You Add Emotions to Different Experiences of Life


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Life takes place in two ways. Either it puts you into an experience, or you choose the life experience for yourself. In both the cases, you add your own emotions, to the experiences of life. Whatever you add, either happiness or sadness, it further multiplies in your subtle world, and moves out, in the form of expression.

Most of the times, people are unaware of the moment, while experiencing life, and thus the life is viewed with the narrow perspective, and with whatever is going into the head, at the moment.

The unaware mind simply reacts without understanding the past, present or future of the situation. Nothing happens or appears in life, all of a sudden. Everything carries its past as well as its future. When you bring little awareness in the moment, you can look into the past, of the situation and even the future, and then choose your response accordingly.

Your thoughts and emotions multiply inside, with your response to life. Life has nothing to do with right or wrong, but it simply follows your response. Your response to life turns into an experience and begins to multiply inside.

Life is more or less revolving inside, and soon you come to this understanding if you get in touch with life. If you are good, you are good to yourself and if you think, you do a favor to someone, by and large, you favor only remains limited to yourself and nobody else.”Life takes a complete circle inside, and thus what goes out, comes back, to its original source. Be careful, with what you send out. Not only in the form of action, but also in the form of energy, vibrations, thoughts, and emotions.”

“Life takes a complete circle inside, and thus what goes out, comes back, to its original source. Be careful, with what you send out. Not only in the form of action, but also in the form of energy, vibrations, thoughts, and emotions.”

If you don’t resolve to improve your impressions and experiences of life outside, soon you will create a chaos inside, and the same chaos will reflect, in the form of chaotic life in the outside world.

When you plan something with your life or may think about, how to go about your day, life puts you into a situation, that simply wash away all your plans, and willingly or unwillingly, you have to participate in such situations of life.

Now, at such times, if you can bring a little awareness to life, you develop the power to make a choice, to what emotions, you would like to add to the situation or experience of life, at the moment.

When you plan your things, your way, and life puts you into altogether the different experience, and still if you can willingly accept those situations of life, you learn the life’s lesson out of it. The lessons of life are hidden in, not what you know, but for which you have no idea or clue about.

It’s always good to plan and schedule your life in advance, as it prepares your mind, heart, and body before the action, but at the same time, when it comes to life, you should also remain flexible with life, as life can turn your path, in any direction.

The point here is, if you resist with the unknown aspects of life, you not only miss the important lessons of life but also lose the opportunity to act on the plans, that you have decided, at a later stage.

It’s good to have a schedule with life, but never get obsessed with the schedule, as life knows best, what’s best for you, and where your presence required, in the moment. Life always brings you closer to the natural order of life, from the path of unknown, provided you trust life and accept life whole-heartedly.

The wisdom of life teaches you to accept the unforeseen events of life, and give everything to it. It’s only when the mind bifurcates things, into one or the other, say personal or professional relationships, your preference too gets a shift, with the priority.

Sometimes professional life gets so important, that if life wants you to be present in your personal life, you even begin to resist and create a chaos out of it. Everyone carries a belief in themselves, that they are the sole owner of their life, and nothing should deviate, out of which they have desired out of life, and these are the people, gets screwed with life.

Generally, tendency allows you to think that certain project, people or situation of life, is more important,  but life likes you to follow the natural order of life, where everything that takes place under the sun, has its own place in the big picture.

As an individual, you can deny some part of your life, and that too will only be out of your ignorance, but as a whole, everything under the sun exists because of a reason and adds its own beauty to life.

Life always presents itself in the original form, the way it is, be in the form of situation, people, events, impressions or experiences. You are the one, who adds the elements of thoughts, imagination, feelings, emotions and energy to it.

Anger, frustration, jealousy, confusion, hatred, chaos are all the real life examples, of low-level energy, and your inner joy, happiness, love, enthusiasm and excitement is due to the higher flow of energy inside.

Life is always neutral outside, but the perception you create towards life always comes from what you carry inside. This can be understood, when you tend to spend time alone with yourself and analyze and evaluate your experiences from the past.

You can create anything out of life if you have the power to hold onto things. You have to have patience, consistency, an attitude to never give up, and always roll your heart and mind to get better with life, with each passing day.

Life has no limitations, but sometimes people want their life, to change with the magic band. Life never changes in a flick of a second, but each one has to go through his or her natural process of life.

“Every human being is like an evolving bud, that can only blossoms, if the seed inside of him, goes through the necessary transition period.”

If you wait for the jackpot with life, and by some means, if you get the jackpot, still without understanding, you can never hold yourself with the jackpot, and sooner or later out of ignorance, you have to lose what you have attained, out of the magic band.

Always prepare yourself to go through different experiences of life, and to continuously move forward with life. Magic with life, eventually follows, if you learn over the time, to keep moving forward without looking back.

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