Wisdom Flows through Soul-Consciousness



We generally live at the level of mind, and think, emote and act, on this earth. As a human, we all have the quest to live a higher life. To grow and evolve and get better with life. Be more self-dependent, and be in service of others, rather always looking for help, from one or the other.

There is life possible beyond mind, where we have the higher quality of thoughts, complete control over our mind, body and emotions, peace, & complete knowledge about the process of life. From this stage, one can do the highest service to the human kind, and fulfill all the obligation of the personal life.

Higher Quality of Thoughts.

Soul-consciousness is the state, where the person realizes his soul and does all his work in the state of soul-consciousness. In the state of soul-consciousness, higher quality of thoughts flows through the mind.

Soul-consciousness is not only for the sages, who have realized the soul, but also for the human beings, who believe in god, and believes that there is a soul within us, that help us, guide us and warn us, in the form of intuition.

With faith, anyone can start practicing soul-consciousness, and initiate the process of self-realization. Body, mind, and emotions evolve with the time, through different experiences of life.

In the state of soul-consciousness, the horizon of mind expands. Usually, the mind has a habit of thinking about the petty things of life. The soul is immortal, and part of god. In the soul-consciousness, the mind thinks higher thoughts, and the same thoughts become our actions.

Control over Mind, Body & Emotions.

In the state of soul-consciousness, we can read our thoughts and emotions. We are more aware of the present situation. Future can be seen in advance, through soul-consciousness. In soul-consciousness, we develop will-power to break the old patterns from the past, and can start afresh with life.

All the different experiences of life create some types of emotion, either positive or negative. It stays in our subtle system if we don’t bother to remove them, or replace them with the empowered ones.

In soul-consciousness, we have less disturbing thoughts, and higher quality of thoughts, that turns into action to bring more fruitful result in life. When the heart is joyful, it releases more positive emotions and replaces the old feelings and emotions with the new one.

We only think, what we have experienced in life, and what we are about to experience in the future. In soul-consciousness, we increase the quality of life. With better quality of life, we create better experiences, and with better experiences, better quality of thoughts.

In soul-consciousness, we increase the quality of life. With better quality of life, we create better experiences, and with better experiences, better quality of thoughts constantly flow through our mind.

In soul-consciousness, the mind is always calm and peaceful. So we face any situation in life, we stay calm and provide the best response of the mind.

Peace of Mind.

In the state of soul-consciousness, we have the flow of least thoughts, and most of them are visible. This creates peace of mind, and anytime we see the mind, to deviate, from the moment, we can again bring it back to the moment.

The highest wisdom flows with a peace of mind, and peace of mind is possible with the soul-consciousness.

The true definition of peace is not the silence we see in the church or the mosque, but the deeper realization of peace within. This peace can never be available outside. Only with the soul-consciousness, we develop peace of mind.

When you know you are in the state of body consciousness, only then you can look for soul consciousness. You have to sit with yourself and honestly evaluate your mind. See, how your mind thinks, and what kind of idea you carry about yourself.It’s a practice, and it develops over time. We can use certain techniques in the morning or evening time, to make the practice more efficient. Meditation, sitting in silence, breathing technique, any form of physical exercise becomes a great help in practicing soul-consciousness.

To live in soul-consciousness and not in body consciousness needs practice. We can use certain techniques in the morning or evening time, to make the practice more efficient. Meditation, sitting in silence, following the inflow and outflow of breath, can become a great help in practicing soul-consciousness.

To realize and experience soul-consciousness needs time. But, we will not understand something, unless we make it a practice in our life. With the experiment, we develop experience in life. We have to experiment with ourselves, to get to the truth of life.

Knowledge about the process of Life.

The thoughts are the nature of mind. Every individual holds its own nature. When we understand the nature of our own mind, we understand the life on existence.

The nature of the mind can be known in the soul-consciousness. As we move deeper into the soul consciousness, we get knowledge, about the life’s process. In soul-consciousness, the mind attains one pointed attention. With one-pointed attention, where ever we put our attention on, we can know the past, present, and future of that thing.

When we observe closely a single day of our life, we understand how our life unfolds. When we begin to consciously observe all the different situations, events, and experiences of our life, we can read the cause and effect of everything.

Highest Service to the Human-Kind.

To live and breathe, in soul consciousness is the highest service to the mankind.

With the soul-consciousness, we serve with the body, mind and emotions, as everything vibrates at a higher level, changing all the lower vibrations into a higher one.

We can only serve others if we are over-filled, or to fulfill ourselves, we move into the process of serving others. We only receive, what we spread around through energy and vibrations. The real life happens inside at the level of energy and vibrations.

When we grow and evolve to the highest degree, all our thoughts and actions gets aligned to the actions of the highest degree, i.e. to give and share. With such intention, if we serve the world, we see the result of improvement, in others life. The real service of humankind is where we lift the world.

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