Why is Deliberate Practice Important?

Deliberate practice

This post was most recently updated on November 26th, 2019

Either it’s your spiritual life, nourishing your talent, managing the professional life or taking care of your loved ones, when it comes to life, everything gets down to practice and making yours this day better than yesterday. This is the essence of life, that includes the process of evolution.

When we grow and evolve with life, we adjust ourselves according to the situations of life, rather expect outside world to adjust for us.

You have no control of what’s happening outside. The only control you have is on you.

In the process of evolution, we develop the mind, body and emotions. As the understanding grows, the thoughts of the mind reduce, as all the unnecessary thoughts drop out of life. Your thoughts are nothing but your experiences of life. More clear and precise your experience with life, more clarity you have with your thought patterns.

The body creates energy for the actions from the thoughts and emotions. With the higher self, we only take actions i.e. aligned with the law of existence, so there is no wastage of energy in terms of thoughts, emotions, and actions.

With the mind, life remains limited to our actions, but the time we experience life beyond the identity of the mind, we notice life, not only in the actions but we see the natural flow of life, from deep within. The process of life doesn’t sum up only with the action, but it takes much more, to create life.

The life of a person doesn’t only depend on his actions, but it takes the natural movement of life energy, along with the thoughts, feelings, and actions in one direction to manifest the outside reality as well as to realize the higher truth of life.

The process of evolution and the life is all about developing the spirit in the physical body. The spirit grows and developed by the positive emotions. The sages in the past go through the pain and suffering to develop the spirit. We suffer when the spiritual body is attached to the physical body through senses.

With awareness towards life, we accelerate the process to develop the spirit. With awareness, we choose the experience that is beneficial for the growth and drop all the thoughts and emotions, that doesn’t serve in life.

Connect with your Breathe, Emotions, and Thoughts.

Our mind is trained to focus outside, and thus, it’s not possible for the mind to know, what’s going on inside of him. When we observe life closely, every situation and circumstances of life brings the changes in the movement of breath, develops emotions and forms thoughts in the body. Our mind is always directed outside, and thus, we never notice the change, that we experience inside because of the outside reality.

The time we direct our attention inside, we can notice what kind of life’s situation, people and experience really serve in our internal growth, and thus it becomes easier to make the choices with our life, that not only serve us in the external reality but also serve in our internal growth.

The best way to connect with the inner world is the physical exercise, breathing technique or meditation. Writing down your thoughts or analyzing your previous day early in the morning also helps you to connect with the inner world.

The mind, heart and body are where the real growth takes place. Your inner world shows your outer reality. It may take time to inculcate new habits in life. The beginner has to undergo the process of transformation, where it takes time for him to adjust to new activities, but if he leaves the good habits before his system get used to it, he himself stops his own growth and call for his downfall with life.

Go deeper into your Personal Relationships.


The personal life equally contributes to the spiritual growth. Every person in our life is there for a reason and serves us for the inner transformation, provided we remain attentive in the moment.

Try to go deeper into your relationship. Imagine how you see each relationship in your life in the future and create an intent to direct your relationship into that direction. When we love and respect ourselves, we treat everyone with love and respect. We only wish for others, what we can ever wish for ourselves.

It’s very important to feel good about every person that is associated with you, in your life. The people around us make or break our life. If we take care of them, and nourish the relationship with love and care, we receive the necessary support from them.

Everybody needs support to go through the process of life. The more we support others, the lesser pain we expect on our path of life.

Understand your Life.

The personal or professional life is no different from the spiritual life, and anything with life serves the person on his path of life. When it comes to personal or professional life, it comes down to the experience and expression. We express our self to earn the livelihood, and with the experience, the expression gets better in professional life.

The situations in life test us at every step and develops our spiritual path with the way we take decisions and make our choices with life.

We are in such a stage of life, where we don’t have to go to the forest and go through the physical torment, the way Buddha went through to understand life. Going through our personal and professional life is enough for us to go through different pain and sufferings, that can serve in our internal growth.

Life is all about balance. If we know, how to keep balance, we can manage our personal, professional and spiritual life with the highest wisdom, and grow with it, eventually with the time. At the end of the day, life comes to practice. We have to practice enough in all aspects of life, to develop our understanding, and experiment and accumulate experiences with life so that we can take the life o n earth to another level.

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