Where do you Come From and Where do you Go?


What leads you on the spiritual path is the quest for life. There are many questions that go on hovering in our mind, and unless we receive the answers for it, we feel restless inside.

It’s the spiritual queries that lead us to the truth. You need to consciously direct your mind towards the truth.

Anything that exists on earth has its source. Nothing can exist without its source. You too have the source.

Of course, we all know, the source of the physical body but it’s not only the physical body that experience life, but you need life in the body that allows you to experience life.

When you realize that life in the body, you also realize its source.

The life energy is constantly throbbing in us, and until the time we have that life energy, we can experience life through the body, but when that life energy leaves the body, all our life experiences ends at that point.

So the point is, from where does the life energy in the body comes from and where does it go?

Is there a place somewhere, from where the life energy comes to the body and when the time gets over, it moves back to the same place?

To know the truth you need to direct your mind in the direction of truth. We keep our mind busy in contemplating the life on earth, but never spend time in knowing the truth of life.

When you direct your energy in realizing the truth, you also realize the place from where your spirit comes from.

Knowing Myself

The life energy can be realized separately within the body. This life energy has also been termed as spirit, soul or Kundalini awakening by different scriptures.

When you realize the life energy in the body, you also realize the process that life energy follows, of coming into the body, experiencing life and then moving out of the body.

The life energy comes from its abode, enters the body, experiences life and exits the body, to its original place.

If your mind perceives life limited to the physical reality, then it becomes hard for you to understand the truth of life which is beyond the physical reality. To know the world beyond the physical reality, you have to connect with the subtle world. It only by knowing the subtle world of your mind, you can realize the truth of life.

To realize the truth, you need to direct your mind in the direction of truth. Anything that you see outside carries its source. The full-fledged tree has its source in its seeds. In a similar way, you too have your source inside. All you need to do is direct your attention inward, and make a conscious effort to know your source.

The path of realization to the truth is not from outside but from inside.

When the mind is directed outward, it remains engaged in the activities of the outside world, but when the same mind is directed inward, it realizes the truth of the self.

The life is a journey between birth and death, but when we realize from where we come from, and where do we go, our whole approach to experience life gets change. We start seeing the same life with different perspective.

We live with our own ideologies about life. But when we realize the truth, all our ideologies get dropped and we associate ourselves with the truth.

Our daily choices and decisions are based on our understanding towards life. We all carry a certain understanding and idea about life.

When our understanding remains limited to the outside activities, our daily choices and decisions too reflect the same. But when we utilize our energy to know the truth and realize the truth, our every choice and decisions remain closer to the truth. It’s only the truth that allows us to stay connected to the actual reality of life.

When we realize where we come from, and where we go at the end of life, we don’t get caught up into the daily activities of life, rather stay detached to our daily experiences of life.

Let Go Now: Embracing Detachment

We participate in our daily course of life and yet remain detached to it. The realization of truth gives us the clarity in life. With the truth, we are always sure of our destination.

Deep down inside our memories, we always know where we come from, but we have gathered so many experiences and impressions of life on the surface, that we forget the actual place, where we come from. When we consciously dig deep inside our mind, we definitely realize the memories of our actual place where we come from.

The beginning and end point of life always remain the same. We only get lost in between. When we try to connect with the source, soon we realize the true purpose of life and all the clouds of self-doubt shed away.

The real shift in life comes with the realization of truth. The whole life cannot be spent in solving the chaos of the outside world, but you have to spend some time in realizing your own truth.

It’s always your own truth that leads you to the salvation. The only way to leave the chaos of life behind is to know your truth. The mind remains occupied into the chaos of the world when it doesn’t have something worthwhile to think over.

At the same time, when the mind is directed towards the truth, everything you do in your life fulfills the purpose of your life.

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