Why Prayer is Important?

Why Prayer is Important?

This post was most recently updated on May 6th, 2020

Prayer connects you with the source of life. In meditation there is a proper technique to connect with the source. Not everyone practices meditation and thus the simplest way to connect with the source or god, whatever you name it, is through prayer.

We pray, only when things are not in our control. If the things are in our control, we manage it by ourselves. We don’t have to disturb god.

When you observe life, you notice majority of things happens on its own. You do very little. Most of the things are happening on its own. So the prayer is the form of appreciation, you show towards the blessings that you receive on a daily basis, knowingly or unknowingly.

Prayer has other benefits in our lives.

Many times we have everything that we desire in life, but still we experience hollowness inside. Despite of having everything we miss something in our lives. This hollowness can only be filled out of prayer.


Make Everything Sacred, Make Everything Eternal

What is prayer?

A prayer is a conscious way to connect with the source or god. Every day you devote some time to make conscious connection with god.

The prayer doesn’t mean you sit in one corner, or you visit church or mosque. The prayer is to have a feeling of gratitude. You are grateful for everything that life has offered you. You are thankful to life from the bottom of your heart.

God is a subtle energy. To connect with the subtle energy, you have to take the path which is subtle. Prayer is an emotion. It’s a subtle way to connect to god.

When it comes to meditation, we use subtle mind to connect with god. God is not physical, god is subtle. To experience god, you have to experience him in the form of energy.

If you don’t know how to feel the energy than first of all, you have to learn to feel your own energy.

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Do you feel your thoughts, feelings and emotions?

All these are the subtle energy in you. When you connect with your own energy, you will have more clarity in connecting with God.

Gautama Buddha in all his preaching’s never mentioned about God. He talked about path, but never about the destination. He knew once you get on the path, the destination will arrive. If he would have talked about the destination, the mind is clever enough to never walk the path, and imagined himself to the destination.

The prayer is the path. The prayer is an emotional path.

You pray to accept your mistake. When you feel that you could have contributed to the life around you, but somehow you missed. You were too busy into your life.

You pray when you know, you could have told your feelings to your loved one’s when they were around, but you missed.

I lost my pet last week. I prayed, I cried, I wept and I did everything in the prayer that I missed, when he was present. He had a stroke. There were many things that I have missed, which I only realized after he was gone. I wanted to spend time with him. I wanted to give him, for what he has contributed to our lives.

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You know it’s always good to give. Never hold back in giving. Giving opens you up to the blessings of life.

Even today, I feel heavy in my heart. We don’t express ourselves when the people are around. We only miss, once they are gone. The only reason is we don’t appreciate the life in the moment. We always wanted to move into the future as quickly as possible. Either we regret the past or we live into the future but never in the present.

When you are not present in the moment, you miss to appreciate the core things of your life. Life only exists in the moment.

When you pray you are into the moment. Prayer is not possible in the past or the future. To pray you have to stay present in the moment. Any form of prayer fills you up with the positive energy. This positive energy is nothing but the blessings of the god.

The god touches you in different ways. The experience of god is possible when you are present in the moment.


The Benefits of Gratitude in Everyday Life?

The time you start observing the life as a whole, you will understand the universal connection of life.

The prayer holds the power to create miracles. It holds the power to connect you with the very process of life. The process of life where the life is happening.

With the prayer, the things that are lost can be found. The path which has been forgotten comes into the existence. The people who have moved away come back to your life. It has such a strong power that it can create miracles into your life.

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The whole universe is god’s expression. Even you are part of that expression. If you see yourself separate from the expression of god, you experience chaos and confusion into your life. At the same time, if you participate with the process of life, you enjoy the very dance of life.

When god is with you, everything is possible. The time you see yourself separate from god, even little things looks like a lots of efforts. Unnecessarily your life becomes struggle. With the presence of god, you sail through life.

With god, you find the way where there is none. Your perspective to view life changes with god. No matter what happens in the outside world, you see the world from a different perspective. With god, every situation of your life serves to take you forward.

I don’t see myself a person, who simply accepts something on the ground of belief. I like to try everything by myself. You should not believe something because everyone around you believes, or your parents or your friends believed. You have to try everything by yourself.


I have taken the path of prayer and meditation both. I have experienced by myself. It works. It’s real.

Our mind likes to look for logic in everything. The time you learn to drop your mind and experience life in the moment, you won’t find logic, rather you will find synchronicity. Everything is in synchronization. Everything follows an order. You won’t find logic rather you will find an order.

Remember logic requires you to pause and think, while the life is not having any pause for a moment. It’s simply flowing in an order. An order which is universal.

An order where you don’t have time to think, but only to participate and flow. It’s like a dance, where you can’t look at the dance and think about it. You have to flow with the tune of life. You have to allow the life to happen, and participate in it.

The prayer teaches you to participate with the flow of life. When you are with the natural flow of life, you don’t have to pray rather your every act becomes the prayer and your presence becomes the blessings for others.

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