Wisdom for Daily Living

Wisdom for daily living

This post was most recently updated on June 25th, 2020

All your pain and suffering exists in the past and future, but when it comes to the present moment, all exists is life. We all need wisdom for daily living. In life what matters is this moment. You have to bring all your understanding to stay in the moment, and experience life at the moment.

It’s by connecting with daily life, you can overcome your pain and suffering of life.

Most people run after happiness but when you closely observe the process of life, you will realize that there is no happiness in this world, and the only way to attain satisfaction is to overcome the suffering.

So, if you wish to overcome the pain or suffering in your life, don’t get bothered to run after the happiness, instead consciously work to remove the suffering from your daily life.

You suffer at the moment, and thus it’s important to connect to daily life and rise above the suffering.

Before you experience satisfaction and contentment, it’s important you connect with daily life. It’s only by connecting with your daily life, you can free yourself from suffering and get on the path of happiness.

Its impossible to directly experience the happiness. To experience the eternal happiness, you have to rise above the eternal suffering that you go through on a daily basis.

(The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness)

When you connect with daily life, the first thing you notice which is the cause of your suffering is your own thoughts. It’s always your own thoughts that remain the main cause of your suffering.

So, when you connect with your daily life, one thing that you have to learn is to practice meditation. Practicing meditation is a wonderful tool to observe your thoughts.

When you are deeply engrossed in your daily life, you never get time to observe the thoughts of your mind.

At the same time, when you consciously devote some time to practice meditation, you can observe the movement of your thoughts.

The thoughts that randomly goes through your mind is not part of you. Your mind forms thoughts out of the daily experiences and impressions you go through in life. Your thoughts simply come out of the experiences and impressions of your daily life.

In meditation, you can consciously observe the thoughts of your mind and you can anytime detach yourself from it.

Your thoughts can only bother you if you attach yourself to it. The time you make a distance from your thoughts, you can observe the thoughts of your mind as a detached observer. This requires practice but it’s possible with the help of meditation.

Once you learn to observe the thoughts of your mind and become an observer of your thoughts, you will also experience the energy that you create within your body.

Every situation, person, or an environment holds its energy.

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When you are at the office, you experience the energy of the office. When you are at home, you experience the energy of your home. At the time, if you visit your friends, you experience different energy and when you visit Church, Mosque, temple, or any religious places, you experience a different kind of energy.

Our mind remains caught up in the outside activities and thus we miss to read the energy of the moment. Once you learn to observe your thoughts, you will also read the energy of your body as well as the energy of the moment.

It’s always the energy that runs the process of life. This energy could remain blocked in you or the same energy could freely flow into your body.

Whenever you feel stuck in life, that means your inner energy has been blocked at the moment and you need time for yourself to unlock that energy and allow it to have a free-flow. At the same time, when you are experiencing joy at the moment, without any reason, it’s only due to the free flow of energy at the moment.

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When you learn to read your inner flow of energy you adjust your daily life accordingly. Usually, when we are unaware of the inner flowing energy, our benchmark remains for all the choices and decisions in our life is the outside world. But when we connect with the inner flowing energy, we create our lives, according to the life that is happening in our inner world.

In our daily life, one thing that adds misery is an ego. You have to learn to surrender to life at the moment. Our Ego stands in unwanted places, to makes us suffer in the long run. When we learn to surrender to life at the moment, we ourselves don’t become an obstacle in our life and allow life to take its own course.

When you surrender yourself to life, the present situation appears to you with more clarity. 

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One thing should always be clear to you and that is, life is bigger than you. When you understand this fact of life, your perspective to view life change. You don’t remain the center point of life, rather you keep the life of the moment as the center point.

When your life revolves around your identity, you chase the illusions in your life, but when the life of the moment becomes your priority, you serve the life of the moment at every step.

Many people struggle with life because they assume they have to do all the work by themselves. They don’t trust life. Well, it’s true that to achieve something effort is required, but at the same time, it also stands true that if you make necessary effort in life, life as a whole serves you at every step.

Life is more than generous to bring what you really need in your life. You dont have to struggle with life, rather you have to align yourself with the life that functions as a whole.

(The Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu)

The problem with life comes, when you take life for granted. Life wants your presence at the moment. You don’t need effort, rather you need an understanding of life. When you are present with life that is happening at the moment, you understand the life that is happening at the moment and align yourself with it.

The struggle with life comes, when you rely only on your efforts.

Stay aware of the moment all the time. Your daily life needs your attention. You have to stay present at the moment all the time. It’s your presence that will make things possible for you. All your suffering is getting away from the moment.

When you are fully present in your daily life, you not only connect with the life that functions as a whole, but you also free yourself from all the pain and suffering of life. Once you free yourself from the suffering of life, all that remains for you to experience is happiness. But to experience happiness, you don’t have to chase happiness, rather free yourself from all the sufferings of life.

(Original Wisdom: Stories of an Ancient Way of Knowing)

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