You add Power to Life by connecting with the Soul



The mind has no clue about the soul. The mind only lives with its personal identity, its thoughts, and imagination of his mind.

The life happens outside and the mind follows life. The mind creates its desires, from his experiences of life. Whatever he feels attracted to the outside world, it creates a desire for it.

Then he spends all his energy and effort to make that desire, a part of his life. He experiences all the different sorts of problems, in attaining the desired. But he willingly suffers to attain his desire.

One desire is accomplished he creates another desire, and the circle of desires goes on and on. The soul is an inner experience. When the mind is engaged in the external reality, it forms the desires of the world. When the same attention of the mind is directed inward, its realize the soul.

What is the soul?

The soul is a sacred space in the brain, from where the life comes to the body. The life energy or spirit comes from the sacred space and works with the body to allow the process of life to happen.

The mind in its purest state too comes from the same sacred space. First, comes the mind and then follows the life energy or spirit. To realize the soul, you have to be prepared to go through the inner process.

The start is needed. If you are willing to realize the source of life in you, it’s attainable. All it requires is your willingness. The path to the source exists in all of us. All it requires is our willingness.

On the path of the realization of a soul, you fill yourself with power at every step. Life only seems difficult, when you don’t know how life unfolds in you, on top of it, you never even seem bothered to understand life.

Every individual seems more interested in accomplishing his desires, but no one is interested in understanding the actual process of life. Once you understand the process of life, the desires of life can be manifested effortlessly.

Every person carries the seed of source in him. It’s up-to him, either he choose to realize the source, or spend his life running after the little pleasures of life.

When you make an intention to realize the soul, you don’t have to do much but all you have to do is take your attention inward.

Your external life will happen in the same way. You take care of everything that’s going on in the external world, but along with it, all it requires from your end is to keep your attention inward.

This way, the outside life will be taken care of, while inward you will be moving closer to the realization of the soul.

When you take your attention inward, you overcome all your petty desires, fear, insecurity, emotional debris, negative thought patterns and everything that becomes the cause of your pain and suffering.

Life is only bliss with the wisdom and the same life is a curse with the ignorance. When you live with the outward attention, you always remain ignorant about life. All your mind knows, is about the different desires of life.

When your attention shifts inward, you can figure out the actual cause of your pain and suffering, and then it becomes impossible to remain engaged with the things, that creates pain and suffering inside of you.

True liberation happens, when you create your own path, realize the higher self and free the world around you from the bondage’s of life. If you attain the freedom, the world around you also experience your freedom.

With the inward attention, you develop a clarity about your outside life. When you are already engaged with the external world, you don’t know what really serves the purpose of life, and what are the things that only consume your unnecessary time.

With the external world, most of our life is wasted on unnecessary things. Due to ignorance, we remain more interested in the things that become the cause of our pain and suffering. With the inward attention, you receive the clarity of life. The more you slip inward, the better view, you have of the external world.

When you perceive the external reality, you don’t see it through your senses, but you see it with your mind. Your mind is filled up with the daily experiences and impressions of life, and thus what you see only reflects, what you carry in your mind.

When you move deeper with the inward attention, you slip beneath the surface reality of mind. This allows you to see the outside world, with absolute clarity. The outside world appears to you in its natural form.

All the chaos and confusion lies because of the mind. The actual chaos or confusion doesn’t exist outside but it’s in your perception. When your perception becomes clear inside, you can also view the outside world with clarity.

Life is not limited to the thinking and images of the mind, but you have much more things to be realized inside. Life happens not with the mind, but the mind too has its source in the body, that allows you to experience life. The identity that you hold in your mind is it real or not, is realized when you look into your mind.

The life cannot become absolutely clear with the mind unless you realize the source of life. You have the life energy that serves the functions of mind and body. By realizing the life energy, and following the movements of life energy, you realize the soul or sacred space in the body.

You realize your true identity within. You don’t remain confined to the thinking or imagination of the mind, but your life flows with the eternal flow of life. The soul or sacred space is a state f mind, that can be realized, if you make a conscious effort in that direction.

The way you create desires in the external world, in a similar way, you need strong desire to realize the truth of life. It’s only your longing for truth can bring you closer to the truth.

With the mind, the personal identity becomes the center point, and your life revolves around it. When you realize the soul, the soul becomes the center point for you, when you go through your daily experiences of life.

You will become part of the eternal flow of life with the soul. Your external life will still happen, but it will not form any impressions on your mind, and your mind becomes the observer of both the external and internal life.


  1. We are slowly waking up from our Amnesia and more and more people will begin to realize the self which brings us all together, creating our Heaven on Earth. Breathing is what sets it all in motion

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