Who am I?



Who am I. There is no question mark, but full stop. I am the body, breathe and sensation. I am the feelings, emotions, and thoughts. I am the images and the empty space of my mind.

I am the spiritual energy, that is locked at the bottom of the spine and gets unlocked in deep meditation. When the spiritual energy that moves higher, and releases one from all the sufferings of life. The spiritual energy moves out of the body, along with the sensation and gives an out-of-body experience.

The spiritual energy along with the sensation again moves into the body, and the same process of life starts with the thoughts, emotions and body. I can see the world through third eye, which is the wisdom eye for the sages.

With the third eye, I can see happening of the inner world. There is something in the body, which is constant. When I  become one with the constant entity, I can easily control my mind and direct the flow of spiritual energy upward.

The “I” is part of the mind. There is something from the mind, that moves upward to become one with the soul. The spiritual energy holds a separate body, i.e. astral body along with the sensation, and it start from the third eye region ( In the middle of the fore-head, little above the eye-brow) and ends at the bottom of the spine.

In meditation, when I am attentive of the breath, the breath takes me inward to the sensation of the body. The sensation slowly gets narrow and moves upward.

After passing through all the different parts of the body and experiencing all the different types of sensation, the attention with the breathe, moves to the point, where I was attentive about the sensation and different parts of my body.

I am into the no-mind state. I have gone through different stages of mind, from all different types of thoughts to the images, and now, I am in a state, where I can see no flowing of thoughts.I am into the no-thought state.

No breath, No thoughts, no feelings, no sense of body, pure emptiness. I am into this space for the longest period of time. I have spent several days, of practice, into this empty space, as I didn’t know what to do next, with the empty space of the mind.

I cannot do anything. I can simply be into the empty space, as no further thought arise into the mind. I can act or express, if the thought comes or feeling comes, but there is absolute emptiness in the mind.

After few days something happened, The attention shifted to the back of the spine. The attention is there, and I can feel the sensation, but no breathe, thoughts or feelings in this moment. Moving forward, something got unlocked at the bottom of the spine, and it starts moving upward.

It reaches to the third eye region, after going through different parts of the body. Yet, I haven’t experienced something that people call out-of-body experience.The spiritual energy gets unlocked, moves to the third eye region, and come back to the same place.

When the spiritual energy gets unlocked, it moves upward along with the sensation. i feel utterly relaxed and was unburden out of all the problems of the past, present and future.

After few days, I have experienced the spiritual energy getting unlocked, and forcing itself to move out of the body. I was scared in those moments, but it happened.

The spiritual energy along with the sensation moved out of the body, and I was lying stiff with the body. I was still into the senses, as I can realize in those moments, that there is something that has left the body, but the presence of the body was there.

As the time pass, I have practiced myself to move out of the body consciously.In deep meditation, when the mind is empty, you utilize all the energy to be with the constant identity, i.e. soul and then the spiritual energy gets unlocked to travel out of the body.

When the spiritual energy moves into the body, you feel refresh, and ready to play the game of life again. Your mind is utterly relax. The body that holds spiritual energy along with the sensation is tied with the physical body through sensation.

Any moment that happens in the astral body with the thoughts or emotions, the physical body feel through sensation.

Once you have the out-of-body experience, you become more aware towards life, and choose and decide the experience, that gives you more happiness and part ways from the unpleasant experiences of life.

You start dropping the things, that doesn’t give you happiness, on the contrary accelerate the pain. The natural laws of life are the thoughts, emotions, energy and efforts, that double your happiness and reduce or eliminate the absolute suffering from life.

I am the body, breathe, sensation, feelings & emotions, thoughts, images, astral body, and the soul.

The astral body carries the impressions and experiences of life along with the feelings & emotions and transfer it to the physical body through sensation.

The process of mind and heart is so fast, that before you understand something, your body simply acts out of the command. The sensations are the only thing that gives you the sense of different thoughts, feelings and emotions, into the physical body.

When the astral body is detached along with the sensation, the “I” resides with the soul, and thus anything that happens in the inner world is visible.

It’s not the physical body that acts out by oneself, but its the mind and heart that makes it do things. You body is simply an instrument for the mind, heart and energy to flow through you.

The more purer your thoughts and feelings, the better energy you create and the much better way, you express in the outside world.

It’s all about your attention. If your attention is simply on actions,  than you act without proper evaluating the situations and conditions, and thus it impacts your result.

When you live from the mind, you become more efficient with your actions, as you evaluate, plan and execute considering all the different aspects of action, and thus your success rate too increase with it.

When your attention is on the soul, you experience the bliss and wisdom of life. When you think with the mind, the mind has all the past experiences and impressions of life, which influence different emotions.

So with the mind you go through different feelings and emotions. With the attention on the soul, you only experience pure bliss inside. This happens, once you connect from inside and understand your inner world.

Soul is the purest form of life energy, which remains untouched by the activities of the mind and body.

When the mind is focused on the soul, it can influenced the other part of the mind, in a positive way. The outside life comes from the mind. The soul is the higher self and holds all the divine attributes that purifies the mind, heart and body and improves the quality of it.

When you experience the astral body, you don’t find anything other than the energy within. With the soul, you only experience the purest form of bliss flowing into the astral body. Out of the sensation of the astral body, the body experience the bliss.

The realization of soul is possible through the transcendence of the body, heart and mind. It’s all about attention and intention in a specified direction.The realization of the self is to experience the higher truth.

The people those who are ready to experience the truth, look into the direction of oneself. Rest of them wander around the world, go through the outside process of life and when the need arise moves inside to search for the truth.

The life in the outside world has been formed in a way, where you can never satisfy yourself all the way, and the time comes when you look for something higher than the worldly desire’s. With the realization of the self, the path and purpose both gets satisfied.

To begin with, you can start with cleansing of physical body through physical exercise, moderate diet, daily self-evaluation of the day through meditation, awareness to the breath, and sensations in different situations and experiences of life, can become useful to get you closer to the self-realized state.

Life is a process, and the process has to be followed everyday. The self-realization is a destination, and you have to cover the path, to reach to the destination. The path ends, when your path and purpose becomes one.

You reach to the inner state, where all the time, you remain in the state of pure consciousness, and no situation of life can put you away from this state.

The spiritual journey is covered only by an individual. The sooner the person understand this truth of life, earlier he gets on the journey of life.


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