Whenever you feel stuck in life, Ask yourself one Question?

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We all experience this phase in life every now and then, where we feel stuck, and don’t know, what to do, to move out of the chaos or figure out the solution for our problems. Whenever I personally feel stuck in life, I always ask one question to myself, and that is, what are the options?

When you phrase the right question to your mind, you will receive the solution to move forward. Remember all the solution comes from your mind; so you have to phrase the right query to your mind to receive the right answer.

No matter what you are facing in the moment, or how big your trouble is, you will always have the options available to you at the moment. Sometimes, the immediate solution may not appear at the moment, but if you know how to hold yourself with the problem, definitely you will figure out the ways to move forward.

You don’t need to see the whole solution at the moment; rather it’s only one step that is enough, to pull you out from the chaos. Sometimes, all we need is that one step, and once you take that one step, you see further steps, to take your life forward.

Remember with life, you don’t see the whole solution upfront, but as you take those consistent actions, you start solving the problems of your life.

No matter what your situation is, there is always a solution. I can vouch on this, and on top of that, every day I myself come across a situation, where I feel stuck in the moment. All I do is, look for the options available at the moment, and start working on those options. Surprisingly, I always figure out the solution for my problems.

Your problems are not the real problems of life, but the real problem is to remain stuck into the problem. When you know, how to get the solution for your problems, the same problem no longer remains the problem in your life.

If the Buddha Got Stuck

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Try all the options available to you at the moment. Don’t be rigid in your mind and stay open to try all the different ways possible in the moment.

We only feel stuck in our mind. When we stay open in our mind, we always come up with one or the other solution to our problems.

With life, you should remain flexible. You can never follow fixed plans with life. The biggest hindrance in life is our expectations. We expect too much from life, as well as from the people who are part of our life.

The time, the people around us don’t fulfill our expectations, we feel disheartened. We never expect to deliver ourselves more, but we always keep high expectations from the people around us. Our own expectations keep us stuck at the moment.

You have to connect yourself with life, for the solution and not to the people around you.

When you connect with the life, the life as a whole respond in a strange way to get your things done and take your life forward.

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All our problems and solutions are part and parcel of life. You solve them one today, and tomorrow new problem will be waiting for you to resolve. All our problems come with the solution. So, it’s important you don’t take too seriously to your daily problems of life and experience them with detachment.

When you get attached to things, you consider it to be a part of yourself, but when you experience your daily life, with the sense of detachment; you can also see the hidden truth, behind every problems, and solution of life.

All the problems you face, can either be a stepping stone to take you forward or can keep you stuck in the moment.

If you face every problem of your life, as a challenge, you can make it a stepping stone to take your life forward, but if you feel stuck in each and every problem of your life, you always curse the life situations and wait for someone else to pull you out of the trouble.

Remember its always your choice and decisions, that puts you into trouble, and thus it requires your own choices and decisions, to take you out of the trouble.

Life brings you opportunities through different modes. You have to stay flexible with life. When the opportunity comes, grab them and move forward. Don’t wait for the perfect life or perfect solution, rather whatever comes handy at the moment, grab the resources and utilize the resources to move forward.

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All the time, it’s our intentions that drive our life. The people, who live with the intent to move forward, somehow find the solution for themselves, but the people, who think they get stuck in life because of others, somehow miss to figure out the way for themselves.

All the discussion, thinking, logic doesn’t serve with life, rather what works is an action in the moment. The person, who knows how to act, can achieve anything in his life and the person who only thinks and discuss life, always remain caught up in the illusions created by his own mind.

It’s the powerful questions that bring the powerful answers from the mind. Don’t afraid to ask yourself big questions, and life will respond to all your questions. You need to trust life. After all, you are part of this big cosmic universe.

We hold the limited identity of ourselves into our mind. When we think of ourselves, as small, even the smallest problem appears big to us, and we feel caught up in those problems. We never try to experience life beyond ourselves.

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When we experience life beyond the identity of our mind, even the daily situations of life can be viewed from a different perspective and before the problem, appears the solution.

Life is not at all, how we imagine in our mind; rather our mind only holds limited perspective about life, which further gets constrained with our limited memories of the mind.

We only view life from the memories of our mind. To view life from the fresh perspective, you have to be brave enough to drop your individual perspective and experience life as it comes at the moment.

Many hold the belief that it’s the past that ruins their present and the future, but they forget that the present moment too holds the power to overcome any pain or suffering of the past and even rewrite the new future.

When the things are possible in your hands, always make necessary efforts to get those things done. But at the same time, when the things are not in your hands, understand those situations of your life and learn to hold patience in those moments.

Wise Mind, Open Mind

You create life, not only out of action but also out of in-action. There is a right time to act, and there is a right time to show patience. The wisdom of life allows us to understand both the situation and you act wisely at the moment.

Life is a perfect blend of both the physical as well as subtle world. If your mind only remains occupied thinking about the physical reality, you will never get to know the other side of life.

It’s only when you connect with the subtle unseen reality of life which is constantly happening inside, you actually realize the process of life that works as a whole, from physical to subtle and from subtle to physical.

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