You are not the Body or the Mind; You are Pure Consciousness

You are not the Body or the Mind; You are Pure Consciousness

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Just like any other instrument, your body and mind too is an instrument. You are pure-consciousness in the body. You are neither the body nor the things of the mind, rather you are pure-consciousness.

This pure-consciousness just with its presence can allow the things to arrange and re-arrange in life and manifest anything into reality.

Your health, wealth, and happiness depend on this consciousness. Look, we all are conscious to a certain extent, but here we are discussing the whole consciousness that all the time functions through the body and mind.

It may appear strange to believe but your body too gets structured in the womb, out of the intelligence of consciousness. It’s a pure intelligence without a filter.

The time you realize yourself as pure-consciousness in the body, the whole truth of the existence becomes clear to you. All the chaos and confusion only remains limited to the mind. When you experience life in you, which is beyond the mind, you explore completely different dimension of life, that exists nowhere else but in you. With the realization of consciousness, your perception to view the same life completely change.

You know what happens after enlightenment?

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You don’t drive to a different planet; rather you see the same life with a different perception.

The normal mind considers himself as the physical body, and thus his whole life revolves around the body. Your mind picks the center point, and then your whole life revolves around that center point.

When someone considers himself as the identity of his mind, his life revolves around the identity of the mind. If the identity gets insulted the person gets offended and when the identity gets appreciated, the person feels appreciation for himself.

When you realize yourself as pure-consciousness, you rise above the association of the body and mind and views life with completely different perspective. You start noticing the same intelligence working through everything that you come across in your day-to-day life.

Sleeping, Dreaming, and Dying

Its only with the realization of consciousness, you understand the process of manifestation of dreams into reality. It’s always the consciousness in you that arranges and rearranges the things in both the outside as well as inner reality, to turn your dream into reality, provided you hold onto your dreams.

Your body and mind are just like any other instrument, and you can consciously separate yourself from your body and mind. The process can be initiated inside. The practice of meditation is one of the tools, discovered by the ancient sages to experience the complete detachment from the body and mind and realize the absolute truth of life.

Every living being in the universe holds this consciousness, but along with it, also has its own limitations with the body and mind. Even the animals, trees, plants hold the consciousness but their expressions remain limited due to their physical structure.

By realizing oneself as pure-consciousness, many illusions that are associated with the body and mind sheds away.

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Life is about how you perceive life and it’s only your perception that drives your thinking, feelings, and actions.

The realization of consciousness keeps you closer to the natural process of life. Everything remains the same. What changes, is your perception to view life. You receive perception which is closer to the natural process of life.

Once the present moment reflects the truth to you, you stay close to the truth, with your thinking, feelings, and action. All our life’s trouble, as well as the pain and suffering, is only due to our false perception of life.

We only know life which is limited to our perception, rather when it comes to life as a whole; it exists without any perception and shifts from moment to moment.

To develop necessary control over your body and mind, you have to consciously make effort to separate yourself from it. You can never know the truth of the self beyond the body and mind unless you consciously detach yourself from the acquired self.

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Most of our lives are spent in fulfilling the need of the body and mind. We never try to make an effort to grasp the life which is beyond our limitations of the mind.

The life beyond the mind can be known through the path of surrender. The mind is habituated to dwell in the outside world, while the experience of the consciousness lies beyond the mind.

To experience the consciousness, you have to take your attention inward and dive deeper into your mind. It’s only the shift beyond the mind that gives you an experience of consciousness.

The nature of the consciousness is pure presence. It doesn’t engage itself into anything, and still doesn’t leave anything undone. It knows how to arrange and rearrange life within and outside and manifest the subtle things into physical reality.

Consciousness is no less than magic, but to experience the magic and to live with the magic needs lots of patience.

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The life with the mind is always hurried in the moment, while with the consciousness, things happen effortlessly. No matter what you want in life, you have to learn the way of patience and surrender.

The quality of patience allows you to act at a right time while surrendering yourself in the moment; you learn to trust the life in the moment.

With the consciousness, you receive the understanding that the cosmic universe works for you to manifest the life of your dreams.

With the realization of consciousness, you experience that no-thing is big or small for the cosmic universe, and anything that you can think or imagine in your mind can be manifested into the physical reality.

Seven Cups of Consciousness

Your mind too is part of the consciousness, and it’s the movement of life energy, that makes you experience life with different perceptions. You can see the same situation with as many perceptions as you like, depending on the movement of life energy inside.

The mind and the consciousness are one and the same.

The experience of the consciousness happens when you free yourself from the things of the mind. The mind follows its own ways to manifest life, while the consciousness follows the natural ways of life.

With the natural ways of life, no matter how complicated the knots of life is, can be opened up and the new path can be created out of it.

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The life is an ever going process, and it’s not limited to the outside life, rather the actual life is happening inside.

When you consciously make an effort to connect with the life that is happening inside, you not only come closer to experiencing yourself as pure-consciousness, but you also understand the actual process of life, that is happening outside.

The mystery of life gets solved by realizing yourself as consciousness, and you also realize the way to the source that exists within.

We spend most of our lives, in keeping ourselves engaged into the petty things of life, while the real life all the time happens inside.

No matter how much time you devote in the outside world, you will never come to an end to it. But the time you take your attention inward and look for the truth inside, you receive everything, that you have ever been searching for, in the outside life.

To Be or Not to Be… Enlightened

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