Why Gratitude is Important in Everyday Life?


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Gratitude is a way of life. Gratitude directly impacts the formation of your inner life. It’s not a simple practice, but it also has a direct relation with the life that is happening in you, and in the universe.

Life has a whole follows its process, and gratitude is part of it. The person who lives with the gratitude is, just like a coconut tree, who knows when to bend, and when to flow, and when to stand straight. The quality of gratitude in you, allows you to bend and open up the flow of life in you.

When you see the person, you don’t see him or her beyond his physical appearance. When you closely observe yourself, you will realize that you are more than the physical appearance and you also have the mind that has a huge role to play in your existence.

The quality of gratitude is not limited to the body and mind but it touches your spirit. It opens up the spirit in you. It’s the spirit that knows the ways of life.

The quality of gratitude doesn’t allow you to remain caught up in the midst of all the chaos of life. It simply changes the direction of your mind.

You can try it for yourself. If you think you are in a big problem or deep trouble, take some time out for yourself.

Look for the things around you that you are thankful for. Be genuinely thankful for all your blessings around you, with your body, mind, and heart. Be grateful for everything that you have been blessed with, and show your gratitude for at least one hour.

You will have personal experience of, what I am talking about.

The problem or trouble that was haunting you, simply get wash off, from your mind and the solution to the problems of your life will come to the surface.

People are lost in the theory of karma, but the theory of karma nowhere exists outside. All your karma and all the cause and effect exist in you. The time you learn to change the cause in you, you also see the change in effect in the outside world. The process of life works inside out.

Why gratitude is important because it holds the power to impact the cause of life. It directly changes the cause which ultimately changes the effect of your life.

Gratitude works differently both men and women. The quality of gratitude comes naturally to women, but when it comes to men, it‘s hard for them to acknowledge the goodness of life. The quality of gratitude works wonders in man than women.

The men are hard by nature, and thus the quality of gratitude works to melt them down and allow the life to flow through them. In women, it works to take their life to another level.

The quality of gratitude does wonder in personal as well as your professional life.

Our brains are hard-wired to function in a specific way, but very few know that we can change the direction of our brain. The gratitude works well to change the direction of our brain.

You view life with a certain perspective. That perspective remains limited to your individual memories that you have stored over the time. The quality of gratitude allows you to enhance your perspective and you see the same situation or people in your life with a better clarity.

The quality of gratitude belongs to the heart center. The emotional center is the most powerful center in your body.

No matter where you felt stuck in your life, just by the way of gratitude, you can pave the path out of any problem of your life.


In any given situation, your mind can pick one thing. Either you see the problem or chaos in a situation or you see the solution or the way out of the situation. It all depends on your perception. If you imbibe the qualities in you, that allow you to see the solution out of any problem, it’s easier to move forward in your life without getting stuck in the moment.

Sometimes the solution remains in front of our eyes, but our mind remains so engrossed in the problems, that we are unable to see the solution right in front of our eyes. It happens when we remain unconscious of the activities of our mind. We never bothered to take control of our mind.

To control the mind doesn’t mean you hold the stick in your hand, but to control the mind means to know the nature of your mind, and slowly train the mind, in the direction of our choice.

Whenever you try to inculcate some new habits in your life, what you do, you try to implement it in your life, from day one and start expecting the result.

This is not the way with the mind.

To direct the mind into a new habit, you have to prepare in advance. You have to slowly train your mind to a new habit. The things don’t happen on the first day, but you slowly make your mind accustom to a new habit. You notice the reaction of your mind with it. It takes time for the body and mind to adjust to new things. Thus if you use the way of the force, you will break yourself in no time, and never get succeed to apply new things in your life.

The way with the body and mind has to be gentle. The act of the gratitude is of the gentle. The gratitude towards life and the prayer is one and the same. Rather gratitude connects you more with the life around you.

The way prayer fills the life into the dead ones, in a similar way the gratitude too is a way to connect with the source of life.

Life is full of appreciation but the appreciation for life lies in the eyes of a beholder. There is everything to be appreciated of life, but for that, you have to develop the eyes of appreciation.

Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy

With life higher side exists. You have to explore that higher side of life. The heaven exists not somewhere at the top of the sky, but when you open your heart to life, you experience the heaven on this very earth.

The miracles certainly happen, but you too have to remain prepared to accept and experience the miracle. The quality of gratitude serves you to open yourself to that miracle of life.

Gratitude: A Way of Life

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