Why Meditation & Physical-Exercise, both are Equally Important?

meditation and exercise

When you see the truth of life, just with the mind, you can never come even near to it. You have to experience the life with the spirit, to realize the whole truth.

The life doesn’t happen at the level of body, brain, and mind, but there are more factors that play a huge role in driving your life and i.e. the spirit and the source.

When you experience life with the spirit, you realize that both meditation and physical exercise is equally important in life.

Physical exercise is not limited to good health and for your overall well-being, but it also helps you to participate more in life. During physical exercise, the spirit moves more and more into the body. It channelizes the spiritual and vital energy and you can make most out of it, in your daily life.

The practice of meditation helps in reversing the process of life. While the physical exercise helps you to channelize your life energy, the meditation helps you to open all the vital chakras of the body, so that the life energy can flow freely within the body.

Whenever you feel stuck outside, it’s never you get stuck in the outside world, but in reality, you get stuck from inside. It’s only when your inner centers open up, you see the outside life with a different perspective.

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During exercise, the spirit moves quickly within the body, which results in better blood circulation and heart rate, proper digestive system, and optimized use of the brain in the body.

The physical exercise is necessary for the sound health, but at the same time, the practice of meditation is also required to have clarity of life and to experience peace and silence within. The understanding and wisdom of life come with the practice of meditation.

With the sound health you can chase any of your desires but with the wisdom of life, you can understand when to chase your desires and when to hold yourself back in life. The point of realization when you understand enough is enough comes with the wisdom of life.

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The physical exercise has a point of saturation beyond which you cannot move. If you have to travel further, you have to take the path of meditation.

The life is not limited to the physical world, but you also have a subtle world, that requires a subtle path and subtle tool to travel. The practice of meditation is that subtle tool that takes you from the subtle path to your journey of self-realization.

Physical exercise makes you feel good for the moment but doesn’t give you a thorough understanding of life. To experience life as a whole, you have to adapt the techniques of meditation that works well for you.

Physical exercise serves the body, brain, and mind, but the practice of meditation serves you to experience life beyond mind, and the realization of spirit and source which can happen only by practicing meditation.

Meditation is not a dead thing, rather the experiences out of meditation are the liveliest thing you will ever experience into your life. Meditation gives you an experience beyond the mind. With the physical exercise, you can at the most experience life at the level of mind.

Everyone struggles with life and look for the answers of life via different paths, but the one who practices meditation finds all the answers of life in him.

Meditation: The Beginning of a New Life

No way can physical exercise be ignored, because the way to the spirit lies through the body and mind. The physical exercise prepares the body and mind for the deeper realization, and just the little push in meditation can help you to come closer to the real self.

Physical exercise is a ground work at the level of body and mind. Your body and mind go through fire if you exercise every day for at least one hour. These prepare the ground for the deeper realization.

Many even struggle with meditation, as they directly jump into meditation, without preparing themselves at the level of body and mind. They just can’t hold themselves at one place for some time. The whole body becomes restless and they want themselves to remain engaged in one or the other thing all the time.

There should be a balance between physical exercise and meditation. Physical exercise can serve you to calm your body and mind while practicing meditation can serve you to move inward for the deeper realization.

Physical exercise has a saturation point, but with the practice of meditation, you can go on and on forever.

365 Tao: Daily Meditations

The total control over life can only be possible with the practice of meditation.

Meditation gives you a whole mind, with which you can see the life that is happening as a whole. The life is divided no-where from outside, but all the division exists inside. The meditation helps you to move beyond all the division and experience the oneness with the existing life. All the mysteries of life get unveiled with the meditation.

The subtle clothing of the memories that covers your mind, because of, which you don’t experience the truth of life. With the meditation, the subtle clothing of the memories gets lifted, and everything appears to you in its natural form.

Everyday take time out for yourself, and follow the habit of exercising on a daily basis, including the practice of meditation. Both the habit will help you to accelerate your process of growth and evolution, and you will observe your life moving at a higher level.

Meditation: The First and Last Freedom

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