Worship Yourself


To Understand Yourself & the Law of Nature.


When I worship God or his messenger, I give my heart and mind to it. My devotion develops and the time comes when I am ready to give my life to it. I will urge you to worship yourself so that you can understand yourself more, and you will be more loving and caring towards yourself, and will better take care of your health, and life.

People are caught up in correcting themselves in the outside world and solving the outside problems, rather all the problems develop from inside, and stays there forever. We never bothered to look within our self, and always look for the solutions, in the outside world.

When we understand our self, the first thing we do is, see straight into our problems. Once we figure out the root of the problem, we can look for the ways for its solution.

When we understand our self, we start understanding the law of nature. Our body, mind, and heart are in sync with the law of nature. We are part of nature, and both the external and internal nature go hand in hand. When we work to create balance in the inside world, the outside situation and circumstances get in balance by itself.

“I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.- Louise Hay.”

When I learn to fix the problem inside, I start connecting with the law of nature. Nature has its law, and the more we understand the law of nature, rather following our own plan, we try to integrate our life, according to the plan of the existence. With the natural law, we live life, more with the sense of surrender. When we surrender to life, trust comes in, and we flow with the law of nature.

To Grow & to Uplift Your World.

When we think more about our self, we figure out, more ways to grow. When we grow, we uplift the world around us, and this motivates us to strive harder and give more to life. The more responsible we are, towards life & the people around us, the more careful we become with the actions, we take in the world.

We worship God, so that we become better with our life, and be useful to others, but if we take personal responsibility for our self, we work more on our flaws, and on our strength, to become better and to express our best potential in the outside world.

When we make a choice to grow and uplift the world around us, we get the strength from the supreme lord, to move forward.

When one thing doesn’t work, we try different ways to do things. Similarly, when we pray, and the things don’t change, certainly we need to bring the change, the way we pray so that we can figure out the best way to connect with God. The life is all about experiment and more you experiment, better ways you figure out, to connect with the natural process of life.

It’s not possible for God to come down and do a miracle for us, but when we make a choice to become better with our life, we receive desired strength from God to perform miracles for ourselves. When we live with the idea to uplift others, we also think to work more on our self, so that we can handle the bigger crisis and greater problems of life.

With God everything is possible, but when we talk about God, the faith has to be real and authentic and should not only for the display of the world.

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To Get Closer to God.

When we worship our self, we create necessary strength from within to give more to life. When we give more, we get more, and when we get more, we create the capacity to give and receive more to life. When we give, we grow from inside, our beliefs grow in strength, our faith grows, and our thoughts and emotions get higher. We can connect to the Lord with our deeds and actions, and the deeds and actions get better with our thoughts and emotions.

When our focus is on the external reality, it’s difficult to connect with God, but when we make a choice to rise higher from within and allow the higher thoughts to flow through us, we contribute more to the external reality, and we also connect with God at a deeper level. We have to Grow from within to get closer to God.

Techniques to Grow & Evolve. 

Meditation, Physical Exercise, Breathing Technique (Yoga or Pranayama), Reading (to understand life).

There are no direct ways to uplift our thoughts and emotions. We have to make the necessary efforts to uplift our self.

Meditation is one of the ways to elevate the process of evolution. Physical exercise is another. Focusing on your breath(Yoga or Pranayama) is the one, and gaining knowledge about life is another. All these techniques directly impact your mind.

Many people choose to grow and evolve, on the mercy of nature, while some take an active step to bring the change and elevate the process, by working on themselves and to move towards the state of self-realization. Gautama Buddha & Mahavira is a fine example of humanity, of how to make a personal effort to achieve the state of realization.

Today the world worships them.

If our mind cannot conceive the idea of salvation, it’s fine, but we can still take an active step to grow and make our life better.

“Everybody wishes good for themselves, but very few work towards it.”

Rule #1, Don’t Be #2: You Get What You Work For, Not What You Wish For

We all receive the higher level of thoughts each day to walk upon. Many people choose those thoughts to apply in their life and make them the part of their experience to grow. Many people out of their old habits negate any change in their life, and by default choose the slow process of nature, for their growth.

When we grow with nature, we go through unnecessary pain and suffering of life, crying and yelling all the time, complaining about life, and understanding towards the daily situations & circumstances of life always seems out of reach.

When we understand life better, our actions become better. Every action becomes more sound & clear, and we confidently move towards the process of evolution, with every step of our life.

Past Actions & Experience from the Unknown Path

Observe & correct one’s action of the past, and accumulate more experience by taking an unknown path.

Before we worship our self, we have to observe our actions of the past, and if by default we have acted on something, i.e. possible to be corrected then we should take an active step in correcting our past. This helps us to keep our heart light, and our future bright. More we lessen the burden of our heart, the better our actions become in the future.

If today we feel, we don’t have the opportunity to do something of our heart, because of our situations and circumstances of life, then we can’t wait for the next birth to come down, & follow our heart, but we should fight with all the might to change the situations of our life in the present moment.

You can only see the light after the darkness, but if you are afraid enough to face the darkness, you will never see the light.

God is light, and the light is only available to the children, who are ready to face the darkness for him. When we walk on the unknown path, our faith is tested, and the courage is tested, and at that time, we realize how strong our desire is to achieve something of our heart and make it a part of our life.

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