Why Niyam is Important for Self-Realization?

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The self-realization is a realization of the creator within you. When you have been asked to do something, and no reason is told to you, do you inclined to do that work? No right. But still, when it comes to life, and you don’t know the right reason of your existence, still you go on living life.

Sometimes because of needs, sometimes out of compulsion, sometimes out of obligation, and sometimes without any reason, you go on dragging with life.

Self-realization is an answer to our existence. After the self-realization, you know the very purpose of your existence, and purpose is not to figure out some meaning to life, but to develop a knowing, that your role is to simply participate to the happening of life.

After the self-realization, you know the natural process of life, that takes place through you, and that goes for the life on existence. Life in the universe, and life within you follows a certain process, out of which you experience life on the existence.

Self-realization is to experience the entire process within you and become one with the process of life.

After the realization, you don’t raise a doubt or query, When anything happens in your life, against your will. From this moment you always know from the deeper knowing, that things are happening out of the natural process.

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You as a spirit, mind, heart and body too come out of the process and you have space within you, i.e. constant to which, you can name it as a soul, doesn’t get into the process of life, and remains as an observer within the body.

Self-realization is to realize oneself, as a soul within the body. With the realization of a soul, you don’t question the existence or the process in the universe, but you simply become one with the process of life.

The journey of self-realization is to transcend one’s identity of the mind to the identity as a soul, i.e. nothing but an empty space vibrating at a higher frequency within the body and is the source of the spirit, mind, heart, and body.

Niyam is a word for a daily schedule that the mind follows the path of self-realization, and these niyam comes from the enlightened being, who has experienced the self-realization within himself and serve others to reach to the ultimate experience, within themselves.

The experience of self-realization is to experience the creator and the experience happens to the mind.

The nature of mind is volatile, and it switches from one thought to the other. If you don’t create a definite path for the mind, then the mind has its own way to go through the process of life.

The Guide to the path of Self-Realization

Life is not about rules, but laws of cause and effect follow by your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Your cause defines the effect and when you follow the niyam, from the sages, you put your mind, in an order, whereby, you come closer to the spiritual experience, in an effortless manner.

Niyam connects you with the natural process of life, on a daily basis. You might not have experienced the state, but the one who has experienced can share a path, that can serve you to unwind yourself, in a way, where the self-realization happens on its own.

If you try by yourself, you are certainly going to miss the point, as all the efforts of yours, will be from the mind, while all the niyam stands for, to rise above the mind.

The path of self-realization is not about restrictions, but finding your true authentic self. You become one with the natural flow of life, and life flows effortlessly through you, without any resistance.

No situation, event or experience of life, remains to bother you, as you become one with life, from within.

The first Niyam that needs to keep in mind, for the self-realization, is to spend time with yourself. To observe oneself. To understand all the different moments, that take place within.

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Meditation is a tool that can be used to observe oneself, at the beginning of the day, so that you can understand yourself and your life well.

You can initiate the process by understanding your outside life, and to make the process simple, you can observe the day you have lived yesterday, and simply see everything that happened one day before.

Try to look at the day, and don’t try to do anything with it, simply observe. These way you will develop the power to observe. More and more you observe your day, during meditation, slowly you will develop a practice to observe your day, with your different situations, events, and experiences of life.

As you begin to spend time in observing your daily life in meditation, when you will have nothing to observe, slowly your attention will shift inward towards the breath, sensation and to the silent space of your mind.

“The process of meditation works well in the morning time and it serves the people, who are looking for life, beyond the stress of the mind and emotional debris of the heart.”

Meditation: The First and Last Freedom

To observe oneself is a Niyam that applies to all, who are looking for self-realization and searching for the truth with life.

Once you observe your daily life and see how you wish to spend this day, the next thing that can serve you to bring closer to your higher self is Physical Exercise.

Any form of physical exercise, be it walking, yoga, running, aerobics not only necessary to keep oneself fit and healthy, but also to drop the past experiences and impressions from the mind, and remove the emotional debris from the heart.

Life takes place not only the physical level, but you also have a subtle body, where all the subtle impressions and experiences of life, get registered. Physical exercise helps you to release more positive energy from the body. You rise above the negative emotions and positive thoughts flow without any effort.

Physical exercise also strengthens the subtle body and thus your mind creates quality thoughts and images, while your heart releases better feelings and emotions.

Physical exercise serves you to slow down your thoughts and feelings of the past, and you remain more in the present moment, and thus it becomes easier to keep your attention, in the desired direction, throughout the day.

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With the Niyam, if you can find a master, and can be with him on an everyday basis so that you don’t get deviate from your path.

If you find an enlightened master, then its good, but if you don’t find any, you can visit some sacred space, where you can charge and refuel yourself on a daily basis. If you are clear, with the purpose of your visit, even church, Mosque or temple, can serve you to fill you, with positive energy on your path.

The selfless service is something, from where mind likes to run away, and this is the beautiful way, where the Ego or personal identity of the mind, loses its grip on you.

“It’s one’s own Ego or personal identity that becomes hard for the individual to lose, but when the person surrenders himself to the selfless service, the ego or personal identity begins to lose its grip on the mind.”

Your life is very much driven by, either with the personal identity or ego of the mind. On top of everything your personal identity lies, that attracts the similar type of experiences and impressions that you have acquired in the past.

The service to others is possible through your work, and if you don’t have that type of work where people are involved, in that case, you can look for something, where you can have a selfless action, wherever it’s possible. This will serve you well, to come closer to your true authentic self.

 Selfless Self

So it’s, observing one’s own life, be with the master or go to the place, where you can have the positive energy on a daily basis, as life happens each day, and spending some time, each day for selfless service, to rise above the ego or personal identity.

One of the niyam asks you to purify your mind, as life flows through the mind. So, each day, you spend some time reading the scriptures. Try to understand the scriptures, from the state of mind, it’s written and what it tries to convey to you.

This will help you, not only to purify your mind, but you will open your mind to new possibilities with personal and professional life.

Having information from a right source can serve as a guide and has the power to create a right path for you. One right information has the power to change your path, for the lifetime, and if you can recall your past, you will realize that it’s only one moment, that changes the entire course of life.

Self-realization is important, but along the path, the niyam suggests you take care of your obligations towards life, i.e. your professional life.

If you take care of your professional life, with utmost dedication, it will not become the hindrance, on the path of self-realization, but on the contrary, it will serve you, to realize your full potential.

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The last thing that you take care of, is the people around you. The path of self-realization is climbing the ladder, and in the process, if you don’t serve the people around you and don’t take necessary care of them, then you don’t experience the bliss, that the person experience, once he realized his true nature. Compassion is the first step before you experience the bliss with the higher self.

Life works as a whole and doesn’t divide at any point. Before you realize your higher self, be prepared to go through all the different experiences of life, as it will shape up your body, heart, and mind for the ultimate experience.

The process of evolution with the body, heart, and mind, is a natural process of life, to prepare the humans, for that ultimate experience.

When you make a choice, to move towards the path of self-realization, you consciously choose to grow and evolve with life, and you rise above the cycle of life, where the process of growth and evolution is left behind, to experience the ultimate.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

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