Why Appreciation Matters?

Why Appreciation Matters

This post was most recently updated on October 29th, 2018

What is appreciation and why appreciation matters?

Appreciation is love in the heart of others, for our actions. If people love, it feels good. Our emotion expands, & we are motivated to do better next time.

Appreciation matters a lot. How high you reach in your life, appreciation matters. Appreciation makes us feel good. Appreciation helps us to give more. Appreciation boosts the performance. Appreciation creates more love for the work. Appreciation creates inspiration. Appreciation elevates. With appreciation, the world becomes better.

Appreciation has to be a part of our life. Every small thing should be appreciated. Appreciation lifts the person up. Appreciation allows us to look at the world that grows, & expand. Appreciation prevails good things & expands them.

Every action can be appreciated or can be put down. If we develop an attitude to appreciate everything in life, we grow fast, & we create a friendly atmosphere around us.

To appreciate others doesn’t come easily. People who grow themselves in their life, knows, how to appreciate others. Only winners appreciate. When we see good work, outside, we appreciate. When we see people grow, we appreciate them in our heart.

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This gives us confidence, that one day, we will grow. We will have the same success like others. Everyone has a deep desire of appreciation. We live for appreciation. Appreciation makes relationship between people strong. Words make or break people, choose yours well. We can either lift people, by our words, or we can put them down. We all understand that, by showing others down, we just satisfy our ego, & no lessons, we can impart to others.

People learn from what they see, not from what they hear. Lessons can only be departed with our actions, & words are useless, if, not backed by our personal actions. When we share our message, it becomes powerful, if we have walked the message in our life.

We only receive what we give. If we show respect to all, & appreciate what ever little good somebody does, we create an attitude in our self, to see only good things, in people. If, we are charged up, & highly motivated, we lift our world up. Life is such that people sink deep in their emotions, when life takes toll on them.

At such a crucial time, we need encouragement. We need somebody to boosts us up, & motivate us to fight, & stand for our self, & for others. Appreciation for life helps us to see, what we have received from people, throughout our life, & we try to give them back, as soon as, we get an opportunity to pay them back.

When we have an attitude of appreciation, we are more open to life. We accept life, as it comes, & we are more grateful for every moment of our life. The one, who appreciates life, has been given more opportunity to be grateful for life.

” God help those, who help themselves.”

More Than A Life

Life happens in a moment. We can be grateful, if we are alert & aware, about the moments of our life. Life presents himself, every hour, in some or the other form. If we are conscious enough to look around, we can find life, pulsating around us. We all need inspiration to go on with life. Appreciation, gives boost to our efforts.

When we appreciate others, it shows our love & care for others. We tell them, that their action matters. They are important. Their contribution is valuable, whatever little, it may be.

Not every soul has a same power to display, its potential, & so they perform, according to their abilities. But, when we inspire them & motivate them, they push themselves to become better, with their previous efforts.

Appreciation comes out of love. If you have love for yourself, you can show love towards others. You only give what you have.

If we appreciate good life, we try to give good life to all the people, around us. There are people who know the secrets of life. They walk (in front) of life. The people, who are short of their understanding, always try to catch up with life, but never get hold of it.

All the understanding & knowledge & wisdom of life, happens on this earth. Life’s lessons can be learnt, from those who have lived & experienced life. Age doesn’t define the experience. A 30 year old man has more experience, of traveling around the world, & meeting different people in his life, than a fifty year old man. Experience happens out of awareness towards life.

When we are aware, we notice life, we can learn from life. But, if we live in an illusion, we can never accumulate new experience in life, & we tend to live out of our old beliefs.

To create new experiences of life, old beliefs have to be shattered. We may not be able to leave our old beliefs, as it gets stronger with time, but we should learn to try new things in life. As we learn & adopt new things, we slowly but gradually, drop all the old beliefs, & start creating life from our new experiences.

Life is all about learning & application. When we learn something new, & experiment with our life, we realize the real importance of how knowledge & experiment serves in the growth of our life.

Knowledge & experience makes us bolder towards life. The masters are important as per Indian tradition. The disciple can learn from the experience of the master.

It’s not possible, for a single person to accumulate all the experiences of life. So we learn from the wisdom of different sages, & apply the things, that are useful in our life.

People understand the language of emotions. Appreciation is an emotion. If we speak our heart to the other person, we directly get connected to their heart. Heart knows no boundaries. If my heart is honest, i can speak, with all the honesty, what i have to say to others.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” ― Voltaire

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