With Conscious Living, You can Create Win-Win Situation for All



Everyone likes to win; either it’s your competitor, customer, colleague, friend, neighbor, family member, or any person you interact with. If you live life consciously you can create a win-win situation for all.

After all, it feels good, when everyone wins around you. You create soothing environment around you.

Life is big, and you have to stay open for all the different experiences of life. It’s not that life favors you all the time, but sometimes you have to prepare yourself for the odd results. When you are ready to face failures, you understand the real importance of win-win situation for all.

To create a win-win situation for all is an art. You have to prepare yourself to lose some. You cannot expect yourself to grab a big pie all the time. Sometimes you have to feel satisfied with the smaller one. That’s life and that’s how you can serve every situation of your life. By winning some and by losing some.

To have a win-win situation for all, you have to think from others perspective. You should not only have clarity of your side of life, but you should also be aware of the situation that another person is into. If you only think about yourself in the moment, the things get stuck in the moment. No one can move forward an inch from the point.

If you can see in advance how other person thinks about the situation, you can have multiple solutions available for you to offer. You have to leave your selfish attitude behind.

Life as a whole evolves and when you evolve with life, you connect with the good side of life. Life functions in three paths. Negative, Neutral and positive. Life evolves from negative to neutral and from neutral to positive. The energy in you transcends from negative to neutral and from neutral to positive. When you look for the win-win situation in every scenario, you connect yourself with the positive side of life.

Mind you, negative, neutral and positive energy is equally divided on earth, and it’s up to you, which group you belong to at the moment. At every moment, you have to decide which part of life you would like to associate with.

The Power of Positive Thinking

If you live with intent of good for all, then you don’t have to think about positive or negative but naturally your life shifts on a higher side. You naturally evolve with the process of life.

When you think for others to win, you too win with them. The person who looks for a win-win situation for everyone, no way can lose in his life. Life always carries multiple options for every situation. You need to know, how to pull out the best option for the moment, and this can only be possible when you are deeply connected with the self.

Life is all about attitude, and if you carry an attitude of love in your heart and service at work, you can never fall short of life. The life as a whole serves you in a strange way if you carry right attitude towards life. The life on earth is a reflection of what you are from inside.

You cannot experience something which is not part of your personality. You only attract life be it situation, people, events or experiences of life according to the idea you carry for yourself into your mind.

Even in the most complex situations, if you think for others first, strange way you also create way for yourself. Life is not at all complex if we try to walk on the right side of life. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions should move in synchronization with everything we do in our life.

There should always be an attitude of sympathy in every situation. If you feel soft in your heart, you could see the things of the moment with a better clarity. The situation in the moment becomes complex and difficult to handle when you strongly hold your individual perspective in the moment.

When you hold yourself tight from inside, you not only create trouble for yourself from inside, but you also miss to see the actual truth that is happening in the moment.

Life as a whole has its own way to function. Every person holds its own idea about life, while the life as a whole has its own process to follow.

Meanwhile, whenever you experience the life in the moment, you will always find contradiction in the moment. The moment always depicts something different from the idea that you hold in your mind.

The contradiction exists because your idea never matches with the actual process of life. You have no clue about how the natural way of life functions.

If you can realize this simple truth that natural process of life does exist and unless you are aware of that process, your understanding will always remain short of life, your resistance will become lesser towards life that is happening in the moment.

The present moment becomes struggle only when you resist life that is happening in the moment.

The Deepest Acceptance

You live with a different idea of life, while the life has its own eternal plans to follow. The life as a whole will never budge from its path, and thus all the work is required from our end, to understand the natural ways of life.

With life that functions as a whole, you win some and you lose some and the person who has an appetite to accept the defeat is the only one who can come close to understanding the natural ways of life.

You cannot hold yourself tight with life. You have to let loose your fist. We live with the bifurcation among situations, people, events or experiences of life but life as a whole doesn’t bifurcate at any point. It considers everyone equal and follows its own natural course.

The time we understand this eternal truth of life, we will only live to serve the moment without worrying about winning or losing, leaving all our individual thoughts behind. When we serve the life in the moment, naturally everyone gets served around, and when everyone receives the offering, everyone feels the winner in themselves.

For the Benefit of All Beings

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