With God, you Transcend every Moment of Life


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God is the one who governs the life on earth. When you realize the source of life within, you understand God laws and his creation. With the mind, the possibility to understand god is zero.

Before you even try to understand god, with the mind, I will suggest you understand mind first. Then it will be easier to understand god, but if you directly jump to god with your mind, you will only add more confusion in your mind.

The god or the source in you is the experience of energy and vibrations. The subtle energy and vibrations can very well be experienced. The experience is such that you cannot deny its presence.

The time comes, when you realize that, it’s only the energy that allows the process of life to take place, and the physical structure, be it the physical reality or the physical body, cannot hold itself, without the inner movement of energy.

Before you realize the god of the universe, and before you understand his creation or the laws of life, there are many things that need to be unfolded inside. The first thing, that needs to be understood, that the god will never be available with the external perception and the attention of the mind has to be taken inward before you even come across the possibility to know god.

With the mind, when you perceive the external reality, it seems huge, and to know the creator of such big creation, it seems like an impossible thing. The harder you try to look for the truth, the more you experience the failure with it.

At any time of your life, the god or truth will only be realized inside. You have to go through the process of inner transcendence. You have to know yourself thoroughly from within. The more you come closer to knowing yourself, the more you come closer to the realization of god. The process of life is to transcend oneself from one stage to another.

The universe has been formed exactly the way you have been formed from within. The time you realize the source of your creation, the source of the universe too will be revealed to you. The magic of life happens within.

In the outside world, you only express that you carry inside. The real life happens inside, beyond the surface reality of the mind.

The god or his creation is not a one-day event, but you have to go through the process before you realize the truth. Your mind and body should be capable enough to understand and hold the truth. The truth cannot be realized with the ill mind. Only one thing can exist in the mind, either god or the world. If you occupy your mind with the external reality and its impressions, then the truth cannot reflect inside.

The mirror only reflects when it’s absolutely clean. The mind is a mirror that reflects god when it’s absolutely empty. If you think, there is something that separates you from knowing god, then it’s your own mind.

To live an elevated life is a choice. To strive each day to know god is a choice. You always have the option to move forward and search for the bigger truth, rather hold onto the beliefs that are handed down from outside.

The search for god starts with faith. In the initial stage, you look for god in the ways that are available to you. You don’t get stuck in the moment but always hold an intent to get closer to the truth. You make every opportunity counts. You do everything that brings you closer to the truth. Slowly you experience the truth from within.

You connect with the truth from inside. You get a glimpse of it. Even the small situations, events, and people count for you. You begin to see the inner reflection outside. Slowly you try to connect with the inner reflection, that allows you to see the outside world.

The external reality is projected inside first through the senses, and with the inner projection, you see the external world. When you begin to experience life in the moment, you connect with your inner projection, rather experiencing life only with the senses.

The senses are an instrument for the mind to experience the external reality. You can close your senses, and connect directly with the inner projection that makes you perceive the external reality.

Life comes with all its external obligations, but with the highest wisdom, it’s effortless to take care of, all the obligations of life.

There are many things, that exists only in the mind, and never happens in reality. Search those things that is created by your mind, and half of your burden of life will get lessen.

Every person is so engrossed with his daily life that he completely forgets that this life is not permanent and we are here for a temporary period. No one even bothers to even figure out, what they are living for, or what they are striving for?

Even their daily life doesn’t hold any meaning for them, but they still like to drag with life for no reason. The life opens up from inside. You can expand yourself from within, to the point, where the whole universe, can be reflected in you. This is the capacity of the mind.

The mind in you is not divided at any point, but it’s your dreams, and desires, and thoughts, and feelings and emotions, and experiences and impressions simply float on the surface of the mind all the time.

Even you never bother to know your mind, beneath the surface reality. The only problem with the mankind is belief. The human at any corner of the world likes to believe, without even questioning the very existence of things. People forget that, one thing that stands true for one, doesn’t necessarily implies, that it stand true for others.

The idea of god too has been savored by the human minds since so many years,  that we never even think to question our thinking process. We just believe that goes according to our beliefs.

The experience of god is beyond any beliefs of the external or internal world. The transcendence on the path of god is an internal thing. The god is not just an experience, but a living entity in you that needs to be realized.

But before you realize that truth, you have to drop the identity of the mind, that doesn’t allow you to look beyond itself. The sacrifice that you have to give, is of your personal identity. When the personal identity of the mind is dropped from the higher truth, you transcend every moment of life, coming closer to god.

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