Where do your blessings come from?

Where do your blessings come from?

Your blessings come from your thoughts, feelings and actions.

If there is some mystery that is yet to be figured out in our lives, then that is our blessings. You just don’t know from where the blessings come from?

Many times we are so engrossed in our lives that we don’t even acknowledge our blessings.

The verse from the gospel rightly describes this, “For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away. — Matthew 25:29, RSV.

It’s hard to understand the truth behind this statement as it appears contradictory, but if you try to understand it closely, it’s pointing towards the blessings.

When you see your life as blessings, you find more reasons to be thankful for, and if you think your life is cursed, you can’t even appreciate the most beautiful things in your life.

Blessing is the grace you receive from nowhere or somewhere. It lifts you up and bring the peace that you are looking for in the hard times.

I am blessed.

Have you ever experienced blessings from nowhere?

I always feel I am blessed. I don’t know why. One thing I am always sure in life is, I just can’t get stuck because I am blessed. There is someone, who wants me to be happy and joyful all the time.

I do falter and I do make blunders, but somehow someone comes to my rescue and pulls me out of it. I do have bad days and many times I do make a mess out of my life. But when you know how to rectify your mistake, you will always find someone at your rescue.

I make conscious effort to do well in life, and always make sure, my words only bring joy to others, but in return, when I count the blessings, it always seems more than I deserve.

Blessings for me are how you feel inside. You know you are blessed. You experience pure joy inside. There is nothing you lack in this moment, and you feel fulfilled in your life.

Grace of god.

The important thing about blessings is, you can’t ask for it. It’s bestowed upon you.

We have a life source inside each of us, who takes note of each of our deeds. When we add lot of mess into our lives, we are punished and when we do lots of good in our life, we are blessed.

I always feel life is good. I am not saying everything is perfect in life, but I want to say life is good. You have to feel that good inside. Life shows up what you hold inside. If you feel betrayed, jealous or lack of something, your life shows up that way. At the same time, if you feel good about life, no matter what, you receive inner strength to bring those necessary changes to your life.

I am hopeful and joyful in life almost all the time. I improve myself every day, and I consciously detach myself from things that don’t make me feel good, or not necessarily serve the purpose in my life.

With that, I make sure not to waste time on unnecessary things and utilize every moment building my life for the better. This perspective allows me to focus on right things, and in return I attract similar things to my life.

Do the right thing.

To receive blessings you have to consciously connect to the right thing in the present moment. You have to be grateful for everything in your life. That includes both the good as well as not so good things. When you are truly grateful in life, life bestowed its blessings over you through different source.

I always believe that life is our making. It doesn’t happen to you rather you create out of your conscious thoughts, feelings and actions. This allows you to take responsibility of each and every situation of your life. You know, you can only expect what you have put in.

Life is not happening to you; rather you build your life every moment. You have to understand every moment. When you build your life every moment that means you take complete responsibility of your life.

If you have been blessings to others, you will receive the similar blessings to yourself.

I always feel that people are good to me. The reason I feel that deep inside, because I am good to everyone. I don’t judge the people around me, rather I try to love as much as I can and give as much as I can and I see that the world around me reciprocates.

Not all the days of life are the same, but when you know you are blessed, you receive strength to face the most adverse situation of your life.

Life is a blessing.

Do you think every aspect of your life is a blessing?

If you think it is, you will make every aspect of your life as a blessing.

Today, we all are going through this lockdown period, but I have never experienced a single moment, where I have felt tensed or worried about this moment or even the future.

For me even this lock down period was a blessing in disguise. I was looking for a holiday for so long, but for some reason, it was difficult to find time for myself.

When the lock down had been declared I was ecstatic because I have found time to relax and rejuvenate and the time for self reflection.

It’s necessary to introspect. When you observe your life as a detached observer, you can hold the neutral perspective about yourself. You don’t stay rigid in your decisions, rather you remain flexible. You know life is an open source, and can switch in any direction at any moment.

When you feel blessed, your thought process change. You perceive life from a different perspective. Everything appears to you as a gift.

The life certainly holds the laws of attraction. You keep on doing good in your life, and you know what you are going to attract. This good in your action should also include good in your thoughts and feelings simultaneously.

Our everyday life is such that, at each moment we have a choice to make. When we feel good inside, it also impacts our choice. Our elevated feelings and emotions take our life to another level.

Blessings in our life are like elevated feelings that come to push us for the better experiences of life.

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