Words are Powerful, Silence is Golden

Words are Powerful, Silence is Golden

The words have power. It can change your life. Is there something more powerful than words?

Looking at today’s situations and circumstances of life, silence holds more power than words. In today’s time, rather than construction, words are doing more harm. With the silence, if you are not constructing anything, at least you are not causing anyone harm.

Silence is truly golden. You can only realize the true meaning of it, if you practice it in your day to day life.

Silence can change the way you perceive life. If you know how to utilize silence in your day to day life, you can avoid almost any trouble of your life. Yesterday we were discussing about problem and solution, but what about the trouble that we create out of our words. To avoid such trouble you need silence. There are troubles we create with our words on everyday basis. The practice of silence can help us to rise above all those daily problems of life.

Many times we speak something which causes damage to the situation. In those times, if we know how to observe silence, we can avoid damage in the moment. Also lots of our energy is wasted in unnecessary discussion that leads us nowhere.

When we start practicing silence, we only speak that is necessary and useful. We don’t get into unnecessary discussion. The same energy can be utilized for some constructive work. Most of the problems of our lives can be avoided through silence.

Many people think, it’s important to speak up. What I want to point out here is, speak but out of silence.

Silence has its power. It comes out of an empty space. The empty space is part of an eternal space.

Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise

When you practice meditation you rise above words. People speak whatever comes to their mind but they hardly stay aware of it. They are unaware of whatever comes out of their mouth.

When you observe yourself in meditation, you will notice that all the discussion is fruitless and lead to nothing. We only waste energies in the useless things that leads us nowhere.

The little practice of mindfulness can help us to develop the power of silence. Silence can be your huge assets. The silence we are discussing here is not the borrowed one; rather you have to develop this silence in you. This silence is not something that you keep your mouth shut and lots of bubbling goes into your head.

This silence is something you cultivate by consciously practicing meditation.

We all are lost in words, and thus to realize the importance of silence is a far-fetched thing.

We are not mindful about our lives. The life is happening without awareness. It seems our mind makes us run without any awareness. We speak whatever comes to our mind, and we repent later. Many people are not even in a habit of self-evaluation. We go on living without having any real understanding of life.

Silence is an asset of the soul. If you consciously follow silence, all the chattering disappears from your mind. This chattering doesn’t make any sense in your life, but exists because you allow all the unnecessary things to enter into your mind.

The silence is developed by doing nothing.

We all are habituated to do something or the other all the time. It’s impossible for us to engage into no activity. We want something to do all the time.

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How do you spend your Sunday?

Do you completely relax yourself by doing nothing or you still occupy yourself with one thing or the other?

Forget about other days, have a reflection of your Sunday.

How do you spend your Sunday?

Do you ever spend time with the self doing nothing?

This is the time where you can grow your silence. Silence is developed when you allow it to grow in you. You have to be with the silence. The time has to figure out in a day where you do nothing and simply be with yourself.

Just stay present in the moment and do nothing. You don’t plan to go anywhere except in this moment. You are simply present in this moment. Remember the quality of life comes out of silence. If you go on repeating the same cycle, you reach nowhere.

Silence is a weapon. It can act as sword at times. When you use words, you have to be very careful. But that alertness also comes out of silence.

We are always sarcastic when we use words. We hardly use them to uplift others. Majority of times it is used to belittle others.

When we practice silence, we get more time to observe ourselves. We become more responsive towards life.

Invitation to Solitude and Silence: Experiencing God’s Transforming Presence

Our restlessness is such that we want ourselves to get engaged into anything. The practice of silence teaches us self-control. We only indulge into the things where it’s required.

The practice of silence allows us to be an observer of life. Rather getting engaged into everything we learn to observe life. When you learn to observe life, you also learn to pick the truth of the moment.

When you keep yourself engaged into the things, you miss the truth of the moment, and simply repeat the same circle of life. To break the circle, you need to realize first you are repeating the same circle of life.

You have to experience the detachment from life. Silence helps you to experience detachment from your mind. You can read your own thoughts. You can detach yourself from your thoughts.

Silence opens the door of wisdom for you. Silence is the next door to the heaven. If you truly practice silence in your life, your life change forever. The things which is not visible to the naked eyes, gets visible through the practice of silence.

Silence helps you to cultivate the spiritual power that lies dormant within. Try practicing conscious silence in your day to day life, and count the benefits that you haven’t imagined for yourself.

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