When you Hold an Intent, it Manifests in your Life


Life starts with the mind. An intent is a desire. A desire is a cloud of the mind and can be anything. When you hold onto an intent towards your desire, it manifests in your life. When you form a desire, the cosmos of the universe doesn’t consider it to be good or bad. You have to have an intent, backing up the desire.

An intent is a strong conviction that brings the desire to its manifestation. Your life comes out of an intent. It has nothing to do with right or wrong or good or bad.

Whenever your desire is backed by the strong intent, you see the manifestation of your result. Donald trump becoming the president is the best example for it. Life is not about right or wrong, but life is all about how much you believe in yourself.

When you hold something in your mind, you direct your mind to think in that particular direction, and slowly mind enters into the subconscious part of it, where all the past experiences, with the similar intent, is stored and bring them to the surface.

When the similar experiences from the past come to the surface, your intent gets stronger and you start to develop strong emotions towards it. This emotion further develops an energy, and your body starts to move in that direction.

When your intent is clear, you already hold a perspective about life, through which you only see the things according to your perspective. On the path of life, you come across so many things, but you pick only the ones that get you closer to your intent.

Now the problem arises for the people, who hold the dreams and desire but doesn’t get even close to it. The problem is with their determination.ou have to understand first thing, that the life starts with the mind and actions comes at the later stage. Along with the intent, what all are things you carry into your mind, do hold you back from getting closer to your intent.

You have to understand that life starts with the mind and actions comes at the later stage. Along with the intent, the other things you carry into your mind, hold you back from getting closer to your intent.

When your mind alongside your intent, holds other little desires, then the mind gets distracted and you lose your focus from the original desire.

If you really wish to have something in your life, the world conspires you to achieve it. But the entire thing starts with an intention. Your intention leads to the thoughts, images, impressions, and experiences from the past, and gets together to create the path, that leads you towards your intent.

Remember, you cannot have all the solutions of life in this moment. You have to walk the path, to see what lies ahead in life.

So the solution of life doesn’t come when you get stuck at the moment, but you see the solution when you keep walking towards your goals.

The wisdom and bliss from life come when you walk. Life wants you to walk so that you can enjoy all the beauty on the path and learn the lessons that life wants to teach you.


Your perspective towards life should be to add the things into your life, that brings you closer to eternity, and the closer you come to the self, the more you come closer to eternity.

The intent of life is developed, nourished and flourished inside. The outside situation and people are in support of your intent. To remain close to your intent, it’s good to remain close to oneself.

When you direct your mind onto the self, you will find that mind has limited exposure of the self, and it doesn’t have much to think about the self.

When the senses are directed outside, the mind has all the impressions and experiences of the outside world, but none of the self.

When you understand your body, mind, and heart and keep your attention on the self, you realize that you can make use of every situation and experiences of life, for your benefit.

When you are not aware of the self, all the things seems a mystery to you, and everything seems to be more confusing and add complexities to your life. But when you develop an awareness towards the self, slowly the mysteries of life gets solved within.

Bring your awareness from the outside world to your body, and you will feel all the sensation, energy, movement, feelings and emotions into your body. The awareness towards the self-brings you closer to the understanding of the outside life.

The process of awareness doesn’t end with the body, but slowly as you get familiar with the body, your awareness moves deeper into the energy and feelings and emotions you carry every moment,  into the body.

When you shift your attention from the outside world to into your body, you transcend your mind to the higher level. When your attention is outside, your mind is divided in thousand and one things, but when your attention is on the self, your thought gets reduced drastically.

With the mind, body, and heart anything that doesn’t serve its growth, act as a hindrance and this can be experienced, once you connect with your inner world.

You observe within the self, how the energy gets stuck at different places into your body, and the reason is your attention on the not so useful things of the outside world.

When you observe your inner world, simultaneously you also free yourself from the blockages that hold the energy inside at different place.

There is no intelligence to think thoughts about others or carry emotional debris of our loved ones. These are simply the blockages that don’t allow the natural process to take place in you.

When your mind is absolutely empty without thoughts, and heart is free from emotional attachments, you fly from within to the higher world, to experience the bliss of life.

The wisdom flows through the mind when the mind is absolutely empty. If you already hold the data of the past, you cannot think clearly, but the only perception you create is out of the past life.

An empty mind holds the solutions to all the problems of life. Meditation is a wonderful tool not only to empty the mind but also to have an access to the space of emptiness of the mind.

Once you empty your mind, the clear perception allows you to pick, what’s needed at the moment from the situation, people, experience and events from the outside life and you make the best use of it.


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