. In a similar way, the functions of all the mind are to think, but each mind creates separate impressions and forms different experiences for itself. You have the liberty to choose your thoughts and direct them to your choice.

If you wish to know thyself, then its necessary to know the thought process of your mind.

How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed

When you look into your mind, you will recognize that your mind forms the similar kind of thoughts all the time, and your outside world reflects out of your thought patterns.

To understand the thought process of mind, you have to rise one step higher. You cannot understand the thought process of your mind, staying at the same level. You have to enter into the no-mind state.

Use Different tools, to understand the Mind.

The mind is life and any other life with or beyond the mind, can only be recognized by understanding the mind.

The Empty Boat: Encounters with Nothingness (OSHO Classics)

The mind holds different layers of the past impressions and experiences, and unless you separate yourself from it, you cannot rise to the state of no-mind. No matter what goes in your mind, you can separate yourself from it. You can separate yourself from all the sins of your mind, and no god will punish you for the act, rather you will come closer to God.

Sometimes sins of life can easily be forgotten but good times are hard to drop from the mind. To understand the mind as a whole, you don’t have to rise above your sins, but you also have to drop all that good lies in your mind. Good things are good, but the truth of life lies beyond all the good and bad part of life.

Writing down your own thoughts serves well, to get you closer to the reality of life. With the different layers of the mind, its good to write down your thoughts, so that, at least you can observe the reality of the moment clearly.

The world is usually seen with the different layers of the mind. At the base of the mind, no thought, idea, imagination, experience or impressions lies, but everything floats on the surface of the mind.

Meditation serves you to slow down the thought process, and gives you a deeper insight into your life.

Action plays an important part once you understand things in life. It may be possible that you understand everything, but unless you act on your understanding, you cannot turn it into an experience of your life. Experience only comes with the action.

If you can understand the mind, then you can understand anything on this earth. The true identity of every person is no separate from the other. Only the mind creates the bifurcation of it.”

When the mind is already in its flow, it’s hard to direct the mind. It’s necessary to plan the things in advance, and when the time comes to act, you jump to action, without allowing the mind to give a second thought. Slowly you understand the nature of mind and get a grip over it.

Always remember, you only have the power on your mind, and not on the mind of others. You have the control over your actions, and how you think, feel and make use of your energy.

The things that take place in the existence does follow certain patterns, and once you become the master of your mind, you can direct your actions according to the natural patterns of life. You can control your mind, only if you can rise above the mind. Each one of us holds the sacred space within, that allows us to experience life with absolute clarity.

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