Where there is a Will, there is a Way

Where theres a will theres a way

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Where there is a willingness to do things, there you will always find the way. This seems magical but it’s true. When you truly want something and you are committed to it, no matter how hard the things might appear, you will surely find the way.

We might have experienced this into our lives. When our loves ones ask us a favor, we go out of the way to serve them. Although sometimes we have to go through pain, but for the love we do everything to serve them.

At the same time, the lesser known person asks us a favor, we find different reasons to not to do that thing. The thing is our willingness.

When we are willing to do something from our heart, nothing can stop us; on the contrary we receive support from unimaginable sources. But if we think in our mind that things are not possible how hard we try, our inner energy start moving in that negative direction.

I was highly optimistic in my life, although I didn’t knew anything about positive thoughts or positive affirmations or even the wisdom of life. Even when I was too young, it was difficult for me to digest, how something cannot be done. For me, everything was possible.

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Over the time, I came across many people in my life, who are negative. I didn’t understand then, but I understand now, what is their problem. Their problem is their mind. They are not in charge of their mind. Their mind is in charge of them.

Looking at the hurdles, many times we give up on life. Simply looking at the problems, we lose hope. We don’t even believe we can overcome those problems. This idea has to be developed into our mind. The problems and situations and circumstances are part of our life. It will come every now and then. If the fundamental truths are clear to us, we can always ride high on all the different problems and situations of life.

Life stands by you, if you choose to walk even in the midst of crisis. You have to give your best shot and the life will respond. You have to always prepare yourself for the toughest battle, and this life will be a smooth ride for you.

The Way of the Warrior: An Ancient Path to Inner Peace

Life moves in a subtle way. You have to connect with the mind to understand the patterns of life. The life patterns exist not outside but in your mind. Into your mind you can read the very patterns of life.

You have to stay alert into the moment. Life shows you the signs in different ways. Time also plays a major factor. You need to know, how to take care of the time. You have to strike a chord at the right time.

For every problem exists the solution. You have to be willing to stay with the problem for the longest period of time. Life becomes beautiful if you understand the subtle part of it. Life flows in a subtle way. You have to connect with the subtle aspects of life to know the truth of it.

Anything that you desire, you have to stay with it, little longer. Whether you exercise, meditate, work on your craft, develop a new skill, learn a new art, or face any challenge or problem into your life, stay with it little longer.

When you stand with anything little longer, you notice that the awareness in your mind expands and the new level of energy flows into your body for the assistance. You start getting the ideas that your mind has never experienced before.

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Usually we give up on things very early. We don’t have a habit of being with the things for the longer period of time. We give up in life too early. It’s very important we stay with the things little longer to get the results.

Many times the problems of the life appear big, and we see ourselves very small in front of them. The mind couldn’t find the way out of those problems and these are the times where we need to understand the psychology of the mind.

Whenever you come across the problem in your life, and your mind doesn’t show you the way, keep moving forward and do the task that you have in your hand. Do justice to the task at your hand. As the time pass by, you will find some clue related to your problem. Take action on that clue, and further signs will appear into your mind. Slowly the whole picture will get clear and you will be able to solve your problem.

You have to have a deep belief in the self. This belief will serve you to cross the toughest of the mountains in the world.

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The wisdom of life is well learnt while walking. If you stay stuck in the moment, you will always remain stuck into the problems of life. If you learnt to keep walking, problems will come and go, and you will keep moving forward on your path.

The success is achieved with the determination on the path. With the determination you can achieve anything. When you are on the path, you will always find unwanted noises to disturb you and pull you down. You shouldn’t get disturb by those noises. If you get disturb by those noises it will be difficult for you to reach to your destination.

Whenever you wish to do something substantial the mediocre minds will always find some or the other problem with it. If you hear them, you will experience unnecessary hurdle which will halt your speed in the moment. It’s better not to pay attention to unnecessary noises around us and keep moving forward towards our goal.

Your intention should always be to serve life around you. Not everyone is habituated to live with the higher intentions and thus they may follow a different path.

Even when nobody understands your intention, you have to follow your heart and keep doing things that appears best to you. At the end, you will receive the results that you have imagined into your mind, and the people around you will feel wonder for your achievements.

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