You are Responsible and Accountable for Every Aspect of Life


You are responsible means anything that comes into your life in the form of people, situation or circumstances you are responsible for it. Even you are responsible for the inner movement in the form of thoughts, emotions, and energy.

Accountable means you are accountable for all the changes, you wish to see in your life, be it with the outside situation, people or circumstances of your life or with your inner world.

You hold the sole responsibility of your life, and at no point of time, you can deny this truth. If you accept, you transcend if you reject, you slip back with life.

Life is whole and cannot be divided at any point. One thing is interconnected with other. Unless you see the chain of life, in everything that happens to you either outside or within you, life always remains a confusion for you.

You divide life not outside, but within you. When your response changes with people, situation or circumstances that mean you hold division within yourself. You can break the division by being one with the present moment.

When you are aware of this moment, you treat all the situations, people and circumstances of your life with one state of mind. You don’t carry pre-conceived idea about anything, but you remain more spontaneous with your response in the moment.

When you are present in the moment, you work with your higher intelligence. Awareness is the key to life, and no matter what kind of situation, people or circumstances you have been caught up into, more and more you are aware of the present moment, more perfection you achieve with your life.

The perfection with life can never come from outside, as outside life is constantly changing and very much dependent on the inner world. The perfection is possible only from within.

When your state of mind is present in the moment, you give your best response to life in every moment of your life.

The life happens every moment and mind out of its nature has a tendency to slip away from the present moment and like to dive in the past or the future. But once you connect with yourself and try to understand the patterns of your mind, you bring it back to the present moment.

When your presence is present here, you can have the solution for all the queries of life. The only condition with the present moment is, it happens every moment and you cannot sit back and relax, once the things get over. You have to be alert and aware of the moment.

You have to give something to the mind, that can keep it in the present moment. Everything that takes place in life, happens at the level of mind.

It’s hard to confine the mind. Only with the understanding, you can rise above the mind. The people tend to run away from the responsibility and accountability towards life, the reason is the lack of understanding towards life.

When they can experience, that the only purpose of life is to fulfill the obligations in hand, then they can be more alert into the moment, rather look for something in the future.

Understanding allows you to stay with life, even in the critical circumstances, while in the ignorance, you run away from the smallest pebbles of life.

The life starts with the mind and the mind knows movement. Unless you steady your mind, you cannot develop necessary understanding towards life. The mind needs something to focus upon, or to something to think over.

You may sit in a silent place, but mind never sits silent. It goes on moving into your past or jumping into the future but not in the present moment.

Understanding towards life and awareness in the moment is possible when the flow of the thoughts of the mind get reduce to minimum, and it has something useful to think over.

You have a day to live, and whatever you achieve in a day creates your future out of it. Everyone thinks that they know, what they are doing outside, but life happens at the level of mind. Even when you are physically present in the moment, you are not there but you are flying somewhere else with your mind.

When your mind is not present in the moment, you accomplish very little out of the entire day’s work, and more often your actions are more based on the past and you don’t have a fresh response for life.

If you can at least put your mind at work, with your daily schedule and have time to time checking of your mind, you can anyways bring it into this moment.

The mind cannot focus on one thing for more than ninety minutes. Howsoever, hard you try, but the mind will lose its focus and will deviate in a different direction. All you can do with your daily schedule is divide your actions in two hours module so that you can improve your awareness in the moment and simultaneously also develop the understanding towards the subject in hand.

Focus and attention, is to train the mind to remain more in the present moment. With focus, your senses are directed outside, while with the attention you observe yourself and not other subject or object.

Awareness is to be aware of this moment and everything that is happening in it. It requires a good amount of practice.

The mind doesn’t work alone, but inner energy allows the mind to carry on its inner process. When your mind becomes more focus, attentive or aware in the moment, this inner energy rises high that allows the mind to present more into the moment.

The mind carries the past impressions and experiences of life and with every moment it accumulates more. If you are more present in the moment, the mind too is present in the moment, and in the present moment fewer impressions get created and even you wash off the past impressions from your mind.

The present moment also serves to enhance the quality of your experiences and impressions of life, that lifts your life.

Your life comes out of your mind. If you go on repeating the process of life, without pushing yourself, improving and growing with it, you simply repeat the process of life, without really heading towards with life.

All the transformation with life takes place inside. You learn, grow & expand inside, and its manifestation takes place outside.

If you only look at the outside world and think to create your world out of it, your life can never be more than half lived truth, as the manifestation of the outside life comes from the subtle world of thoughts, emotions, and energy. Your responsibility lies not only with the situations and circumstances of your life but also with everything that takes place in your inner world. The more you go in, the more you become aware of your life.

The thoughts of the mind and energy within works in equal proportion. When your mind is stretched outside, the flow of thoughts increases and you waste more energy than required. When your attention is shifted inside from outside, slowly the accumulation of energy start to take place from within.

Thinking is not an achievement, but to act consciously in the moment is the highest form of achievement in life.

Thinking for no reason allows you to spend more energy. When the mind is stretched, it uses all its energy and when the same mind is brought back to the present moment, slowly the energy that was wasted on unnecessary thoughts is utilized to be present in this moment.


  1. Freedom alway comes with responsibility. That is why many people don’t really want to be free.

    and awareness is the key toward freedom .. to see much more possibilities

    just act consciously in the moment as you mentioned. The achievement doesn’t exist in the future

    bust right here and now..

    Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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